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Chapter 46 I feel like my titles are boring


Chapter 46 I feel like my titles are boring


Alice came running towards her after she’d waited in the hallway for around five minutes. There were pictures of various supposedly important people on the walls. Alice was on none of them.

Ilea!” the girl shouted and came to a stop in front of the healer. Jaime came around the corner at the end of the hall to join them soon after.

You did it, you came back! Did you find anything interesting?” Alice said, a genuine smile on her face.

I did find some things, yes. Can we talk somewhere more private?” Ilea asked right when Jaime joined them.

There are no guards around to protect her from me...’ Ilea thought as they followed Jaime who had indicated for them to do so. Candlelight lit the room they arrived in, it was furnished as well as the last one they’ve talked in.

Alice sat down on a chair while Jaime prepared some tea. “None for me, thanks.” Ilea said and leaned on the table, still standing.

So Alice...” she stopped and looked upwards to think. Alice’s smile left her eyes as she looked at the healer.

That plague you mentioned? That doesn’t really exist right? There’s nobody in danger.” Ilea said. Alice’s smile now left her face completely as she looked downwards. A minute of silence passed.

There is...” she started but Ilea interrupted her.

“Then let me see her.”

I can’ know my family.” but she was interrupted again.

No, I don’t give a fuck Alice. Tell me where she is and I’ll go there and see for myself. I think I can get away from whoever guards the place.” she said, rather confident in her blinking ability. Inside a city like this it would be a cake walk to lose most people. Even if they were a higher level than her.

Alright alright! Ok. There is no plague...nobody is in danger! I just needed more people to go down there for me. I didn’t have money to pay you and to be honest for how strong you are, you’re pretty gullible Ilea.” Alice rushed the words out and continued to avoid eye contact with Ilea. Her hands were fidgeting. Jaime stood next to her without a readable expression on his face.

Alice. I considered you a friend. Was all the talk just played? You seemed to enjoy traveling with me near Riverwatch, as much as you could back then.” she said and paused.

You could’ve just asked me to go. I’ve gained more in that dungeon than anywhere else before, why would I need to get paid for that.” she finished.

Alice perked up at that “So we’re alright? What did you find then, you said you gained a lot.” she said and smiled again.

Ilea’s hand tightened and the wood of the table splintered. She calmed herself and took a deep breath. “You don’t seem to understand Alice. You lied to me, you used me and now you’re not even showing anything close to an apology?”

Alice opened and closed her mouth but didn’t say anything else. “You know what, I’m out of here. Hope you’ll learn something from this girlie.” Ilea said and stopped leaning on the table. While walking out, she touched Alice’s shoulder and stopped quickly next to Jaime.

Apologies for the table.” she said and walked out.



Back outside, Ilea walked towards the gates but stopped quickly to look backwards. I swear there was somebody there...’ she thought and continued on. ‘Fucking creepy this place...’ she looked at the palace and left the estate.

To think she wouldn’t even apologize...and she admitted to the lie even. Maybe I really should’ve slapped her.’ she walked aimlessly through the city, not really focusing on anything specifically. ‘Then again that might’ve killed her. I’ve grown quite a bit.’ Ilea smiled at that and balled her fist.

Before going back though, she needed a drink. The girl left a sour taste in her mouth. ‘Not here though.’ she thought and made her way downwards.



Another one.” the woman said and clinked some copper coins on the counter.

I like that one, hey lassy you in for a ride!?” a man in silver plate armor sitting on a nearby table said to Ilea who had downed her fifth mug of ale. Her poison resistance didn’t help with getting drunk but she liked the taste and light buzz that came with it.

You know we have stronger stuff if you’re just looking to knock yourself out.” the barman said as he brought her a fresh mug.

No I’m fine, don’t like the taste of stronger stuff.” she answered and started to down the new drink.

Hey you listening lassy??” the man insisted and got up a little from his chair. His helmet sat next to him on the table and his two companions looked on while cheering.

She held up one finger and finished the what she assumed to be a liter of ale. Done, she put it down and got her mace that sat on the ground next to her backpack. “Mate if you call me lassy one more time I’ll fucking throw this thing here right in your bloody teeth, alright?”

Some people chuckled while the man’s companions outright laughed at their friend. “Bit off a bit too much there Willy eh?” one of them said and downed his mug.

Well I’d like to see you try, lassy.” he smirked and opened his arms wide while getting up. It seemed all in good cheer though, that was why Ilea had initially liked the Root. People here were more easygoing and ready to receive a mace in their face.

The mace thrown without any buffs applied flew and hit the man’s shoulder, denting it a little and then bouncing off, shattering the table behind him. The four people sitting there shouted and got out of the way.

Hah she actually did it, the absolute madman!” one woman shouted and gave a thumbs up.

The man had been drunk enough to stumble and fall from the impact but laughed while getting up. “You think that will stop the great Willy!”

Are you compensating with your name for the lack of one?” Ilea asked but only got a confused stare and smile from the man. Two people nearby laughed though so she considered it a win. “How much for the table and their drinks?” Ilea asked the barman and motioned to the people that had spilled some when getting out of the way.

Don’t sweat it, their own fault for being too’re all dead you idiots!” he said to the men in what Ilea could only describe as a military voice. Green magic gathered around the barkeeper as Ilea watched on with magic perception and the splintered table rebuild in front of her eyes.

Aye cheers mate.” someone said and sat back down on the table. “Cards?” he asked and the three others standing sat down and shrugged before throwing some coins into the middle.

Leave her alone Willy, she’s obviously not interested. Remember the last time you tried to get a higher leveled woman...” the mage in leather armor said to his companion.

Can I get three more? I’ll be in the corner there.” Ilea said and got up from the bar to sit down at at table a little away from the loudest people. She didn’t dislike the place and atmosphere but her social energy was used up from the talks with Aaron and Alice earlier in the day. It was getting close to evening now and she thought about going back to the dungeon a bit earlier than planned. ‘They might’ve not even left yet…’ she thought and decided to at least wait another couple hours.

She noticed in her sphere skill that someone new had entered the bar and quickly scanned the room before walking straight towards her. [mage lvl 98] ‘Where’d I see that level before?’

The robed man stopped in front of her and bowed lightly. “Miss Ilea, may I sit down?” Jaime asked and locked eyes with her from below his dark hood.

Ah yes, that’s where. Call me Ilea and sure, if you must.” she said and lightly gestured with one hand while lifting one of the three mugs to her face.

Didn’t think you’re a drinker.” he said as he sat down on the table. A cute waitress quickly came up to them but was stopped by a man touching her a little too aggressively. A spark of electricity left the waitress and left the man spasming for a solid ten seconds.

What may I bring you?” she asked, looking at them with her dark brown eyes and a smirk on her lips. Ilea sipped at her ale while looking at the woman. They locked eyes for a second.

Do you have Darkseed?” Jaime asked and the girl just nodded and sped away to the next table.

I apologize Ilea. For Alice’s behavior. It seems my subtle influence wasn’t quite enough to break through her parent’s indoctrination. The noble world is quite different I’m afraid. I hope you do not take her disregard personally. She simply does not understand.” he sighed and looked at her. Not getting a reaction, he continued.

Your actions today might get her thinking again though. And I’ll get a little more bold as well. It’s not like her family keeps a close watch on her anymore since your rescue and what happened before. But for now please accept my apology on her behalf, I hope I’ll manage to make her understand and do it herself in the future.” he finished just as his glass of dark liquid arrived.

Ilea turned down her increased sense of smell from her sphere as a whiff of the foul smell entered her nose. She tore away her gaze from the sensual movements and looked at Jaime.

I’m glad at least one decent person is around her. Why did she send me to that deathtrap anyway? Most others would’ve died at my level and I have a hunch that some corpses I found weren’t exactly unrelated.” she said.

She saw him closing his eyes as he looked away and lifted his glass. ‘Didn’t even cough...’ she thought as he took a sip.

She had sent two parties before you. I hear one of them returned but they refused to talk to her or me. I assume the corpses you speak of are the others. Taleen dungeon. It’s certainly a risk but there is a possible reward. They were the only ones willing to go for the price we could pay.”

You basically murdered them.” Ilea said and continued drinking as well.

He shook his head lightly at that. “Not everyone is as ignorant as you when it comes to the Taleen. They knew very well what they were getting into. Debt or fear would’ve driven them into a dangerous place one way or the other, I do not see us having any blame to carry for their deaths.”

Maybe, maybe not.” she answered.

You have an interesting outlook Ilea. To care for the lives of adventurers you didn’t even know. I’m afraid Alice doesn’t have that luxury. She was defiled and she failed in defending herself or proving herself extraordinary as a healer.” he said and took another sip.

Hold your thought. I need to pee.” she said and quickly left for the bathroom while thinking about his words.

What would happen to her then?” Ilea asked as she sat down again with two new mugs of ale she had gotten on her way back.

Hmm...that is indeed the question. She will likely lose her status as a Forkspear in time. Blood alone means little to them I’m afraid. It’s a ticket inside but certainly not one to stay. I’ll try to get her out but many have failed before...he finished his drink and leaned back.

Shame that, the girl had drive and some good ideas. Even though she’s cold and heartless at times. The higher ups certainly aren’t better.” he said.

How would me finding some treasure in the Taleen dungeon change that outcome?” Ilea asked.

Taleen treasures are worth a lot. That’s it. Alice needs resources and status to advance. Or power but her healing class doesn’t seem to want to change into a warrior’s or mage’s.”

Ilea thought for a while and took out her notebook. “You care for her deeply don’t you Jaime?”

He didn’t answer. “I’ll give you something then. To you and the hope that you can change her for the better.” she started to write and draw on some blank pages in her notebook. “Someone with her fate deserves better than being married or killed off by her own family.

Thirty minutes later she handed five pages to Jaime and continued drinking. “She’s already fulfilled the main requirement for the me a favor and burn it as soon as she’s gotten it.” he took the pages sceptically and nodded to her. All he knew about Ilea was that she took down a group of adventurers alone and that she had a close combat class with short range teleporting abilities. Nothing too special he thought but then again the healer tag above her head made him curious.

It’s a healer class isn’t it?” he asked, looking through the notes and sketches.

She didn’t say anything to that and simply finished her ale. The buzz had gotten a little stronger and Ilea grew a bit tired of talking. “This is more than I should probably give to you two. Please leave before I change my mind.” she said but didn’t plan on doing that. There was no bluemoon grass left, let alone anybody except for her knowing where it grew.

I don’t really care if there will be a bunch of hundred year old Azarinth healers out there in a century to come.’ she thought as Jaime got up.

Well I thank you for listening to me then. I’ll have to return to my duties again now. Take care Ilea and good hunting.” he said while bowing and left.

Ilea continued drinking for a couple hours and simply listened to different conversations in the room without joining in. Her sphere made it easy to understand everything in the inn.

Now...’ Ilea quickly made her way to the bathroom and entered. She brushed against the waitress who exited at that exact moment and stopped the woman with a hand on her side. Her runes and embered lines shone lightly through her brown clothes as the lightning coursed through her.

Seemingly unaffected by it, the waitress smirked and increased her power output. Sparks flew around them and scorched the wood as they stood there with locked eyes. The waitress was above lvl 100 as well and certainly had a punch to her attack.

How about you and me? Room 23 seems to be free still...” Ilea asked, completely unaffected by the lightning.

You’re certainly interesting...and your resistance...” the woman answered while a hand entered Ilea’s shirt from below, sparks arching between the hand and her bare skin. The hand went upwards further and further until Ilea bit her lower lip.

I’ll think about it.” the waitress said and removed her hand. She winked at Ilea and walked back to the open room. Ilea stood there smiling.

Fucken queer...” the man that had exited the bathroom just before the waitress left said while walking by. He would actually not talk for a couple days to come as even with a healer, teeth regenerated quite slowly.

Ilea found in the next twenty minutes that she wasn’t quite as talented as Roland at drawing a naked human form and gave up to simply stare at the waitress, her body ached still from her touch. ‘What a fucking tease...’ she thought and didn’t miss any of the quick glances and smirks the woman sent her way.

I think you’re quite ready...” the waitress said while jingling some keys in her hand. She smiled a perfect smile at Ilea before a small spark went through the keys.

Ilea breathed out and got up. ‘Put fresh underwear on the list as well...’ she thought and followed the waitress after a while, who had gone upstairs on her own. She got some glances but most people either missed it or didn’t care at all.

She entered the room and slowly closed the door behind herself. The woman already laid on the bed, none of her clothing remaining as she had ditched her shirt, pants and underwear.

Ilea walked up to her after having locked the door and slowly removed her own shirt in the process. She crawled onto the bed and continued until being eye to eye with the lightning mage. They both smiled as Ilea’s runes started to shine blue and electricity started to spark between them. Slowly Ilea went down and kissed the woman’s neck.

With each kiss the intensity of the lightning grew stronger as Ilea went down further and further. Upon reaching a certain point, Ilea got a message in her head accompanied by a moan.

bing’ ‘You have learned the General skill Lightning Resistance – lvl 1

Either in a storm or fighting a ferocious beast blessed by lightning you have resisted. This skill will help further with your endeavors.

She smirked and continued moving her tongue. ‘It’s gonna be a long night...’


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