Azarinth Healer

by Rhaegar

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Hello everyone

A story I've started writing a couple months ago. Transported to another world, pretty standard fantasy setting with my amateur attempt to make it a bit dark but funny. There are Litrpg elements here but I do hope it's not too heavy and annoying. The fights should be interesting and aren't just numbers vs numbers. Contrary to the title the protagonist will be quite an offensive fighter.

Ilea Spears is your average black haired japanese high school student, no I'm kidding. She will be transported to another world rather conventionally and will be confronted with survival in the wild. There's magic, monsters and some numbers, cause I'm a nerd. And so are you.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. I'm a beginner at writing and my experience is incredibly lacking. If you find yourself hating it early on, do convey your anger in a detailed comment or review :) I want to get better but without any feedback it's simply quite difficult.

Thank you for reading.

Quick update June 2019: Many complaints regarding the formatting, specifically spacing in conversations and of course the usage of the present tense in the first 36 chapters have been addressed. I'm of course learning by the day but compared to how it was before it should be an improvement at least.

Chapters usually 2.5 - 3k words

Cover art by Kevin Catalan

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Boring introduction - Where is the magic? ago
Chapter 2 Generic wolves - who would've guessed ago
Chapter 3 Glowing Moss ago
Chapter 4 Exploration ago
Chapter 5 Civilization ago
Chapter 6 E X P O S I T I O N ago
Chapter 7 Broken Bones ago
Chapter 8 Death ago
Chapter 9 Graves to dig ago
Chapter 10 Catch a ride ago
Chapter 11 City life ago
Chapter 12 Bread and Circuses ago
Chapter 13 Relaxing afternoon ago
Chapter 14 It's a party! ago
Chapter 15 Bad doggos ago
Chapter 16 Loss ago
Chapter 17 Bracers and Books ago
Chapter 18 Through the fire and flames ago
Chapter 19 Caves. Still caves. ago
Chapter 20 Superhero landing, yea that's really hard on your knees ago
Chapter 21 The Unlife ago
Chapter 22 Not a cliffhanger ago
Chapter 23 Sun ago
Chapter 24 The Queen ago
Chapter 25 Woman and Monster ago
Chapter 26 Not a title ago
Chapter 27 It's a roadtrip! ago
Chapter 28 Actual healing, what? ago
Chapter 29 Force of nature ago
Chapter 30 Claymore ago
Chapter 31 Arrival ago
Chapter 32 Slice of life ago
Chapter 33 #Traveling ago
Chapter 34 Dungeon diving ago
Chapter 35 Outclassed ago
Chapter 36 Sparring and advice ago
Chapter 37 Azarinth Leecher ago
Chapter 38 Centurion ago
Chapter 39 Traps ago
Chapter 40 Fire and Ash ago
Chapter 41 Trash compactor ago
Chapter 42 Sushi ago
Chapter 43 Reasons and talks ago
Chapter 44 Newcomers ago
Chapter 45 Cake ago
Chapter 46 I feel like my titles are boring
Chapter 47 Darkness ago
Chapter 48 Treasures and fire ago
Chapter 49 On the trail of history ago
Chapter 50 Demon of Ash ago
Chapter 51 That is no bird ago
Chapter 52 New companions and enemies ago
Chapter 53 The forgotten title ago
Chapter 54 Cards and poison ago
Chapter 55 Welcome to the Internet ago
Chapter 56 Cleanup crew ago
Chapter 57 Loony steel ago
Chapter 58 Resisting ago
Chapter 59 Boss battles are easy ago
Chapter 60 Scythes and Swords ago
Chapter 61 Sharing is caring ago
Chapter 62 Survivors ago
Chapter 63 Onwards through the storm ago
Chapter 64 Snow and Ice ago
Chapter 65 There is a title though it holds no meaning ago
Chapter 66 Hunting ago
Chapter 67 Evolution ago
Chapter 68 Library ago
Chapter 69 Return ago
Chapter 70 Bait ago
Chapter 71 A dark night ago
Chapter 72 Old Beings ago
Chapter 73 Decisions and Ale ago
Chapter 74 Hashtag Traveling ago
Chapter 75 A Guild and a Bed ago
Chapter 76 Storage Skills ago
Chapter 77 Evaluation ago
Chapter 78 Excursion ago
Chapter 79 Iron ago
Chapter 80 Team ago
Chapter 81 Class ago
Chapter 82 Vampyr ago
Chapter 83 Team building excercises ago
Chapter 84 Yield ago
Chapter 85 A fine Establishment ago
Chapter 86 Dinner ago
Chapter 87 A Knowing Trade ago
Chapter 88 Questions ago
Chapter 89 Shields and Explosions ago
Chapter 90 Picnic ago
Chapter 91 Hide and Seek ago
Chapter 92 Vampire? ago
Chapter 93 Workaholics ago
Chapter 94 Rarities ago
Chapter 95 Negotiations ago
Chapter 96 Survival ago
Chapter 97 Change ago
Chapter 98 Statistics ago
Chapter 99 Housing ago
Chapter 100 Mission ago
Chapter 101 Inheritor ago
Chapter 102 Lost Wanderer ago
Chapter 103 Mission accomplished ago
Chapter 104 Another settlement needs our help ago
Chapter 105 Don't fear the old blood ago
Chapter 106 Cleanup Crew ago
Chapter 107 Everyday Life ago
Chapter 108 Tactical Defusing ago
Chapter 109 Dangerous Leeching ago
Chapter 110 Barriers ago
Chapter 111 Useless Ruins ago
Chapter 112 Another one of them missions ago
Chapter 113 Advances ago
Chapter 114 Bedtalk ago
Chapter 115 Tournament ago
Chapter 116 Horde ago
Chapter 117 Salt ago
Chapter 118 Mind Weaver ago
Chapter 119 Bone dog ago
Chapter 120 Diamonds in the sky ago
Chapter 121 Chambers of the Lost ago
Chapter 122 Flashy Beams ago
Chapter 123 Horde Mode? ago
Chapter 124 Into the Light ago
Chapter 125 Ripples ago
Chapter 126 Return ago
Chapter 127 Air Support ago
Chapter 128 Family Dinner ago
Chapter 129 A Good Show ago
Chapter 130 Noble Halls ago
Chapter 131 Escort Missions ago
Chapter 132 Recovery ago
Chapter 133 Immigration Documents ago
Chapter 134 Virilya ago
Chapter 135 Roguey Rogues Doing Rogue Stuff ago
Chapter 136 Vihal - Town Defense Simulator ago
Chapter 137 The Storm after the Storm ago
Chapter 138 Upgrade - Cave to Sewers ago
Chapter 139 Flying in the Dark ago
Chapter 140 Infected City ago
Chapter 141 Green, the not so stupid demon ago
Chapter 142 It's just a Fleshwound ago
Chapter 143 Bloody Entrails ago
Chapter 144 Lakes and Crystals ago
Chapter 145 Horde mode is exhausting ago
Chapter 146 Night Shift ago
Chapter 147 Chaos is a laddah ago
Chapter 148 Bearded Follower ago
Chapter 149 Reminiscing and Planning ago
Chapter 150 Politics, meh. ago
Chapter 151 I did this before but #traveling ago
Chapter 152 An Inn and a Boy ago
Chapter 153 Friends ago
Chapter 154 How much we grow ago
Chapter 155 A Night of Investigations ago
Chapter 156 Electric boogaloo ago
Chapter 157 Judge and Executioner ago
Chapter 158 Loose Ends ago
Chapter 159 The Hunted ago
Chapter 160 Ashen Afternoon ago
Chapter 161 #Economics ago
Chapter 162 Contracts, a Guide to Bland Titles ago
Chapter 163 Bad News ago
Chapter 164 Estate Investigation ago
Chapter 165 Silver Lining ago
Chapter 166 The Next Steps ago
Chapter 167 Reunited ago
Chapter 168 Tools and Information ago
Chapter 169 Shopping ago
Chapter 170 Ambush ago
Chapter 171 Silent Escape ago
Chapter 172 Crash ago
Chapter 173 Void ago
Chapter 174 Following the Trail ago
Chapter 175 Hunting in the Woods ago
Chapter 176 Tracks ago
Chapter 177 Negotiations ago
Chapter 178 The Price of Information ago
Chapter 179 Moonlit Talk ago
Chapter 180 The Path of Revenge ago
Chapter 181 Plan and Execution ago
Chapter 182 Murder ago
Chapter 183 Demolition Crew ago
Chapter 184 Shoes? ago
Chapter 185 A Bright Night ago
Chapter 186 Night Attack ago
Chapter 187 Bath before the Storm ago
Chapter 188 War ago
Chapter 189 First Huntress ago
Chapter 190 The Walls of Virilya ago
Chapter 191 Black Death ago
Chapter 192 The Librarian ago
Chapter 193 Prison Break ago
Chapter 194 Dangerous Flight ago
Chapter 195 Detour ago
Chapter 196 Rebuilding ago
Chapter 197 Preparations ago
Chapter 198 Demonic Fishes ago
Chapter 199 The Island ago
Chapter 200 The Baker ago
Chapter 201 Engage ago
Chapter 202 Old Friend ago
Chapter 203 Hunters and Prey ago
Chapter 204 Ice, Silver and Blood ago
Chapter 205 Discovery Channel ago
Chapter 206 Pancakes? Pancakes. ago
Chapter 207 Farewells ago
Chapter 208 The Journey South ago
Chapter 209 Technological Possibilities ago
Chapter 210 Evaluation from the other Side ago
Chapter 211 Drowning for Fun ago

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Easygoing Battle-Junkie LitRPG

There is no crisis to be resolved, the mc is op but not to the point where she will have to step forward to save the world. This is more the easygoing, slice of life of a battle-junkie grinding out her skills and levels from the system.

I actually prefer stories that are just about batttle junkies (or other eccentrics like crafting-maniacs or mad-scientist), which this story seems to be. It;s not a tense story about a hero with the weight of the world on thier shoulders, not about offending young masters and then exterminating their clan, not about facing the entire world. Its not just a humourous slice of life without any action either, though I find it funny.

This is the simple adventure of a slightly op battle-junkie type girl. The fighting scenes are great and entertaining. The slice of life is light, funny and refreshing. The system is grindy, straightforward and(for her)power progressive(fast).

Edit(36 chapter): Changed score after reading detailed reviews abit(especially oinos and ninetails). Though I have a different view on scoring, the minor errors are there, though not very impactful to the quality of the work and are becoming rarer. MC will hopefully pick up interesting long-term companions/side characters soon.

Edit: I think I'm kinda dumb to just realise she has a job that treats magic like qi. She literal has most the skills qi cultivators do.

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  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Author:"Don't expect anything special here."

Fuck off mate this is better than like 98% of everything on RR.

Competantly written, little to no mistakes, characters thatr have CHARACTER!!(something all too rare on RR) and pretty good world building (show not tell , no aweful word-wall of exposition) MC not too over/underpowered has a cool "special" gimmiky thing but the way she gets powerful with that is with hard work not handouts, and even then, any fights that are given a bit of detail are fairly close and downright brutal.

8/10 fuck you author, this is something special and you know it.

  • Overall Score
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Pretty damn good. Read it.

I’ll go through the points then:

Style is food with lots of description and nice system for the stats. Though I’m still not sure why this is a score as every book is different and every author writes differently, you just get used to it. Though I suppose different styles can work better for different genres. This works but it’s nothing special.

Story is okay but I’m really not that picky. The world is interesting though and has nice twists here and there. Otherwise it’s more of the normal litrpg stuff; fight, level, fight, level. At least the fighting is interesting as the mc isn’t op.

Grammar leaves much to be desired for me as I’m a slight grammar nazi, (I at least try not to bother people with it!) but it’s leagues above the worst I've read. (Where I literally find myself recreating the sentences in my head because it’s so terrible) This doesn’t really matter as much as one might think, as your brain itself is excellent at not caring. Once you’re in the reading groove you stop noticing it.

The characters then. The mc is interesting and unlike other books I’ve read, where it tells you how the mc has progressed and developed on a mental level, this one does so much less and leaves many things unsaid. You spot them if you read closely however as they are often told through character description and actions. The mc herself is one of the better and more interesting I’ve seen but mostly it’s how the character progression is done that I like it so much. The humor is olso good.

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It's absolutely wonderful, I love the idea of warrior healers, and I keep imagining a story on it and then BAM I found this brilliant depiction of what a unique warrior healer would be like. The humurous tone throughout the story also makes it easy to read, and I'm someone who like skipping over the more boring descriptors, but the author just keeps things interesting throughout - love it!

  • Overall Score

I like this one quite a bit.  Keep writing and I will follow along. Thanks for bring brave enough to put your book out there.




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Review as of chapter 22.

First of all let me say this: the novel is fun, and it doesn't surprise me that it got so many positive reviews from RRL readers. If you want a fun LitRPG with a good power trip with a female protagonist who is a bit of a battle junkie, throw yourself at this fiction, you will not be disappointed. Hell, it even has a training montage or two.

Now, for a more in-depht analysis.


The style is the main issue with this fiction. The story is told from a third person limited point of view, which is a good choice by itself but starts with a present tense narration, which should be better left in scripts or videogames and not used in a fiction.

The narration at one point shifts from present tense to past tense, making the reader think the author decided to change their style. This is apparently not the case as we soon see the present tense narration resurfacing again.

At first I thought this mishmash of tenses was deliberate and used to slow down the narration during moments with little to no tension and to give a fast pace to action scenes, but this doesn't seem to be the case and the author only appears unable to choose a tense and stick with it.

Other issues with the style of the fictions are its paragraphs, which sometimes seem to be divided in a completely random way, often even having dialogue from two different characters in the same paragraph, and its POV shifts from a character to another, which, while done relatively well, tend to happen in the middle of action, breaking the flow of narration.

Another smaller thing I’d like to note is that the notifications of the system are shown as thoughts, sometimes inside a paragraph, which some people who are used to tables and announcements in bold might not like.

The pace of the story is really fast, even a bit too fast at times, but it is not really an issue.


There isn’t really a lot saying regarding the story, as many fictions on this site and many Japanese webnovels, the story practically consists of random events thrown one after the other at our protagonist and we’re only seeing glimpses of something that could be called a story with the introduction of a possible antagonist many chapters into the story.

Some people like this kind of novels, some don’t, but they tend to be really appreciated on RRL and I personally like them too. Still, in the absence of an actual, apparent, plot, I can’t give more than 3 stars to this section despite the fact that I personally like it.


The grammar is average for RRL or a bit above. There are good sections of the story that seem completely free of mistakes and others that are a purpurrì of glaring mistakes.

The most common mistakes are the absence of punctuation or its wrong use, the occasional shift in tense in the middle of a sentence, the switching of possessive pronouns with pronouns+verbs (its/it’s for example), this later case is actually less common than many other novels though so, if that’s what triggers you, you can read somewhat safely.

Another mistake I noticed a couple of times was the mix-up of singulars and plurals, but this happened, as I said, only a couple of times.


The main character is pretty well made, and we see in her some growth too, mainly in her adapting to the new world and the death of people in front of her. Her wanting to become a doctor is never mentioned during the story after the first time though, and it seems that the convictions that might pushed her down that path played no role at all in either her being a healer or adapting to death.

Still, there is some growth, and the reader feels like they know the main character well after some chapters, though the fast pace of the novel makes it impossible for her growth to be shown more in-depth.

As for the other characters, it’s a bit difficult to judge and they are honestly the main reason for this score, as we see a multitude of characters popping in and out of the narration without any of them becoming a true side character, or even a recurring one, making it impossible to flesh them out well.


The fiction itself is pretty enjoyable but it needs a lot of work, mainly in its style.

For the author: I hope this review hasn’t demoralized you and that it will instead help you improve your writing. I have bookmarked the fiction and I’m looking forward to editing this review once your writing improves.

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Good story and fast writing improvement

 This story is very engaging to read, and has that special "thing", which makes you enjoy it. At the time of writing it is the story on this site that I follow the closest.



This is the main problem of the story early on. There are a decent amount of sentences which have sentence structure problems. This makes the reader stumble over them and spend time thinking of what those sentenses were supposed to mean, thereby breaking the flow of the story. The amount of these problems have been steadily descreasing, and as of the latest chapter at the time of writing (23) the problems herein have become insignificant. The grammar rating mainly reflect the initial hurtle of grammar that one needs to pass as a reader.



Similar to the grammar, there are also some problems with the style. The use of present tense have created some very ackward sentenses. Furthermore there is no clear destinction of who is speaking during dialoges, which can make it a mess to figure out who really said what. The first of these problems have been getting better, and I havent seen these ackward sentences in the last few chapters. The dialoge problems are still present at the time of writing. On the good side, the action sence are well balanced out, and neither feels way to drawn out or unengaging.



The story is quite engaging, and is currently powered mainly by exploration and growth. This means that world building, combat, gaining more power, character interactions, going new places and such have been the main things to drive the story. It will be interesting to see how the story develops in the long term.

As for the tempo of the story, it is slighly on the faster side, without the feeling of not having spent enough time on each element. The exception to this is the growth of power, which have been ramping up rather quickly, to the point where some oppotunity for relishing in the gains have been missed out on. This doesnt mean that the story makes no use of such oppotunities, it just means that one could have put more in there, at least in terms of the power graph.

The story also manages to strike a good balance between different sections of the story, and vary them often enough that one does not end up being tired of too much of the same. This is otherwise a trap that many stories can easily fall into, and it is one of the keys to increase the overall quality of a story.



The quality of the characters in this story can be roughly put into two catagories: Thought out characters, and poor characters. There is rather a lot of characters in the first catagory, especially for a story on this site, so that is very positive, though there are still a few odd balls that prevents the character score from being even higher.

The main character is fairly believable. Some of her more odd character traits is shown in the prelude (the before transported/earth section), which makes her acting such ways very self-consistent, especially when such traits are rare in someone living in the well developed part of earth. There are several scenes where one would normally expect a story to ignore something, or just throw an offhand remark at it, while this story does a full on stop and have her doing something that at first seeems abnormal, but once one think of what a real person would do in such a situation makes a lot more sense than what you would normally read in a story.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 There are also other characters that are well thought out, and there are several places where subtle interactions takes place, showing us that they are "real" people, with feelings that the characters try to be mindfull of, and not in the brute "how about X", "uh this bad thing", "sorry I asked about X". There are also a lot of characters which have been given some personality, even though we only spend a relatively short time with them.

As for the poor characters, we are on the level of shopkeepers that are unexpectedly nice, and a few other small odd actions that seem to stand a bit out.



The story is a good read. It can be a little tough to get through the early problems with style and grammar, but most of those problems ease up after 10-20 chapters, and going through it could definitly be considered worth it.

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

This story takes aspects from the litrpg genre, things similar to the standard status and setting but gives a great personal twist on it without being overly complex or too simple. Making this a nice new iteration on the genre and a very good ready if you like it.

The writer so far has made the characters believable and decently personality rich with the only semi-flaw, if you could call it that, being that the protagonist has a wide and varied emotional spectrum, which I find a nice addition to any character.

The story is far greater than most in regards to grammar, spelling and style than 99% of other fictions on this site, having little to no noticeable mistakes.


TL;DR : If you like LITRPG, status screens and good story and power progression, read this now.

  • Overall Score

Actually really really good

This story deserves to be on the first page! I love everything about! Don't you ever stop writing!

  • Overall Score

It was the cover art that got me...

I honestly would not have read this wonderful little bit of literature if it wasn't for the cover art. Honestly, I saw the cover art one day and was just thinking, 'Damn, now I've got to read it'. I'm glad I did. A fair bit of Fantasy LitRPG, darkish humor, and a somewhat go with the flow kind of story. It almost feels like a Dungeons and Dragons Free-Will campaign where anything goes as long as the dice say it's good.