Azarinth Healer

by Rhaegar

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Female Lead LitRPG Magic
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A new world with nearly unlimited possibilities. A status, classes, magic and monsters. Sounds good? Well, for Ilea it didn't come quite as expected as for some other protagonists, nor was there a king or god to welcome her.

The grand quest? Well, she might figure that out someday but for now, a new world with new food is prize enough. Her fists at the ready, she's prepared to punch and get punched, however long it takes and however many limbs she might have to regrow.

A story I've started writing now quite a while ago. Transported to another world, somewhat standard fantasy setting with my beginner attempts to make it dark but funny. There are Litrpg elements here but I do hope it's not too heavy and annoying. The fights should be interesting and aren't just numbers vs numbers. Contrary to the title the protagonist will be quite an offensive fighter.

Ilea Spears is your average sarcastic kick-boxing fast food worker and soon to be student. She will be transported to another world rather conventionally and will be confronted with survival in the wild.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. My experience is incredibly lacking. If you find yourself hating it early on, do convey your anger in a detailed comment or review :) I want to get better but without any feedback it's simply quite difficult.

Quick heads up: Around chapter 120 there are a bunch of longer PoV changes that I discontinued again shortly after. The Arc around chapters 150-200 is darker than the rest and the themes shift quite a bit. Just know that it goes back to what you've come to know after that section.

Thank you for reading.

Quick update June 2019: Many complaints regarding the formatting, specifically spacing in conversations and of course the usage of the present tense in the first 36 chapters have been addressed. I'm of course learning by the day but compared to how it was before it should be an improvement at least.

Chapters usually around 3k words

Cover art by Kevin Catalan

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Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Boring introduction - Where is the magic? ago
Chapter 2 Generic wolves - who would've guessed ago
Chapter 3 Glowing Moss ago
Chapter 4 Exploration ago
Chapter 5 Civilization ago
Chapter 6 E X P O S I T I O N ago
Chapter 7 Broken Bones ago
Chapter 8 Death ago
Chapter 9 Graves to dig ago
Chapter 10 Catch a ride ago
Chapter 11 City life ago
Chapter 12 Bread and Circuses ago
Chapter 13 Relaxing afternoon ago
Chapter 14 It's a party! ago
Chapter 15 Bad doggos ago
Chapter 16 Loss ago
Chapter 17 Bracers and Books ago
Chapter 18 Through the fire and flames ago
Chapter 19 Caves. Still caves. ago
Chapter 20 Superhero landing, yea that's really hard on your knees ago
Chapter 21 The Unlife ago
Chapter 22 Not a cliffhanger ago
Chapter 23 Sun ago
Chapter 24 The Queen ago
Chapter 25 Woman and Monster ago
Chapter 26 Not a title ago
Chapter 27 It's a roadtrip! ago
Chapter 28 Actual healing, what? ago
Chapter 29 Force of nature ago
Chapter 30 Claymore ago
Chapter 31 Arrival ago
Chapter 32 Slice of life ago
Chapter 33 #Traveling ago
Chapter 34 Dungeon diving ago
Chapter 35 Outclassed ago
Chapter 36 Sparring and advice ago
Chapter 37 Azarinth Leecher ago
Chapter 38 Centurion ago
Chapter 39 Traps ago
Chapter 40 Fire and Ash ago
Chapter 41 Trash compactor ago
Chapter 42 Sushi ago
Chapter 43 Reasons and talks ago
Chapter 44 Newcomers ago
Chapter 45 Cake ago
Chapter 46 I feel like my titles are boring
Chapter 47 Darkness ago
Chapter 48 Treasures and fire ago
Chapter 49 On the trail of history ago
Chapter 50 Demon of Ash ago
Chapter 51 That is no bird ago
Chapter 52 New companions and enemies ago
Chapter 53 The forgotten title ago
Chapter 54 Cards and poison ago
Chapter 55 Welcome to the Internet ago
Chapter 56 Cleanup crew ago
Chapter 57 Loony steel ago
Chapter 58 Resisting ago
Chapter 59 Boss battles are easy ago
Chapter 60 Scythes and Swords ago
Chapter 61 Sharing is caring ago
Chapter 62 Survivors ago
Chapter 63 Onwards through the storm ago
Chapter 64 Snow and Ice ago
Chapter 65 There is a title though it holds no meaning ago
Chapter 66 Hunting ago
Chapter 67 Evolution ago
Chapter 68 Library ago
Chapter 69 Return ago
Chapter 70 Bait ago
Chapter 71 A dark night ago
Chapter 72 Old Beings ago
Chapter 73 Decisions and Ale ago
Chapter 74 Hashtag Traveling ago
Chapter 75 A Guild and a Bed ago
Chapter 76 Storage Skills ago
Chapter 77 Evaluation ago
Chapter 78 Excursion ago
Chapter 79 Iron ago
Chapter 80 Team ago
Chapter 81 Class ago
Chapter 82 Vampyr ago
Chapter 83 Team building excercises ago
Chapter 84 Yield ago
Chapter 85 A fine Establishment ago
Chapter 86 Dinner ago
Chapter 87 A Knowing Trade ago
Chapter 88 Questions ago
Chapter 89 Shields and Explosions ago
Chapter 90 Picnic ago
Chapter 91 Hide and Seek ago
Chapter 92 Vampire? ago
Chapter 93 Workaholics ago
Chapter 94 Rarities ago
Chapter 95 Negotiations ago
Chapter 96 Survival ago
Chapter 97 Change ago
Chapter 98 Statistics ago
Chapter 99 Housing ago
Chapter 100 Mission ago
Chapter 101 Inheritor ago
Chapter 102 Lost Wanderer ago
Chapter 103 Mission accomplished ago
Chapter 104 Another settlement needs our help ago
Chapter 105 Don't fear the old blood ago
Chapter 106 Cleanup Crew ago
Chapter 107 Everyday Life ago
Chapter 108 Tactical Defusing ago
Chapter 109 Dangerous Leeching ago
Chapter 110 Barriers ago
Chapter 111 Useless Ruins ago
Chapter 112 Another one of them missions ago
Chapter 113 Advances ago
Chapter 114 Bedtalk ago
Chapter 115 Tournament ago
Chapter 116 Horde ago
Chapter 117 Salt ago
Chapter 118 Mind Weaver ago
Chapter 119 Bone dog ago
Chapter 120 Diamonds in the sky ago
Chapter 121 Chambers of the Lost ago
Chapter 122 Flashy Beams ago
Chapter 123 Horde Mode? ago
Chapter 124 Into the Light ago
Chapter 125 Ripples ago
Chapter 126 Return ago
Chapter 127 Air Support ago
Chapter 128 Family Dinner ago
Chapter 129 A Good Show ago
Chapter 130 Noble Halls ago
Chapter 131 Escort Missions ago
Chapter 132 Recovery ago
Chapter 133 Immigration Documents ago
Chapter 134 Virilya ago
Chapter 135 Roguey Rogues Doing Rogue Stuff ago
Chapter 136 Vihal - Town Defense Simulator ago
Chapter 137 The Storm after the Storm ago
Chapter 138 Upgrade - Cave to Sewers ago
Chapter 139 Flying in the Dark ago
Chapter 140 Infected City ago
Chapter 141 Green, the not so stupid demon ago
Chapter 142 It's just a Fleshwound ago
Chapter 143 Bloody Entrails ago
Chapter 144 Lakes and Crystals ago
Chapter 145 Horde mode is exhausting ago
Chapter 146 Night Shift ago
Chapter 147 Chaos is a laddah ago
Chapter 148 Bearded Follower ago
Chapter 149 Reminiscing and Planning ago
Chapter 150 Politics, meh. ago
Chapter 151 I did this before but #traveling ago
Chapter 152 An Inn and a Boy ago
Chapter 153 Friends ago
Chapter 154 How much we grow ago
Chapter 155 A Night of Investigations ago
Chapter 156 Electric boogaloo ago
Chapter 157 Judge and Executioner ago
Chapter 158 Loose Ends ago
Chapter 159 The Hunted ago
Chapter 160 Ashen Afternoon ago
Chapter 161 #Economics ago
Chapter 162 Contracts, a Guide to Bland Titles ago
Chapter 163 Bad News ago
Chapter 164 Estate Investigation ago
Chapter 165 Silver Lining ago
Chapter 166 The Next Steps ago
Chapter 167 Reunited ago
Chapter 168 Tools and Information ago
Chapter 169 Shopping ago
Chapter 170 Ambush ago
Chapter 171 Silent Escape ago
Chapter 172 Crash ago
Chapter 173 Void ago
Chapter 174 Following the Trail ago
Chapter 175 Hunting in the Woods ago
Chapter 176 Tracks ago
Chapter 177 Negotiations ago
Chapter 178 The Price of Information ago
Chapter 179 Moonlit Talk ago
Chapter 180 The Path of Revenge ago
Chapter 181 Plan and Execution ago
Chapter 182 Murder ago
Chapter 183 Demolition Crew ago
Chapter 184 Shoes? ago
Chapter 185 A Bright Night ago
Chapter 186 Night Attack ago
Chapter 187 Bath before the Storm ago
Chapter 188 War ago
Chapter 189 First Huntress ago
Chapter 190 The Walls of Virilya ago
Chapter 191 Black Death ago
Chapter 192 The Librarian ago
Chapter 193 Prison Break ago
Chapter 194 Dangerous Flight ago
Chapter 195 Detour ago
Chapter 196 Rebuilding ago
Chapter 197 Preparations ago
Chapter 198 Demonic Fishes ago
Chapter 199 The Island ago
Chapter 200 The Baker ago
Chapter 201 Engage ago
Chapter 202 Old Friend ago
Chapter 203 Hunters and Prey ago
Chapter 204 Ice, Silver and Blood ago
Chapter 205 Discovery Channel ago
Chapter 206 Pancakes? Pancakes. ago
Chapter 207 Farewells ago
Chapter 208 The Journey South ago
Chapter 209 Technological Possibilities ago
Chapter 210 Evaluation from the other Side ago
Chapter 211 Drowning for Fun ago
Chapter 212 Resistance Roulette ago
Chapter 213 Blood Clotting ago
Chapter 214 A Winter Night ago
Chapter 215 Of Ash and Ember ago
Chapter 216 Ashen Considerations ago
Chapter 217 Preparation ago
Chapter 218 A new addition to the schedule ago
Chapter 219 A City on the Rise ago
Chapter 220 Cooking Dragons ago
Chapter 221 Wood and Drakes ago
Chapter 222 Wrong Time, Wrong City ago
Chapter 223 Pointers ago
Chapter 224 The Daily Grind ago
Chapter 225 The Shadow’s Hand ago
Chapter 226 Meditation ago
Chapter 227 Hope ago
Chapter 228 Farewells ago
Chapter 229 Journey through the Night ago
Chapter 230 Back to the Roots ago
Chapter 231 Compass Rose ago
Chapter 232 The Northern Night ago
Chapter 233 Chicken Nuggets ago
Chapter 234 Roses ago
Chapter 235 Tunnel Vision ago
Chapter 236 A City of Dust ago
Chapter 237 Palace Guards ago
Chapter 238 Questions ago
Chapter 239 Of the World ago
Chapter 240 Mapping out ago
Chapter 241 Contact ago
Chapter 242 Floating Wisdom ago
Chapter 243 Metal Gear ago
Chapter 244 Real Steel ago
Chapter 245 The slowing Grind ago
Chapter 246 Knights Knights Knights ago
Chapter 247 Wingwoman ago
Chapter 248 Ilea Spears ago
Chapter 249 The Need for Steel ago
Chapter 250 Undead Rose ago
Chapter 251 Compromise? ago
Chapter 252 Questioning a Robot ago
Chapter 253 Resourceful Dwarf ago
Chapter 254 Questionable Cooperation ago
Chapter 255 Alien Town ago
Chapter 256 The Blue Reaper ago
Chapter 257 Wormholes ago
Chapter 258 Cake ago
Chapter 259 Exterminator ago
Chapter 260 Survival ago
Chapter 261 History ago
Chapter 262 Discovery ago
Chapter 263 The Keys ago
Chapter 264 The Queen of Rhyvor ago
Chapter 265 Underground Paradise ago
Chapter 266 Scouting the Unknown ago
Chapter 267 Treasure Hunters ago
Chapter 268 Bloody Mess ago
Chapter 269 The Inner Circle ago
Chapter 270 Two Monsters ago
Chapter 271 Poison ago
Chapter 272 Overconfidence is a quick and direct Killer ago
Chapter 273 Regeneration ago
Chapter 274 Blood and Bones ago
Chapter 275 Search and Exploration ago
Chapter 276 Dark Ones ago
Chapter 277 Mist and Ash ago
Chapter 278 Royal Advice ago
Chapter 279 Survivor? ago
Chapter 280 Green Memories ago
Chapter 281 Helping out Strangers ago
Chapter 282 Decisive Battle ago
Chapter 283 Factory ago
Chapter 284 Legion of Centurions ago
Chapter 285 Training Considerations ago
Chapter 286 A Test ago
Chapter 287 The Freedom of Choice ago
Chapter 288 Lunchtime ago
Chapter 289 Rules ago
Chapter 290 Routine ago
Chapter 291 Inquisitive Fox ago
Chapter 292 Forges and Armor ago
Chapter 293 Resistance Dance ago
Chapter 294 Powerlevel ago
Chapter 295 Change of Plans ago
Chapter 296 Azarinth First Hunter ago
Chapter 297 Helpful Advice ago
Chapter 298 Fear and Void ago
Chapter 299 Terrific Suggestions ago
Chapter 300 ago
Chapter 301 The Ashen side of Things ago
Chapter 302 Testing ago
Chapter 303 Missing Pieces ago
Chapter 304 Approach to Power ago
Chapter 305 Power Cleaning Montage ago
Chapter 306 King Invalar of Rhyvor ago
Chapter 307 The Vineyard Caves ago
Chapter 308 Mansion of Bones ago
Chapter 309 Pyre ago
Chapter 310 Opinions and food ago
Chapter 311 Challenger ago
Chapter 312 Unreasonable Demands ago
Chapter 313 Cycle of War ago
Chapter 314 Worthy Opponents ago
Chapter 315 Survivors ago
Chapter 316 Cleanup ago
Chapter 317 The End of Patience ago
Chapter 318 Engage ago
Chapter 319 Taleen Praetorian ago
Chapter 320 Aftermath ago
Chapter 321 Relaxed Exploration ago
Chapter 322 Traps and Treasure ago
Chapter 323 The Beach Episode ago
Chapter 324 The Path Ahead ago
Chapter 325 The Vault ago
Chapter 326 Cleaning out a Ruin ago
Chapter 327 Theories and Assumptions ago
Chapter 328 Rescue Mission ago
Chapter 329 Monsters left untouched ago
Chapter 330 Weather ago
Chapter 331 A relaxing Vacation ago
Chapter 332 The Uses of Gold ago
Chapter 333 The Way Back ago
Chapter 334 Priorities ago
Chapter 335 Catching up ago
Chapter 336 Revelations ago
Chapter 337 Plans put in motion ago
Chapter 338 Sparky ago
Chapter 339 Skill Testing ago
Chapter 340 Craftswoman ago
Chapter 341 Maximum Overbusiness ago
Chapter 342 Are you not entertained? ago
Chapter 343 A Breath of Air ago
Chapter 344 Influence of the Rich ago
Chapter 345 Corpses ago
Chapter 346 The Necromancer ago
Chapter 347 Steel and Ash ago
Chapter 348 Moving out ago
Chapter 349 Angel of Death ago
Chapter 350 Hunters ago
Chapter 351 Evaluation ago
Chapter 352 Azarinth Sentinel ago
Chapter 353 The Value of Lives ago
Chapter 354 Conflicting Interests ago
Chapter 355 Compromises ago
Chapter 356 Man of Conviction ago
Chapter 357 Sanctuary ago
Chapter 358 Double Tap ago
Chapter 359 A slice of life ago
Chapter 360 The Vultures ago
Chapter 361 Demonic Tendencies ago
Chapter 362 The Word of a Shadow ago
Chapter 363 Breadcrumbs ago
Chapter 364 Detective Smash ago
Chapter 365 Captain of the Guard ago
Chapter 366 The Gray Company ago
Chapter 367 Deal with the Devil ago
Chapter 368 Blissful Edge ago
Chapter 369 Cursed Meeting ago
Chapter 370 Red Scales ago
Chapter 371 Potential Allies ago
Chapter 372 Contact ago
Chapter 373 A relaxing afternoon ago
Chapter 374 Loot and Levels ago
Chapter 375 Departure ago
Chapter 376 Slaughterhouse ago
Chapter 377 “Healing” ago
Chapter 378 Turning Tides ago
Chapter 379 Fire and Ash ago
Chapter 380 Taking Stock ago
Chapter 381 Packing mule ago
Chapter 382 Sushi ago
Chapter 383 Powerburning ago
Chapter 384 Drawn to the Flame ago
Chapter 385 Mine Residents ago
Chapter 386 Recovery ago
Chapter 387 Hiding Beasts ago
Chapter 388 Safety? ago
Chapter 389 Bunker of Steel ago
Chapter 390 Don’t Fear the Reaper ago
Chapter 391 Newfound beverages ago
Chapter 392 Remnant ago
Chapter 393 Findings ago
Chapter 394 Break ago
Chapter 395 Solitary Gains ago
Chapter 396 Math Resistance ago
Chapter 397 Sunglasses ago
Chapter 398 Benevolent Sentinel ago
Chapter 399 Lethal Voltage ago
Chapter 400 Fear ago
Chapter 401 Ice Valley ago
Chapter 402 Getting Lost ago
Chapter 403 Layers ago
Chapter 404 ago
Chapter 405 Ancient Mind ago
Chapter 406 Strange Acquaintances ago
Chapter 407 Air Pressure ago
Chapter 408 The Winds of Time ago
Chapter 409 Hunting Grounds ago
Chapter 410 Taking Flight ago
Chapter 411 Games ago
Chapter 412 Magic ago
Chapter 413 Ghosts ago
Chapter 414 That’s no Moon ago
Chapter 415 Nemesis of the never Master ago
Chapter 416 Remnants ago
Chapter 417 Friends with Benefits ago
Chapter 418 Ancients ago
Chapter 419 Meeting the Competition ago
Chapter 420 Blaze that Fucker ago
Chapter 421 Buried ago
Chapter 422 Recovery ago
Chapter 423 Friends? ago
Chapter 424 Regen powers ago
Chapter 425 Creature of the Night ago
Chapter 426 Threshold ago
Chapter 427 Open threads ago
Chapter 428 Routine Training? ago
Chapter 429 Questions ago
Chapter 430 Nature ago
Chapter 431 Grounding ago
Chapter 432 Core ago
Chapter 433 Breach ago
Chapter 434 Negotiations ago
Chapter 435 Cosmic Knowledge ago
Chapter 436 Considerations ago
Chapter 437 Ancient Mentor ago
Chapter 438 Basically just exposition, isn’t it? ago
Chapter 439 Quiet Arrival ago
Chapter ??? ago
Chapter 440 Catching up ago
Chapter 441 Administrator ago
Chapter 442 Performance ago
Chapter 443 Impressions ago
Chapter 444 Busy Schedule ago
Chapter 445 Rotten Treasures ago
Chapter 446 Purpose ago
Chapter 447 Truly Enchanting ago
Chapter 448 Corruption ago
Chapter 449 Lessons ago
Chapter 450 Steady Climb ago
Chapter 451 Displacing Circumstances ago
Chapter 452 Seeker ago
Chapter 453 Adventuring ago
Chapter 454 A test? ago
Chapter 455 Abominations ago
Chapter 456 Blood ago
Chapter 457 Worthy Adversaries ago
Chapter 458 Reputation ago
Chapter 459 Request ago
Chapter 460 Problematic Conflicts ago
Chapter 461 Infiltration ago
Chapter 462 Mark of Trust ago
Chapter 463 Quest ago
Chapter 464 Thresholds ago
Chapter 465 Moving Pieces ago
Chapter 466 Bells of War ago

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Easygoing Battle-Junkie LitRPG

Reviewed at: Chapter 454 A test?

There is no crisis to be resolved, the mc is op but not to the point where she will have to step forward to save the world. This is more the easygoing, slice of life of a battle-junkie grinding out her skills and levels from the system.

I actually prefer stories that are just about batttle junkies (or other eccentrics like crafting-maniacs or mad-scientist), which this story seems to be. It's not a tense story about a hero with the weight of the world on thier shoulders, not about offending young masters and then exterminating their clan, nor about facing the entire world. It's not just a humourous slice of life without any action either, though I do find it funny.

This is the simple adventure of a slightly op battle-junkie type girl. The fighting scenes are great and entertaining. The slice of life is light, funny and refreshing. The system is grindy, straightforward and(for her)power progressive(fast). 

Edit(chapter 36): Changed score after reading detailed reviews abit(especially oinos and ninetails). Though I have a different view on scoring, the minor errors are there, though not very impactful to the quality of the work and are becoming rarer. MC will hopefully pick up interesting long-term companions/side characters soon.

Edit: I think I'm kinda dumb to just realise she has a job that treats magic like qi. She literal has most the skills qi cultivators do. A healer monk type class.

April 2020: I have been reading this story for two years. Perhaps i should have updated this review in that time but other reviews are available. The author has written 450 amazing chapters in those two years (okay, two years and a couple of months). The author detailed use of style, grammar and characters have improved progressively in that time. Still, how to describe the protagonist journey over thar time to carry on from the earlier review and hopefully encourage more people to read, while not spoiling. Well...

Considering the people she met (creature, machine/golem and humanoid), the monsters she has fought (creature, machine/golem and humanoid) and the places she has grown attached too. I'm not sure I ever should have called it a simple adventure, though it is still light on drama. That is thanks to our easygoing protagonist (and ofcourse thre great author), not the lack of plotlines or her lack of motivation.


Read and rate other reviews if you aren't convinced to read from mine! Upvote reviews that make you want to read, I just love this story, I'm going to upvote reviws that i think are accurate now.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Author:"Don't expect anything special here."

Fuck off mate this is better than like 98% of everything on RR.

Competantly written, little to no mistakes, characters thatr have CHARACTER!!(something all too rare on RR) and pretty good world building (show not tell , no aweful word-wall of exposition) MC not too over/underpowered has a cool "special" gimmiky thing but the way she gets powerful with that is with hard work not handouts, and even then, any fights that are given a bit of detail are fairly close and downright brutal.

8/10 fuck you author, this is something special and you know it.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

The story which updates I look forward to the most

I spent some time thinking about which category I was least content with to withdraw half a star so that my review doesn't come off as "I indiscrimately give 0 or five stars to everything I like" But I couldn't decide, so I just left it like that.

I first encountered this story when it was trending, read two chapters and was put off by the (then) mix of present and past time in the story. So I put it on my "Read later" list, because it had promise and sometimes the author comes back around and fixes such things. Well, the author did.

This is an amazing story and even better, it gets updated very on a very regular basis. The characters feel alive, you can understand everyones motivations, the MC is relatively OP, but earned it the hard way and the combat is intensely satisfying.



Spoiler: Spoiler

 What I also really like, is how the author handles crises. The demon invasion was not an "End of the world" crisis, and could have theoretically been handled without the main characters' interference. The Golden Lily are a threat but at the moment are not actively targeting the MC. This leaves room for the main character to do what she enjoys (eating&fighting&exploring)


  • Overall Score

easy going story that felt great to read

Reviewed at: Chapter 376 Slaughterhouse

This story is pretty simple and yet each day I find myself refreshing continuously to check for updates. 
TBH I think the author(if i dont remember it incorrectly then the author did say this) didn't expect to get this much attention and thus wrote a fast action filled with major fast boostups in the start but then slowed down to actually work on the quality.  
There can be some or a lot of plotholes but I like the story and can put those aside for the most part and enjoy the read. 
Good to have a relaxing read.
edit: after 300th or so chapter, it has become a chore to read. atleast for me.

  • Overall Score

Well, everybody and their dog has written an overview of this fiction and I'm not the one person to be deterred by that, so here's one more to the avalanche.

I've been reading this opus periodically since the time it had about 200 pages (that's when I like to pick up fresh stuff) and it has gotten progressively better. I remember the time I started reading it and thought: "the grammar is weird and the POV even weirder", but it was still at least a little bit enjoyable so i grit my teeth and stuck with it.

Lo and behold, it has gotten a lot better and the authour even revwote the bad grammar and the weird POV in the earlier chapters. And since then it has became the nicely flowing slice of life LitRPG that you can take as a bechmark for others, that still has stuff to go for.

P.S.: I've since reread the whole (up to now around 220 chapters) story twice and still find it nice.

  • Overall Score

You love straightforward, but not stupid battle-junkie mc? You will love this.

Reviewed at: Chapter 436 Considerations

Why love this story?


Ilea, the main char of this story, is just lovely person to follow if you majorily care for having a good adventure, whilst fighting with challanging adversaries.

She's straightforwad, easy-going battle and food lover, who just wants to be free to do whatever she wants. For that she is probably my favorite mc at this moment, and I believe many people will find her the same. Only for her, I highly recommend at least giving this story a go :D.


The world at the first glance in nothing extraordinary. Just typical fantasy with leveling system that provides framework for power growth. As the story progresses intresting phenomenons regarding the structure and the history of the world come to view, which add some depth to everything.

Side characters

Side-characters are well-written. I'm always looking forward to see their recation for recent exploits of our crazy (in their perspective) main hero. I especially like how characters originating from completly different cultures (like some conscious monsters or other races) are depicted. Author clearly shows some have completly different education, values and morals, and describes them in reasonable way.

Sexual Content tag

Sexual content here is very very mild and very rare. Majorily sex related stuff is Ilea's hormone influenced thinking from time to time.  If someone would like to read the story for erotic content this one surely will not fit. On the other side if someone doesn't like erotic content I believe they will not have any problem with this story in that regard. They really are just liliputian pebbles in the whole ocean of this story.

Battle description and powers

Battles are dynamic and interesting. Most of the time it's easy to imagine what is happening on the battlefield.

Battles are not simply "Char X used ability Z and dealt 100 dmg.". Skills and weapons are what they should be, just tools to be used, and characters in this story use them in creative and varied ways (though frankly we mostly see the creative and varied part from Ilea's).


Untill around 30-40 chapter the author used present tense instead of past. The chapters were edited to use past tense, but some stuff surviving sentences with present tense still were left.

Except for that everything is correct and understandable.


Pacing and style

Majority of time - excellent. Just couldn't stop reading. There were however few (really like 3 times) places where the plot was progressing to slowly, but come on. For almost 5k pages, 3 times of wrongly casted "Time Magic" is legendary stuff as far as I'm concerned.










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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Solid Progression Story

Azarinth Healer is a solid litRPG with satisfying and continuous power progression. 

The premise of the story is a portal fantasy where the MC finds herself with a battle healer class, and then proceeds to train, fight, and grind to get stronger.

The story currently releases 6 decent-length chapters a week, which keeps the pacing up even when the MC is training/grinding/studying. The grammar is good, with few major errors. The characterization is straightforward and consistent, with Ilea being a pragmatic and mature adrenaline junkie whose goal is to challenge herself and get stronger. 

A strong point of the story is how well the litRPG system has been designed and handled so far. It is an interesting 2-class/person system with well-defined capabilites and rules. Ilea's progression has been very satisfying and has felt earned.

The story refreshingly does not involved any save-the-world situations, and has mostly been allowed to evolve organically as the MC adventures. The worldbuilding has been quite well done as well.

Overall, I would strongly recommend this story.

(Review as of Chapter 247)

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Stale loaf of delicious bread!

Reviewed at: Chapter 407 Air Pressure

As of chapter 400 it has gotten a bit stale, dont really feel worried for the main character no matter what situation she is in. Seems like the author is trying to make us emotionally invested in the side characters who are a bit more squishy though, so i fear for one or two of them.

Chapters also seems to be drawn out a bit more as some have commented. 

Grammar seems to have dropped a bit the last 100 chapters or so, can't really give full score on that. Nothing major, just a few words that arejumbledtogether here and there.

Can't say much that havent been said by others, overall this is in my opinion one of the better stories here and i will keep on reading for as long as the author finds it in his/her/it's heart to keep posting chapters =)

  • Overall Score

Well written, believable characters!

At Chapter 243 as of now.

I have read many stories on here. Most of the time the characters act and react very emotional and oftentimes plain stupid. While there is an argument to be made that this is just their character, it's still bad writing in my opinion.

It's like in many popular anime in which the protagonist is extremely dumb but strongly driven and thus can overcome every foe. Their sudden flashes of inspiration seem to be deus ex machina. Their foresight pulled out of the author's ass.

All of that is not true for Azarinth Healer, while Ilea is not quite sane, her actions are comprehensible. There is no harem, there is no super-intelligent adversary, there is no big bad villain, it's just life. A life in a strange world, but life nonetheless and the characters act accordingly. I also like the author's take on romantic relationships, it seems mature and not like a teenagers fantasy. You don't always need to have a convoluted plot with twists at every turn to make a good story. True, there isn't much at stake but that's how it is in life outside of books. The story is more about plain adventuring, learning new things, seeing forgotten lands... which is interesting because the world-building is done nicely.

All in all, one of the best stories on RoyalRoad. In quality comparable to Metaworld Chronicles and Mother of learning. At least in my opinion. 

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

It's absolutely wonderful, I love the idea of warrior healers, and I keep imagining a story on it and then BAM I found this brilliant depiction of what a unique warrior healer would be like. The humurous tone throughout the story also makes it easy to read, and I'm someone who like skipping over the more boring descriptors, but the author just keeps things interesting throughout - love it!