Lacraea: The Slow Journey To riches [HIATUS]

Lacraea: The Slow Journey To riches [HIATUS]

by SamPenn

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Darren was  a successful businessman, founder of the biggest publishing studio AoE studios. He lived a good life that is, until he dies.

He's given a choice. either he goes to the traditional heaven, where theres no internet, TV , meat, and sex OR he goes to a fantasy world like the many his company has published. Defeat a big bad boss and become  filthy rich. Theres a catch though.

unlike fantasy games, the people here are not NPCs to be trifled with mundane quests, the lowest level monsters that are usually cannon fodder in games are strong and fight for their lives like any living being would, The harsh economy of medieval times, the various languages and cultures of different races, and the politics and intrigue playing in the background with a war looming on the horizon. Oh and no respawns.


No OP characters, No chosen one,and  no "oh I did something that MILLIONS of other people just didn't think to do". I am also going to try my best to stick with realism. what a guy transported to medieval times would likely do with zero knowledge of cultures or combat aside from a few TV shows.

If you're looking for a powerful chosen one who defeats scores of enemies without even looking, or who finds an ancient artifact to defeat a dark lord this isn't it. 

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Heaven Dream

I've read until the latest chapter for now which is chapter 2 and I find the story good. Although the story reminds me of the anime 'konosuba'.

Story: The story is good and the audience will be warped inside the story as if he's overseeing them all.

Characters: The characters are built good, the foundation of every character is nice, there is a problem here and there with the characters but it does not damage the entire story.

Grammar: The grammar is good and there's only a few grammatical errors. Also the construction of the paragraphs on some part is slightly not good but it's not a big deal anyway.

The story has a promising future if it's pursued by the author, just be on track. That's all. Thanks. Keep it up man!


Great one to watch. Has oodles of promise.

Heaven is an MMO? Oh, and no respawns. Love it. 

The author's style is minimalist, but other than a few capitilization errors during dialuge I didn't notice any mistakes, and that might just be a style choice. 

If you are looking for a LitRPG with an analytical MC who isn't OP this is for you. He approaches things smartly, and while he has no prior knowledge of the world he is an expert on MMOs and uses that knowledge to his advantage, i.e. he chooses a book that gives him knowledge about the world instead of a weapon that will obsolete in five levels. 

He seems to be a new writer, and it is early in this novels life, but I'm hooked for now and will be watching for updates.


''There's NO respawns. Lacraea is gonna be subversion of the normal LitRPG genre. meaning no OP characters, No chosen one,and  no "oh I did something that MILLIONS of other people just didn't think to do" ''

Got me hooked!

Reviewscore might change as story progresses.


Doesn't live up to hype

Despite the description saying it would go away from the norm

"oh I did something that MILLIONS of other people just didn't think to do".

It immediately follows up with the cliche heroes and royalty. Thats a setting done millions of times over and I can't follow it. I hate a universe that dumbs itself down in order to make the MC look good in comparision.





It's a very good start. I enjoy the story and the protagonist. The world that he finds himself in is certainly not kind to him, in fact he starts out penniless, weaponless, and friendless. I really enjoy reading stories where the protagonist starts with nothing and works his way to the top.

It is a nice change from most of the GameLit novels that I read where the protagonist either has some OP ability or is abnormally clever. The hero of this story is basically an average Joe who starts out at the bottom.

So far there hasn't been much in the way of combat and the stats don't serve much of a purpose. That could just be because we're still at the begining of his adventure (I've only read through chapter 3.1 so far).

I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this story when it gets published.