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A tender hand grabbed at Lino’s neck, fingers digging an inch into his skin. His lips trembled momentarily due to the softness pressing against them, his hands instinctively reaching for Hannah’s back and pulling her closer in. He ran them up and down, leaning forward and gently kissing her neck as she bit his ear.

He moved one of his arms upfront and grasped at her chest, embracing the full feeling underneath his fingers. A low moan escaped her lips, spurring the flames in his heart further as he turned more forceful, pulling her up onto his lap and parting her robes over her chest, exposing a pair of bountiful breasts before burying his head into them.

Hannah’s cheeks flushed further as she bit her lower lip, trying to keep her voice contained as she held onto his shoulders. The feeling was strangely electrocuting and overwhelming, far more so than almost everything she’d ever experienced; unable to hold back, she let out a moan as she hid her head in his hair. Yet Lino seemingly hadn’t heard it, pulling her robes off down to her waist and slowly running his lips down the rest of her body.

As she was tense, Lino’s tongue went up and down the bulges of muscles as he realized she’d be able to put to shame most of the guys he knew. He held her by her hips and looked up, meeting a pair of intoxicated eyes who stared at him dreamily. Unable to hold back any longer, he pushed her down onto the floor and took off her robes completely, leaving her lying stark naked on the floor.

He froze as he loomed over her, pulled in by the ethereal beauty in front of his eyes; she almost appeared sculptured in his gaze, as though a mere act of touching her was a sin against the gods. She, however, slowly lifted her arm up and wrapped it around her neck, pulling him down and pressing her lips against his, her tongue trying to splash about his mouth.

Reciprocating, Lino moved one of his arms over onto her breasts and the other down between her thighs, pressing gently as he suddenly felt a burst of pain shocking him from his tongue, with Hannah having bitten it in the heat of the moment. Suppressing the painful groan, he slowly took off is coat and shirt, gently kissing her neck afterwards.

Hannah ran her fingers gently over the numerous scars, her heart pained further for each new one she’d encounter. She propped herself slightly up and hugged him, grasping tightly before reaching again for his lobe.

Feeling the teeth grip at his flesh yet again, Lino held back from laughing as he took one of her arms and led it down his chest and to the belt. Flustered, Hannah quickly hid her face as she fumbled about the buckle, only managing to get it off with Lino’s help.

“... good god, you’re flooded.” Lino mumbled accidentally, immediately regretting as he saw Hannah’s blush deepen. “Hey, hey, don’t hide your face.”

“... shut up.”

“Come on,” he chuckled lightly, pulling the hand she held over her face away. “You’re flooded, I’m wooded... we go right together.”

“... that was a terrible comparison.” Hannah chuckled lowly.

“Eh, I’m sure it works in some way my brain currently lacks blood to come up with.”

“... pfft, ha ha ha...”

“... you’re beautiful.” he said. “So beautiful I’m actually jealous of myself for seeing you naked.”

“... and you’ve got a lot... a freaking lot of muscles. You’ve got muscles in places I thought muscles were impossible to develop! What’s up with that shit?”

“Oh, you’ve yet to see my most impressive muscles...”


“... I meant my calves.” Lino smirked. “What were you thinking of, you pervert?”

“... I’ll fucking kill you.”

“Go ahead,” he muttered, pushing her down once again as he took off his pants. “Death by you sounds exhilarating...”

Nails quickly dug into his back as he saw her wince, closing her eyes and biting her lips for a moment as she held back a growl of pain. Lino held steady, caressing her cheeks gently and kissing her. He held for a while before moving yet again as she embraced him whole, holding onto him as though he’d fly away any moment now.

He quickly lost himself in her arms, in a pair of emerald eyes he could stare at for eons in silence. Her crimson hair spilled over the gray stone beneath almost like fire, blazing strong underneath the clear sky. Soon the muffled groans were replaced by low moans as her arms loosened around his back and went searching throughout the rest of his body.

Although she rather awkwardly fumbled around, trying to figure out what to do, he found it beyond endearing; her slightly awkward lips, flushed cheeks, arms that could never settle, legs she had no clue what to do with, breasts she seemed to constantly try and hide from his gaze, and her own that looked everywhere but at him.

“... you alright?” he asked her while caressing her hair, while she lay in his lap.

“... yeah.” Hannah replied lowly. “I’m... I’m sorry. I know I wasn’t that good--”

“Oh just shut up,” Lino groaned. “The confident bitch persona suits you way more than whatever this whiny thing you’re going for.”

“But I’m gonna get better!” she exclaimed suddenly, sitting up next to him. “One day, I will rock your world.”

“You already had.”

“Aww, that’s sweet. It’s good that you can lie like that,” she said. “It’ll help my ego recover a bit quicker.”

“By the way,” Lino tried hard to hold back his laughter. “What was that on your left butt cheek?”

“... nothing.”


“You saw nothing!”

“But I saw an ‘L’ there, I’m pretty sure.”

“... being seen naked by you just isn’t embarrassing enough, right? Why not pile on that a bit more, huh?!”


“Ugh, fine, stop giggling like a little girl.”

“I’m not giggling. Well, out loud.”

“... yeah. Whatever.” Hannah sighed. “I... uh, I may have been a bit down after you kicked me out, and because I thought I’d never see you again... I wanted to, you know, immortalize you.”

“So you got a tattoo on your butt?”

“Hey!! I didn’t know you’d become a fucking Empyrean of all things and come riding in like freaking thunder years later! That little tattoo was all I had left of you!”

“You could have just done what I did.” Lino said.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“Thought of you every time I played with myself.”



“So? Did getting to see me naked in reality crush your dreams?”

“Oh, no,” Lino shook his head. “It actually enhanced my material. Your tits and ass have developed nicely since when I first saw you naked.”

“Yea--what?! W-when did you see me naked?!”

“It was during the summer before you left,” Lino said. “When you were taking a bath. Oh boy, I gotta be honest with you: that rocked my world. Changed my view on naked girls forever.”

“... eh, you’ve grown too,” Hannah shrugged, giving up. “In more ways than one.”

“Oh? When’d you get to meet my little friend?”

“... like every morning?” Hannah rolled her eyes at him. “Remember? You’d get up, go to take a piss, but because you would still be drowsy you’d sometimes forget to pull your pants up.”

“Oh yeah.” Lino smiled. “Damn, I used to be so free-spirited back then. What the hell happened to me?”

“... hey, thanks for taking it... you know, slow. It actually felt pretty good a couple of minutes in.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to do something about you blushing each time you bring up sex.” Lino commented. “Otherwise it’s just embarrassing.”

“Oh, you making fun of me now? Well no more sex for you mister! Hah!! I can finally say that! Aaah, that felt so good...”

“... you’re fucking weird.” Lino said, his eyes narrowing slightly.

“Eh. I know.”

“Oh, yeah,” Lino exclaimed as though he’d suddenly remembered something. “At least you handled doing it with the Writs watching well. Pretty cool.”


“... oh. You forgot.”

“Oh my god!! My first time was seen by at least two others?!”


“... what?”

“Uh, well, you know,” Lino said, trying to slither away. “No, no. You know what? Primal Spirits don’t count, right?”

“... you have a Primal Spirit?”



“Primal Spirits,” Lino said. “As in plural.”

“... I’m going to kill you.”

“Hey, hey, look, I’ve been seen too! It’s fine, don’t worry about it.”

“... how’d you get over it?” Hannah said as she quickly put her robes back on.

“Get over it?” Lino chuckled evilly. “Ataxia told me once he didn’t like it very much when I had sex, so, you know, I started doing it more -- and that is definitely not something I should be telling you! What do you say we go back to exploring, huh beautiful?”


“... what’s that gonna cost me?” Lino asked, sighing and avoiding Hannah’s murderous gaze.

“A few bangings and we’ll be good.”

“Ah, no blush! Damn, you’re getting better at this.”

“Well, apparently I’m learning from the biggest whore west of... well, everything.”

“... ouch.”


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