The reason as to why there was no chapter yesterday (and won't be any for indefinite amount of time) is because my PC is completely busted, and my laptop's network card's been broken for some time now.

I haven't even backed up any work, but hopefully HDD is fine and I'll be able to recover it once I get a new PC. That itself should take at the very least a week -if not more- which is why Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith will be put on indefinite hiatus. I truly apologize to everyone and hope to quickly settle this so I can go back to writing. I also ask my Patreon supporters to withdraw their donations for this month as there will probably be no more updates in May.

Again, deepest apologies, and hopefully I'll be seeing you guys once I fix this and get back on track. Have a great day :)



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Bio: Bad writer, worse painter, terrible singer. Accumulation of all things gone wrong. Rather proud of it, actually.

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