Legend of the Empyrean Blacksmith

by beddedOtaku

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content


After being kicked out of the orphanage due to turning 15, Lino finds himself stranded on the streets. With motivation to become the best blacksmith in the world, he seeks to become a disciple of the Bridge Village's best blacksmiths, only to be kicked out of all of them. He soon finds himself roaming the streets aimlessly on an empty stomach, jobless, peniless and homeless. After hiding himself in an alley when night fell, the reality finally catches up to him - he was truly alone.

Yet, morning come, he is greeted by a knee of an old man who, after beating him for sleeping in the old man's 'backyard', takes him in. Finally being given a helping hand, he clutches tightly onto it, becoming the old man's disciple and learning the ways of the crafting, naturally while flirting with the old man's wife in his free time.

Little did he know that this encounter would spark an adventure that would take him to the heights he never believed even existed, and would let him meet people he'd only read about in the books. It's a story of Lino - an orphaned child who would come to be known by many names, but only one that he'd ever truly accept: Empyrean Blacksmith.


Release schedule: 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri)

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You can find the glossary here. It's currently incomplete but I do update it once in a while. 

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Word Count (19)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Apprenticed ago
Chapter 2 - Foundation ago
Chapter 3 - Absorbing Knowledge ago
Chapter 4 - A Queer Bastard ago
Chapter 5 - Apparently a Cultivator ago
Chapter 6 - Primal Spirits ago
Chapter 7 - Umbra Mountain Range ago
Chapter 8 - A Bastard Demon ago
Chapter 9 - Hidden Powers ago
Chapter 10 - Shrewd Plans ago
Chapter 11 - One of Their Own ago
Chapter 12 - Devil's Domain ago
Chapter 13 - Endo Clan ago
Chapter 14 - In the Belly of the Beast ago
Chapter 15 - First Evolution ago
Chapter 16 - Death's Shadow ago
Chapter 17 - Bitter Struggle ago
Chapter 18 - Tide of Darkness ago
Chapter 19 - Flames of the Cold Cave ago
Chapter 20 - Fury of Shame ago
Chapter 21 - City of Mercenaries ago
Chapter 22 - Friends in Strange Places ago
Chapter 23 - Radiant Dragon Spear ago
Chapter 24 - Future Plans ago
Chapter 25 - Back Home ago
Chapter 26 - Yesteryear ago
Chapter 27 - The Missing Element ago
Chapter 28 - To See One's Heart ago
Chapter 29 - Hell's Ways ago
Chapter 30 - Cooperation ago
Chapter 31 - Q'vil's Last Stand (I) ago
Chapter 32 - Q'vil's Last Stand (II) ago
Chapter 33 - Q'vil's Last Stand (III) ago
-Quick announcement- ago
Chapter 34 - Onward to Capital ago
Chapter 35 - Umbra Capital ago
Chapter 36 - Beyond the Veil ago
Chapter 37 - Beyond Tomorrow ago
Chapter 38 - Alison ago
Chapter 39 - Fate's Twine ago
Chapter 40 - Competition ago
Chapter 41 - Barren Luster ago
Chapter 42 - A Compromise ago
Chapter 43 - The Spanning Blaze ago
Chapter 44 - Before the Dawn ago
Chapter 45 - In the Darkest Hour ago
Chapter 46 - Hearts of Pain ago
Chapter 47 - Until Dawn (I) ago
Chapter 48 - Until Dawn (II) ago
Chapter 49 - Until Dawn (III) ago
Chapter 50 - Until Dawn (IV) ago
Chapter 51 - Yesteryear (II) ago
Chapter 52 - Journey's Rest ago
Chapter 53 - The Distant Home ago
Chapter 54 - Besmirched Hearts ago
Chapter 55 - Qe'll Remembers ago
Chapter 56 - The Fabled Fjords ago
Chapter 57 - Asmodei ago
Chapter 58 - The Fall ago
Chapter 59 - Wings of an Archangel ago
Chapter 60 - Friend in the Forest ago
Chapter 61 - Necropolis ago
Chapter 62 - The Worst Sort of Pain ago
Chapter 63 - Abandoned Child ago
Chapter 64 - World Ender ago
Chapter 65 - Ashen Fate ago
Chapter 66 - The After-Song ago
Chapter 67 - Alison (II) ago
Chapter 68 - Passing of the Torch ago
Chapter 69 - Setting the Stage ago
Chapter 70 - The Gathering of Fools ago
Chapter 71 - Flying Visitor ago
Chapter 72 - Velin Su ago
Chapter 73 - Skydevil Basin ago
Chapter 74 - Twin Shadows ago
Chapter 75 - Rude Awakening ago
Chapter 76 - Journey Ahead ago
Chapter 77 - Valley of Sects ago
Chapter 78 - Grens City ago
Chapter 79 - Major Ava ago
Chapter 80 - Stirring the Valley ago
Chapter 81 - Days before the Auction ago
Chapter 82 - When Things Go Great ago
Chapter 83 - When Things Go Awry ago
Chapter 84 - Mythic Realm ago
Chapter 85 - Friend From the Other Side ago
Chapter 86 - Fourth Gate Opens ago
Chapter 87 - Ashen Emperor ago
Chapter 88 - World of Gaia ago
Chapter 89 - Skydevil Linger ago
Chapter 90 - Sealing Heavens ago
Chapter 91 - Hell on Earth ago
Chapter 92 - Heart of the Broken ago
Chapter 93 - Budding Fury ago
Chapter 94 - The Coming ago
Chapter 95 - Wrath of an Empyrean (I) ago
Chapter 96 - Wrath of an Empyrean (II) ago
Chapter 97 - Wrath of an Empyrean (III) ago
Chapter 98 - Wrath of an Empyrean (IV) ago
Chapter 99 - Yesteryear (III) ago
Chapter 100 - End of an Era ago
Chapter 101 - Beggar and His Dog ago
Chapter 102 - Exasperated Third Prince ago
Chapter 103 - -Become my Master!! ago
Chapter 104 - Storm Before the Apocalypse ago
Chapter 105 - Brewing Tensions ago
Chapter 106 - The Master's Woes ago
Chapter 107 - A World Beyond the Curtains ago
Chapter 108 - Inhibitions ago
Chapter 109 - Siege of the Throne (I) ago
Chapter 110 - Siege of the Throne (II) ago
Chapter 111 - Siege of the Throne (III) ago
Chapter 112 - Siege of the Throne (IV) ago
Chapter 113 - The First and Final Breaths ago
Chapter 114 - Demonic Battlefield ago
Chapter 115 - The Forgotten Kingdom ago
Chapter 116 - Choiceless World ago
Chapter 117 - Shade ago
Chapter 118 - An Empress and a Beggar ago
Chapter 119 - Conviction ago
Chapter 120 - Rebirth ago
Chapter 121 - Winding Journey ago
Chapter 122 - Hired ago
Chapter 123 - Unintended Invitation ago
Chapter 124 - Sea of Sand ago
Chapter 125 - Ruins of the Forgotten Kingdom ago
Chapter 126 - Grazynth, Guardian of the Far End (I) ago
Chapter 127 - Grazynth, Guardian of the Far End (II) ago
Chapter 128 - Grazynth, Guardian of the Far End (III) ago
Chapter 129 - Exploring the Ruins ago
Chapter 130 - Lessons and Treasures ago
Chapter 131 - Twists of Life ago
Chapter 132 - Blueprints Aplenty ago
Chapter 133 - Terrifying Experts ago
Chapter 134 - Meeting at the Crossroad ago
Chapter 135 - Old Friends ago
Chapter 136 - Woven Threads of the Forgotten Tale ago
Chapter 137 - Convergence ago
Chapter 138 - Home ago
Chapter 139 - Reunion ago
Chapter 140 - Clash of Giants (I) ago
Chapter 141 - Clash of Giants (II) ago
Chapter 142 - Clash of the Giants (III) ago
Chapter 143 - Clash of the Titans (IV) ago
Chapter 144 - Clash of Giants (V) ago
Chapter 145 - Woken From Slumber ago
Chapter 146 - Parts and Pieces ago
Chapter 147 - Threads of Thoughts ago
Chapter 148 - Yesteryear (IV) ago
Chapter 149 - Great Descent ago
Chapter 150 - Farewell ago
Chapter 151 - Alison (III) ago
Chapter 152 - Oddballs ago
Chapter 153 - Kvalend Tribe ago
Chapter 154 - Love at First Sight ago
Chapter 155 - Northern Frost ago
Chapter 156 - A Silent Night ago
Chapter 157 - Ancestral Grounds ago
Chapter 158 - To Answer the Call ago
Chapter 159 - Armed and Proud ago
Chapter 160 - Chaos and Ruin (I) ago
Chapter 161 - Chaos and Ruin (II) ago
Chapter 162 - Chaos and Ruin (III) ago
Chapter 163 - Generosity ago
Chapter 164 - Grim ago
Chapter 165 - Crimson Sky ago
Chapter 166 - Winds of Change ago
Chapter 167 - As the Heavens Roll Onward ago
Chapter 168 - An Endless Odyssey ago
Chapter 169 - A Fate's Fool ago
Chapter 170 - The Ends and the Beginnings ago
Chapter 171 - Crossing the Wedge ago
Chapter 172 - The Grand Halls ago
Chapter 173 - Hellenguard Smithy ago
Chapter 174 - Heaven Piercer ago
Chapter 175 - Change of Plans ago
Chapter 176 - Cut From the Same Cloth ago
Chapter 177 - Yesteryear (V) ago
Chapter 178 - Seventy-Two ago
Chapter 179 - Peace Offering ago
Chapter 180 - Readiness ago
Chapter 181 - The Royals ago
Chapter 182 - The Holy City ago
Chapter 183 - Hammer of the Heart ago
Chapter 184 - Crafting Spree ago
Chapter 185 - The Divine Armory ago
Chapter 186 - Mind of the War ago
Chapter 187 - Sixty-Eight ago
Chapter 188 - Hell and Hell ago
Chapter 189 - War of the Madmen (I) ago
Chapter 190 - War of the Madmen (II) ago
Chapter 191 - War of the Madmen (III) ago
Chapter 192 - War of the Madmen (IV) ago
Chapter 193 - War of the Madmen (V) ago
Chapter 194 - War of the Madmen (VI) ago
Chapter 195 - Shaking Hands With a Devil ago
Chapter 196 - Heaven-Cast Armor Set (I) ago
Chapter 197 - Heaven-Cast Armor Set (II) ago
Chapter 198 - Ortum Lucis ago
Chapter 199 - Collapsing Skies ago
Chapter 200 - An Elysian and an Empyrean ago
Chapter 201 - Yesteryear (VI) ago
Chapter 202 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 203 - In a Cabin 'neath a Tree (I) ago
Chapter 204 - In the Dark (I) ago
Chapter 205 - In a Cabin 'neath a Tree (II) ago
Chapter 206 - In the Dark (II) ago
Chapter 207 - In a Cabin 'neath a Tree (III) ago
Chapter 208 - In the Dark (III) ago
Chapter 209 - In a Cabin 'neath a Tree (IV) ago
Chapter 210 - In the Dark (IV) ago
Chapter 211 - Primal Awakening ago
Chapter 212 - Capacity for Evil ago
Chapter 213 - For the Future ago
Chapter 214 - From All Skies ago
Chapter 215 - World on Fire ago
Chapter 216 - From Ashes ago
Chapter 217 - Nature of Chaos ago
Chapter 218 - Birth of an Exalted (I) ago
Chapter 219 - Birth of an Exalted (II) ago
Chapter 220 - Heavenly Aptitude ago
Chapter 221 - The Naive Ones ago
Chapter 222 - Into the Titan Realms ago
Chapter 223 - New World ago
Chapter 224 - Into the Fray ago
Chapter 225 - Daughter of Order ago
Chapter 226 - Alison (IV) ago
Chapter 227 - Young Hearts ago
Chapter 228 - One ago
Chapter 229 - Imperishable Guardian ago
Chapter 230 - Eternal Paradise ago
Chapter 231 - Holy Grounds ago
Chapter 232 - The Former Holy Maiden ago
Chapter 233 - The Affairs ago
Chapter 234 - Trials of Ascension ago
Chapter 235 - Harbinger of Chaos (I) ago
Chapter 236 - Harbinger of Chaos (II) ago
Chapter 237 - Harbinger of Chaos (III) ago
Chapter 238 - Harbinger of Chaos (IV) ago
Chapter 239 - Harbinger of Chaos (V) ago
Chapter 240 - Down the Line ago
Chapter 241 - Rewards ago
Chapter 242 - Gateway of Entropy (I) ago
Chapter 243 - Gateway of Entropy (II) ago
Chapter 244 - Gateway of Entropy (III) ago
Chapter 245 - Strengths and Weaknesses ago
Chapter 246 - Order of Eternity ago
Chapter 247 - Forever ago
Chapter 248 - Unceasing Light ago
Chapter 249 - The Last Titan ago
Chapter 250 - Rise and Fall ago
Chapter 251 - The Forgotten Tale (I) ago
Chapter 252 - The Forgotten Tale (II) ago
Chapter 253 - The Forgotten Tale (III) ago
Chapter 254 - The Forgotten Tale (IV) ago
Chapter 255 - Realities ago
Chapter 256 - Immortal Sword Maiden ago
Chapter 257 - History of the Sword ago
Chapter 258 - The Disillusioned Light ago
Chapter 259 - Hannah (I) ago
Chapter 260 - Powers That Be ago
Chapter 261 - Lady of Inclemency ago
Chapter 262 - Hundred Years Vow ago
Chapter 263 - World's First Anomaly ago
Chapter 264 - Laws of Nature ago
Chapter 265 - Yes ago
Chapter 266 - Back to the Roots ago
Chapter 267 - Abyss of Madness ago
Chapter 268 - World on its Knees ago
Chapter 269 - United ago
Chapter 270 - Myriad of Hearts ago
Chapter 271 - World Over ago
Chapter 272 - Distress Call ago
Chapter 273 - Sanctuary (I) ago
Chapter 274 - Sanctuary (II) ago
Chapter 275 - Sanctuary (III) ago
Chapter 276 - Hannah (II) ago
Chapter 277 - Mediator ago
Chapter 278 - Entropic Resurrection ago
Chapter 279 - Soundless Pyre ago
Chapter 280 - Onslaught of Changes ago
Chapter 281 - Gauntlet of Absolution ago
Chapter 282 - Beyond Expectations ago
Chapter 283 - Shadows of Entropy ago
Chapter 284 - The Hunt Begins ago
Chapter 285 - Converging Goals ago
Chapter 286 - The Hunted ago
Chapter 287 - Serendipity ago
Chapter 288 - Vicious Tongue ago
Chapter 289 - Birth of the Order ago
Chapter 290 - Catharsis (I) ago
Chapter 291 - Catharsis (II) ago
Chapter 292 - Catharsis (III) ago
Chapter 293 - Catharsis (IV) ago
Chapter 294 - Catharsis (V) ago
Chapter 295 - Catharsis (VI) ago
Chapter 296 - Catharsis (VII) ago
Chapter 297 - Reign of Chaos (I) ago
Chapter 298 - Reign of Chaos (II) ago
Chapter 299 - Reign of Chaos (III) ago
Chapter 300 - The Eternal Watcher ago
Chapter 301 - Before it All Began (I) ago
Chapter 302 - Before it All Began (II) ago
Chapter 303 - Before it All Began (III) ago
Chapter 304 - Northern Fjords ago
Chapter 305 - Inside the Pocket ago
Chapter 306 - Only Spoken of in Myths ago
Chapter 307 - Flying Fortress ago
Chapter 308 - Land of Dragons ago
Chapter 309 - Dragon Aspects ago
Chapter 310 - Light and Shadow ago
Chapter 311 - Elysian ago
Chapter 312 - Times of Magic ago
Chapter 313 - Law of Death ago
Chapter 314 - If the World Knew ago
Chapter 315 - Fire and Fury ago
Chapter 316 - A Year Later ago
Chapter 317 - Plight of the Holy Continent ago
Chapter 318 - Birth of the Empyrean Blacksmith (I) ago
Chapter 319 - Birth of the Empyrean Blacksmith (II) ago
Chapter 320 - Fire and Fury (II) ago
Chapter 321 - Fire and Fury (III) ago
Chapter 322 - Fire and Fury (IV) ago
Chapter 323 - Fire and Fury (V) ago
Chapter 324 - Continental Terror ago
Chapter 325 - The Owner and the Pet ago
Chapter 326 - Gods ago
Chapter 327 - Penumbra ago
Chapter 328 - Jade ago
Chapter 329 - Triage ago
Chapter 330 - Tales Converge ago
Chapter 331 - Return Home ago
Chapter 332 - Poise of the Empyrean ago
Chapter 333 - Vestiges of Time and Chaos ago
Chapter 334 - Fathers and Sons ago
Chapter 335 - Fight Without Fighting ago
Chapter 336 - The Bend of Time ago
Chapter 337 - The Holy Holm ago
Chapter 338 - Gaze of the Thousand Eyes ago
Chapter 339 - Lucky Stars ago
Chapter 340 - Full Circle ago
Chapter 341 - To Change the World ago
Chapter 342 - The Founding Seven ago
Chapter 343 - Ghost of the Distant Past ago
Chapter 344 - Lost Shadow ago
Chapter 345 - Fire (I) ago
Chapter 346 - Fire (II) ago
Chapter 347 - Fire (III) ago
Chapter 348 - Fire (IV) ago
Chapter 349 - Fire (V) ago
Chapter 350 - Fire (VI) ago
Chapter 351 - Hannah (III) ago
Chapter 352 - Theory of Everything ago
Chapter 353 - Liberation ago
Chapter 354 - Cosmos ago
Chapter 355 - Bastion of Knowledge ago
Chapter 356 - Void Cult ago
Chapter 357 - Shifting Tales ago
Chapter 358 - To Tame Time ago
Chapter 359 - Beckoned Back Together ago
Chapter 360 - A New Beginning ago
Chapter 361 - Expedition to the Palace ago
Chapter 362 - Prison Break (I) ago
Chapter 363 - Divine Smith (I) ago
Chapter 364 - Prison Break (II) ago
Chapter 365 - Divine Smith (II) ago
Chapter 366 - Prison Break (III) ago
Chapter 367 - Divine Smith (III) ago
Chapter 368 - Prison Break (IV) ago
Chapter 369 - Divine Smith (IV) ago
Chapter 370 - Prison Break (V) ago
Chapter 371 - Divine Smith (V) ago
Chapter 372 - Prison Break (VI) ago
Chapter 373 - Divine Smith (VI) ago
Chapter 374 - Hallowed Fury ago
Chapter 375 - The Cast of Dawn ago
Chapter 376 - Unbound Dreams ago
Chapter 377 - Always and Forever ago
Chapter 378 - Law of Entropy ago
Chapter 379 - Reasons and Tales ago
Chapter 380 - Bloodlines ago
Chapter 381 - Genes ago
Chapter 382 - Changes ago
Chapter 383 - In the Belly of the Foe ago
Chapter 384 - Meeting in Heaven ago
Chapter 385 - Inevitable ago
Chapter 386 - Cradled World ago
Chapter 387 - Scent of the Void ago
Chapter 388 - Alliances ago
Chapter 389 - Face to Face ago
Chapter 390 - Heart Over Prejudice ago
Chapter 391 - Everafter ago
Chapter 392 - Age of Empyrean (I) ago
Chapter 393 - Age of Empyrean (II) ago
Chapter 394 - Age of Empyrean (III) ago
Chapter 395 - Age of Empyrean (IV) ago
Chapter 396 - Age of Empyrean (V) ago
Chapter 397 - Age of Empyrean (VI) ago
Chapter 398 - Age of Empyrean (VII) ago
Chapter 399 - Age of Empyrean (VIII) ago
Chapter 400 - Age of Empyrean (IX) ago
Chapter 401 - Provenance ago
Chapter 402 - The Limits ago
Chapter 403 - Settled Roads ago
Chapter 404 - The Strange Prince ago
Chapter 405 - Heart of it All ago
Chapter 406 - Uncertainties ago
Chapter 407 - The Council of Chaos ago
Chapter 408 - Quiet Before the Storm ago
Chapter 409 - Dangwe ago
Chapter 410 - The Tempests of Heaven ago
Chapter 411 - Chaos of Void (I) ago
Chapter 412 - Chaos of Void (II) ago
Chapter 413 - Chaos of Void (III) ago
Chapter 414 - A Mortal Reminder ago
Chapter 415 - For Tomorrow ago
Chapter 416 - Place of Belonging ago
Chapter 417 - The Turning Wheels ago
Chapter 418 - Seafarer ago
Chapter 419 - Against the World (I) ago
Chapter 420 - Against the World (II) ago
Chapter 421 - Against the World (III) ago
Chapter 422 - Against the World (IV) ago
Chapter 423 - Overcoming (I) ago
Chapter 424 - Overcoming (II) ago
Chapter 425 - The Quiddity of Elan ago
Chapter 426 - Enigmatic Attack ago
Chapter 427 - Theory of the Craft (I) ago
Chapter 428 - Theory of the Craft (II) ago
Chapter 429 - Theory of the Craft (III) ago
Chapter 430 - Edge of Immortality (I) ago
Chapter 431 - Edge of Immortality (II) ago
Chapter 432 - Edge of Immortality (III) ago
Chapter 433 - Confoundment of the Newcomer ago
Chapter 434 - Edge of the East ago
Chapter 435 - Cruelty of the Scorned ago
Chapter 436 - Aaria ago
Chapter 437 - The Hollow Isles ago
Chapter 438 - The Prince Forgotten ago
Chapter 439 - Beyond the Differences ago
Chapter 440 - Curse of the Dragon Isles ago
Chapter 441 - Becoming of Chaos ago
Chapter 442 - Vastitude of Truths ago
Chapter 443 - Overwhelming ago
Chapter 444 - Origin War (I) ago
Chapter 445 - Origin War (II) ago
Chapter 446 - Origin War (III) ago
Chapter 447 - Origin War (IV) ago
Chapter 448 - Origin War (V) ago
Chapter 449 - Scars ago
Chapter 450 - The Last War ago
Chapter 451 - Nine Years (I) ago
Chapter 452 - Nine Years (II) ago
Chapter 453 - Nine Years (III) ago
Chapter 454 - Nine Years (IV) ago
Chapter 455 - Nine Years (V) ago
Chapter 456 - Nine Years (VI) ago
Chapter 457 - Nine Years (VII) ago
Chapter 458 - Nine Years (VIII) ago
Chapter 459 - Nine Years (IX) ago
Chapter 460 - Dawn of Grace ago
Chapter 461 - World Anew ago
Chapter 462 - Two Ends ago
Chapter 463 - The Western Front ago
Chapter 464 - Beyond the Line ago
Chapter 465 - Pushing Forth ago
Chapter 466 - Emperor of the West ago
Chapter 467 - Where it All Began ago
Chapter 468 - Breaking the Chains (I) ago
Chapter 469 - Breaking the Chains (II) ago
Chapter 470 - Breaking the Chains (III) ago
Chapter 471 - Breaking the Chains (IV) ago
Chapter 472 - Breaking the Chains (V) ago
Chapter 473 - Breaking the Chains (VI) ago
Chapter 474 - Breaking the Chains (VII) ago
Chapter 475 - To Defend the Home ago
Chapter 476 - The First Empyrean (I) ago
Chapter 477 - The First Empyrean (II) ago
Chapter 478 - The First Empyrean (III) ago
Chapter 479 - The First Empyrean (IV) ago
Chapter 480 - The Return ago
Chapter 481 - One ago
Chapter 482 - The Extremes ago
Chapter 483 - Tempest Ferments ago
Chapter 484 - Invasion (I) ago
Chapter 485 - Invasion (II) ago
Chapter 486 - Invasion (III) ago
Chapter 487 - Invasion (IV) ago
Chapter 488 - Firefly ago
Chapter 489 - The Purpose ago
Chapter 490 - Flights of Hearts ago
Chapter 491 - Trespassers ago
Chapter 492 - The Eternal Shroud ago
Chapter 493 - Path of the Creator ago
Chapter 494 - Beautiful Light ago
Chapter 495 - The Chronomancer ago
Chapter 496 - Nature of Nurture ago
Chapter 497 - Heart-Sung Defiance ago
Chapter 498 - Nothing ago
Chapter 499 - Primeval ago
Chapter 500 - The Unhinged ago
Chapter 501 - The Onslaught ago
Chapter 502 - The Young Blood ago
Chapter 503 - Eternity in a Blade ago
Chapter 504 - Will of the Spear ago
Chapter 505 - The Last Resort ago
Chapter 506 - Edifice of Creation ago
Chapter 507 - Symphonies ago
Chapter 508 - Settling Ashes ago
Chapter 509 - Dark Apathy ago
Chapter 510 - Alana ago
Chapter 511 - The Traces ago
Chapter 512 - The Quintessential Truths ago
Chapter 513 - Pillars of Chaos ago
Chapter 514 - Sanctum's End (I) ago
Chapter 515 - Sanctum's End (II) ago
Chapter 516 - Sanctum's End (III) ago
Chapter 517 - Sanctum's End (IV) ago
Chapter 518 - Sanctum's End (V) ago
Chapter 519 - Sanctum's End (VI) ago
Chapter 520 - Sanctum's End (VII) ago
Chapter 521 - Sanctum's End (VIII) ago
Chapter 522 - Sanctum's End (IX) ago
Chapter 523 - Sanctum's End (X) ago
Chapter 524 - The Journey Over ago
Chapter 525 - The Empyrion ago
Chapter 526 - The Creator's Call ago
Chapter 527 - The Chosen ago
Chapter 528 - Indulgent ago
Chapter 529 - Divinity ago
Chapter 530 - Flames of Destruction (I) ago
Chapter 531 - Flames of Destruction (II) ago
Chapter 532 - Flames of Destruction (III) ago
Chapter 533 - Flames of Destruction (IV) ago
Chapter 534 - Flames of Destruction (V) ago
Chapter 535 - Flames of Destruction (VI) ago
Chapter 536 - Flames of Destruction (VII) ago
Chapter 537 - Flames of Destruction (VIII) ago
Chapter 538 - Flames of Destruction (IX) ago
Chapter 539 - Flames of Destruction (X) ago
Chapter 540 - World-Eater (I) ago
Chapter 541 - World-Eater (II) ago
Chapter 542 - Goodbye ago
Chapter 543 - Simple Things ago
Chapter 544 - Weight of the Past ago
Chapter 545 - Memories ago
Chapter 546 - Newcomers ago
Chapter 547 - Savior (I) ago
Chapter 548 - Savior (II) ago
Chapter 549 - Savior (III) ago
Chapter 550 - The Cosmic Stage ago
Chapter 551 - Rain ago
Chapter 552 - Incandescent Lights ago
Chapter 553 - Rules of the Empire ago
Chapter 554 - Return of the King ago
Chapter 555 - The Crutch ago
Chapter 556 - Moon-hung ago
Chapter 557 - Shameless ago
Chapter 558 - Musings of the Strangers ago
Chapter 559 - Two Kids, a Nervous Wreck and a Weirdo ago
Chapter 560 - Ineffable Crown ago
Chapter 561 - The Shadows Cast ago
Chapter 562 - Lonely Flowers ago
Chapter 563 - Edifice of Destruction (I) ago
Chapter 564 - Edifice of Destruction (II) ago
Chapter 565 - Edifice of Destruction (III) ago
Chapter 566 - Shattered Hearts ago
Chapter 567 - To Life ago
Chapter 568 - The Lumps of Forever ago
Chapter 569 - The Peaceful Days ago
Chapter 570 - New Tomorrow (I) ago
Chapter 571 - New Tomorrow (II) ago
Chapter 572 - New Tomorrow (III) ago
Chapter 573 - New Tomorrow (IV) ago
Chapter 574 - Legends are Forever ago

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A childish novel full of mistakes and plot holes.

Reviewed at: Chapter 574 - Legends are Forever

At first I thought that this was another bad translation of a Chinese web novel. Turns out its not. The author thinks that he's more clever than he is, and kills off characters ,literally, without warning. This story had potential, but it was squandered by dick jokes and modern idioms. Spelling and grammar mistakes abound, and the main character starts as an unsufferably arrogant beggar with no redeeming qualities.  

When the MC gets taken in by a family he does nothing but insult and berate them. That's from the first page. The only reason I stuck with it as long as I did was hoping the author would refine his technique and characters. Sadly he didn't. 

The author has a lot of trouble with distinguishing between tenses.when narrarating you should almost always use the past tense. "He hasn't been" should be "He hadn't been."


The bottom line is that if you want to explore a beta male power trip, then this is the novel for you. A constantly mocking MC that doesn't respect the friends he has, yet inexplicably (literally) talented.

Hell with talent this low anyone could get published on Amazon just by sneezing. Other than "Mother of Learning", "Jack of All" and "The Hunter Trilogy" this site wouldn't be worth much.

Frankly it pisses me off that I need to write 200 words about one of the crappiest novels from one of the most immature authors I've ever read. I mean what woman in a supposed fantasy world would refer to her orifices as her 'holes'. It's immature and pathetic. Let's call a dragon "dude" and "bro". Way to shatter the suspension of disbelief, Asshat.

Just skip it.


Don't like it but its not too bad.

Reviewed at: Chapter 12 - Devil's Domain

I could go on a rant of everything this story does wrong, but I won't.

Suffice to say its readable, if shallow, I'm not really one for negative reviews but this story acconplished in making one of the MCs I couldn't help but hate (not the good kinda of hate) he's chaotic, incongruous, unlikeable, has plot armor for dayz and is the epitome of a shounen MC taken to the extreme, while being a senseless  hypocritical muderhobo who doesn't think things through, is often contradictory to his own beliefs and previous actions  AND a daft cunt who thinks he's a funny guy.

Overal the premise seens interesting, the execution is subpar, the telling is often confusing, and the MC doesn't fit the world he's in.

I might be exarcebating my dislike and nitpicking cus I hate the MC's guts, but give it a shot, it must be ongoing because some people like it, maybe you're one of them, I'm sure as hell not.




The story has plenty going for it, but too much of it is disjointed, chaotic, or downright pointless for me to care enough to continue reading where I left off (Chapter 47).

There are issues, plain and simple. The author is trying to go with a mashup between xianxia (or fantasy wuxia, w/e) and LitRPG. I get why, as I'm quite a fan of the latter, and a number of series are doing it well, like the Ten Realms series by Michael Chatfield. However, issues arise in the form of people being 'level x'. What does this entail? How does your level increase? There are no quantified gains, at least, not in the sense that you're shown how the MC improves at every level-up. I haven't a clue what the difference between a level 1 and a level 9 is, for example, which is exactly what LitRPG and its quantifying style is useful for. Weapons and armor have damage and defense stats, but there's no information about people's health, just their defense. People get stabbed, people get wounded. No damage indicators, no information about how much damage was negated by defense, no indication of how much more damage they can take, etc. In other words, there is literally no point to any of those statistics. For the other weapons stats, just people sticking their qi in an item and giving a brief description would be more than enough. As it stands right now there is literally zero reason for the LitRPG style. It really feels like some of those stories that add a couple of tables just so they can call it LitRPG and get a quick cash grab on the LitRPG hypetrain.

The xianxia is done well, insofar as I can be a judge of that. There's your typical various stages of qi gathering, breaking through, warring sects, etc. All of the elements are fairly cookie-cutter material, but they're put together in a fun way.

The story is certainly challenging to get past the beginning, but a couple dozen chapters in it does finally get to the point where you're starting to see the bigger picture, which seems interesting enough. I'm still a bit curious as to what will eventually happen, how the world will grow, whether the two childhood friends will meet, etc. But it all falls rather short due to the sections of heavy exposition. I'm not a fan of the saying 'show, don't tell', because it insinuates that telling is bad, which it isn't. So long as done in moderation, exposition can be a great addition to a story. In the case of this story, however, it often overwhelms the reader's flow, forcing them to stop and make a choice: take the time to read it all, or skim/skip and get back into it. Either makes you feel annoyed, particularly when the whole scene described leads up to a couple of people, for whom you have zero reference, talking about stuff that sets things up for the future. It's very frustrating to read and most of my time in the last couple chapters was spent skimming because I couldn't bring up the energy to bother reading everything properly. Either read in moderation, or accept the fact that you'll be needing quite a bit of patience.

There are also some elements that I straight-up disliked, chief among which the nigh-visible plot armour. Another thing that irked me considerably was the fact that he can pull the most amazing shit out of his ass with basically zero logical reason through blacksmithing. The first thing he makes was Unique, which was later explained away that he had been thinking about the design for half a year or some such and the stuff that he made thereafter was mediocre because he of course couldn't always make such amazing stuff. Yet, lo and behold he manages to make exactly what the situation required in a cave, with nothing but some stuff he found in a forest, a fire, and his hands. I mean.. I get it; it's xianxia, but come on.. It's not as if his cultivation method improves his blacksmithing talent. It just gives him some options. He's been working on the stuff for half a year; he should still suck major donkey balls. Ah well.

For the most part it is absolutely legible. However, there are issues here as well.

Chief among which are the frequent lack of articles (the/a/an), which aren't required for understanding, but which will interrupt the reader's flow if they're not there. An example of the issue: "Blacksmith picked up sword he just made and looked at it carefully". You get what is being said, but it doesn't feel right.

Another issue comes in the form of incorrect vocabulary. At times, words are chosen that feel like they're picked from a thesaurus. Sure, they're synonymous to an extent, but that doesn't mean they work in the same contexts. Again, you get what is being said, but it forces you to either skip it or interrupt your reading to take a moment to understand what is being said.

There are certainly more detailed and/or singular issues, but the two above are the most glaring. If you can live with that and read it without issues, go for it.

The MC is .. a colourful figure. I get what the author tried/is trying to do, as the MC is portrayed as a betrayed, beaten, and downtrodden person who managed to maintain their determination and strength of will, but whose interpersonal skills are centered around biting at the hands of those who extend a hand towards him. I get it. But the simple matter remains: the MC is a cunt of such utter magnitudes, that in a world where people see their pride and reputation as the main resources and strength rules, he shouldn't have survived this long what with how often he offends people (almost literally everyone he encounters, barring a few). It makes it very challenging to even begin to relate the MC, let alone care about him. I honestly care more about his cultivation method than about the MC himself. He's simply a douche-canoe of the highest order. Some people may consider his comments and whatnot to be funny, but to me it's just frustrating and unbelievable.

Moreover, xianxia (and wuxia) often come with a very strict set of rules when it comes to communication between the characters. Usually they come in all sorts of displays of respect and whatnot, and otherwise offense is taken and the score has to be settled through some form of punishment or duel (to the death). This behaviour is shown in most characters, though not always very strongly, but most characters follow a fairly predictable type of behaviour. Insert: MC. Most chaotic and random fucker in all of existence. It is simply incongruent: he doesn't fit in that world. Any and all of his interactions feel off and odd, which makes it a challenge to keep reading. Most of the side characters are just fine, although most remain fairly one-dimensional and without depth. Even the most important secondary characters (Ella and Eggor) are .. fairly bland, really.

Final verdict:
If randomness and chaos are up your alley, go for it. You will enjoy it and probably even love it. If you're a more sensible person.. might wanna skip.

Ultimately, however, it has to be said that the MC was growing in positive ways, we were learning more about essentially everything, and the story was becoming more interesting. Unfortunately, I found myself looking at the title in my bookmarks and just couldn't be bothered to continue reading.

Omnis Ra

there is to much of it trying to be like a comedy. It goes from an action genre to comedy genre like a bad c grade movie 


Better than what you would expect.

So nany things are random and stupid, and even the MC himself is the result of mostly luck in early chapters.

But you have the story of one person. You don't have the story of some random guy, you have the story of one who gathered up coincidences and built himself through sheer will.

Many things seem to make the MC overpowered, but each has its own drawbacks and consequences.

You understand from early on, that the MC won't end up somewhere small, and the story is rather open about it.

The MC is shown not to be the greatest, nor the only one that treaded this path.

Heck! His powers literally almost were his downfall several times. 

You see logical reactions (aside from the MC fooling around) and almost never a one-dimensional character.

I will admit some topics weren't approached that well, but the story was thrilling enough to forgive those "mistakes" and move on.

Lastly, another thing that I really liked about this story, even when his blacksmithing grows to be secondary. It is researched at least somewhat on a bare minimum and you don't see half-assed shit like many other novels do. It's actually interesting!

Definitely a recommendation.


Edit @ Chapter 575...

so sad we reached the Epilogue.....  .... 

Edit @ chapter 276 : 

still in love with the story.

sad of the death of familiar characters (don't grow a GoT trend !)

and Empyrean Blacksmith is almost my last read every day, just before going to bed !




 (4.5 if only for me, but like  -->5 to compensate from the hate of "username:" and "jknott" which stopped reading early, before anything really started and decided in so doing to burn everything they don't understand.)

I love the story, the arch plot is grand, if nebulous and daunting, the book-sized plots are good, and the mini-plots perfects. : 5/5 (even if demonic invasion is not my favorite topic of book-sized plot and "you are the hero/target for the world" are rarely my prefered arch-plots: but here it's ok !) 

no issue with grammar in later chapters (but being not native speaker, I can only push it to 4.5)

I love the characters, Lino being Lino (happy-go-lucky-but-only-because-otherwise-I'll-be-crying-nonstop), his "surrogate-mother/father-in all but name", Lucky and Sylvia being teased, Sylvia's betrothed, her father...etc Alea (which I would like to see more & closer to Lino (partial shipping!!) )

They all have a life, even the secondary (or even 3rd line?) characters. (even if some could have better exposure to understand them better)


The sole "blemish" for me is related to the style 

the style is why I always push back the time to read it... : the presence of those HUGE paragraphes are sometime repelling when starting a new chapter and often stop me from reading "as soon as published", prefering to push that back to another time and read another new chapter from another story... or even start reading a fresh story.

However, whenever I gather enough guts to tackle these "big paragraphs chapters " I can't stop reading and I read the 2-5-10 remaining chapters in a few dozen of minutes :D

(that said, no issues for chapters 74-77, even if the first paragraph of 74 would have been less daunting to me if split in a few smaller ones).

thanks for all!


As of Chapter 406: Despite grammar problems, I enjoyed this story. (the grammar doesn't get better)


I was binge reading it until chapter 60 so you cant say that i dint give it a try. I dont know i can still keep reading this. Tge story was all over the place trying to be mysterious and all but only made the story confusing and vague. The story was good but the fuzziness of the story killed it. Too many questions. Scenes keep changing. Such a good story flawed by an author trying to be mysterious.
Who are you neppu

I am someone who normally wouldn’t touch cultivator novels. I just don’t like how they are with the story and characters, but this novel is great. This is one of the only I like and I don’t know how to properly explain how good it is to me. The only complaint that I have is on grammar and spelling. He Should get a editor to go over the chapters for grammar and spelling mistakes.


Why is this on the trending list?

I have been reading stories on RRL for a number of years and I just can’t understand how this one made it on to the trending list.  

I admit that I don’t write stories so my opinion probably doesn’t mean crap. Also, I’ve only read up to chapter 2 of this story so there’s a possibility that it gets better as the story progresses, though I can’t see how. 


Although there were a few grammar errors, I noticed more issues with sentence structure and flow rather than grammar. It sometimes reads as if it was fed into an antiquated translation software program and then posted here.

Style/Story/Character score: 

Keep in mind that I found this story on the trending list and thought I'd try it out. Summary: This is not a good story. The setting is weak, the MC is a childish flop, and the 2 supporting characters are vapid at best.

Weak: Chapter 1 is arguably the most important part of any book. It is supposed to hook the reader into reading more by introducing the players and setting the stage for the rest of the story. However, I don’t see that here. Point in case,  I got to the middle of chapter 2 and have no desire to read more. ...not hooked.

Childish: About half-way into chapter 1, the MC falls asleep in an alley. After some time, he wakes to see a “white-bearded fella that was nearly two meters tall”… MC’s response to this… 

“D-don’t kill me!” Lino exclaimed. “I… I know! I can wipe your ass!”



Who in the hell says that when being woken up by a stranger? Why is that the first thing that pops in his head? SMH

Vapid: A few lines down and this self-defacing attitude is suddenly replaced with childish arrogance when he meets an old man and his wife.  They come out of nowhere, beat the bratty MC, feed him, and then decide to take him on as an apprentice to teach him blacksmithing. There are no hints as to why he is fed or even chosen as a new apprentice. No indications that these supporting characters have any reason for being other than … well…I actually can’t see why they’re needed. Might as well have the MC stumble upon a magic hammer that suddenly makes him awesome. 


Again, this is just my opinion. But I just can’t see why anyone else would read beyond chapter 2