The Legendary Couple

by serifpersia

 The Legendary Couple by serifpersia

The story follows Ruu and Lin, a couple that tries to fight for freedom and peace within the  kingdom of  "Ami", a kingdom created by two human races. Ruu is an adventurer while Lin is the former princess of that kingdom after five centuries.

Many years before that event, these humans lived in two separate continents that were separated by one big mass of water. They were like a two massive islands.

People lived their lives without knowing about the existence of intelligence that might rest inside of the opposite land mass. But the event of the comet hitting one of these lands changed lives of many.

Normal Humans that had powerful swords, advance writing system and unique culture had to flee from danger as the comet was hitting their land. As they didn't have any other choice, they used the last source of energy to power one massive ship that will sail for the first time.

Many of them died during the trip that was taking 50 days. People didn't want to go this place because they were afraid of the unknown but the comet hiting them, led to change of hearts. They sailed on the land of demi humans that had magic powers in their fingertips.

Humans fought the other race and won the war because of their more advance tech. In the end both human race leaders agreed to form a kingdom where both races could coexist. Lamar the leader of the demi humans made his daughter Lina, a girl with cat ears as new queen and the leader of the normal humans, Hin made his son Leo the king of the newly formed kingdom. Evil people within two races worked together to destroy this peace.

Will Ruu and Lin defeat those bad people or will they die,we shall see.

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