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A maiden sat on a wooden chair surrounded by what could barely be called library, on her two slender hands was a thick book. Her face shows a gentle and focused look as she flips a page, unfazed by the slow rain that can be seen outside a window.



“Selaine? Care to join for lunch?”

The door opened quietly as a young woman with light yellow hair walked into the room. The woman reading a book, Selaine paused and gave a glance towards the maiden in front of her.

“Mm? Oh Evarill, is it time already? Sorry, I was completely engrossed with the book.”

“Fufufu…Its fine, so let’s go eat with everyone~”

Selaine gave wry smile as she stood up and followed Evarill. She remembered how Evarill was actually quite different than when she first met her. The mysterious and nun-like aura she exuded now what Selaine could see was just a slightly cheeky teenager that seeks some friends.

Selaine let out a soft sigh and continued to follow Evarill to the Dining Hall. As soon as she entered, she felt a soft force on her legs. She looked and saw a small green-haired girl, her eyes showing sparkles.

“Vaely, stop hugging your big sister Selaine we have to go to the table now, okay?”

The girl, Vaely shyly let go of Selaine and trotted towards the large table of the Dining Hall. Selaine gave a smile at the shy child, she then sat down in one of the seats of the table. On the table, a bowl of pot-au-feu can be seen surrounded by a large plate of salad garnished with mashed sweet potatoes.

Selaine sat down on the opposite side of the seat of Vaely, and smiled at the girl. Evarill also sat on one of the chairs near Selaine. A blonde boy then came in. The boy is plain-looking though he emits a mischievous aura. Along with him is another boy, Red-haired and looking a little stoic. Selaine smiled at the red-haired boy as she know that the boy is actually hotheaded.

Evarill called out to the two and pointed at the chairs.

“Fleim, Ceasar come on and seat down we’re about to eat.”

“Yes, sister~”

The blonde boy, Fleim cheerfully affirmed while the red-haired boy, Ceasar silently nodded. The two boys then sat down on one of the table’s chair, near Vaely. This have always been the arrangement the group has seated on the table. Heartwarming atmosphere is always present and happy giggle can be heard from the children’s mouth.

They started to eat along with giving a small chatter at each other. Fleim looked at Selaine and spoke.

“Sister Selaine, can you teach me how to do that thing again?”

“After we finished eating, okay?”

Fleim excitedly nodded and hurriedly ate all the food on his plate, almost choking due to it. What Fleim asked Selaine to teach was playing a tune using a leaf as if it was a flute itself. She would often play it by the lake when it was sunny with a moderate quantity of clouds to be seen. The boy was coincidentally near her when he heard the tune she played. He was mesmerized and stubbornly asked Selaine to teach him about it.

“Um…, can I also join Sister Selaine?”

Selaine smiled at the Ceasar as she affirmed his request. The boy bashfully ate all his food unlike Fleim. After they finished eating, they went to the temple hall and sat there. The kids Fleim and Ceasar, along with Vaely also followed behind Selaine.

“Then let me show you how to play a tune with a leaf, so listen well, okay?”


The children listened closely on Selaine’s Instructions as they also picked up some leaves to try playing a tune with it. Awkward sounds can be heard throughout the hall. Selaine smiled wryly as she continues to correct the mistakes of the children, with the exception of Fleim, as he is unexpectedly played a very cheerful tune.

“Oh? Looks like Fleim have talent in music.”

Fleim bashfully scratches his head as he was praised. The other two, especially Vaely, got jealous of Fleim being praised so they tried playing harder. While they we’re playing, Selaine noticed Evarill approach.

“Selaine, can I talk to you for a bit?”


“Kids I’ll talk with your Sister Selaine for a while okay?”

The three children nodded and continued to playing tunes. Evarill, with Selaine following behind, then went to the temple’s library.

Evarill faced Selaine showing a somewhat serious and slightly sad expression. Selaine showed a wry smile knowing what Evarill is going to say. So she opened her mouth before Evarill spoke.

“Sorry, but I really have to go…”

“I see…”

“Yes… I really have to find someone and I won’t stop until I find them again.”

“The kids will be sad…”

“I know… But, don’t worry I’ll give something to remember me.”


Evarill, feeling pained, let out a slow sigh as she walked of the library. Selaine went to her usual seat in the library, opening the drawer of the desk near her. She then pulled out three things, a handheld wooden panel with a painting of Selaine and Evarill along with the children, a wooden flute styled into a Chinese bamboo flute, and the third item was a wooden bangle with a feather carving on its entire surface. All the items we’re masterfully crafted especially the wooden panel painting.

“Thankfully, Crafting wooden items and painting were one of my hobbies.”

“They would probably love this…”

Selaine gave a gentle smile as she put the items back to the desk’s drawer. She then stood up and went out of the room.

Seeing that it’s already dark, she went to dining room. Watching all the kids and Evarill setting up the table, she went and joined them. As they interact with each other, Selaine thought

“This really is a warm place for me, after I found him, I will return here with him. I swear I’ll find him.”

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