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Evarill paused for a moment, and glanced at Selaine’s eyes. ‘Although her face looks confused, her eyes looks spiritless as if she has given up on something.’ Evarill thought with concern as she keeps on looking at Selaine. After a moment, she opened her mouth to answer the question given to her.

“This Temple, like what I have said when I introduced myself earlier, is Bridshine Temple. This temple is located within the vicinity of the lake that you can see outside this window…”

She explained as she gestured outside the window that shows the crystal clear lake. She looked back to Selaine and continued.

“The Liskreim Lake, this lake is located in the center of this GilBreive Forest.”


Selaine silently listened to Evarill’s words and continued to just stay quiet as she listened closely. Intent on finding out any information that can disapprove her guess, she strained her ears to listen every words that come out of Evarill’s mouth.

“GilBreive Forest is located here in the Howlghein Continent. This is where you are currently are.”

“I see…”

Selaine slowly absorbed the information and made a conclusion in her mind: ‘This is totally not My World’. She excused herself from Evarill and walked back to the room she woke up from.

As she closed the door, she noticed her phone on top of the desk. She walked to it and silently hold and opened her phone. The phone looked like a rectangular glass adorned with silver like metal on its two sides. She sifted through it and opened her gallery. She let out a low laugh that was nearly inaudible to the ears.

“Looks like I’m in another world that you have wished for a long time…Veilirk…”

On the phone, a man can be seen. The man looked sickly, his weird hair with most of it being black while a very smallest part of it was green. Reminiscence can be felt from Selaine, as she remembered how she ask him about his hair.

‘The doctors said it might have been a side effect from my genes being  mutated from my family’s gene, so I just let it be since it at least lets me be distinct from other people you know?’

Tears streamed down Selaine’s eyes as she started to cry silently. She thought how weird it was that the man that lived his whole life inside an enclosed field that was made to look like a forest cabin, seemingly wanting to go to another world and live a second life. She felt a mild grasp to her heart.

“It’s really weird how the wishes that you have is happening to me now…”

She continued to cry until she fell asleep. Unaware of the gap on the door where Evarill is currently at. Evarill felt suffocating, as she saw the state the woman sleeping quietly on the bed, feeling sympathetic at the shattered soul in front of her as she looked at the shining glass that shows a man’s image. She quietly closed the door and looked up, she prayed.

‘I hope the slumbering ancients’ give pity to this soul’s shattered heart, and cure hear of her grief. Hope be filled her empty heart, for she is just a lost and broken soul.’

  • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

Across an empty space, a tree that looked like it was made from crystal surrounded by tiny streams of different kinds of color can only be seen inside this place. On the tree a man that looked as if he was glued to the tree with the exception of his upper body. The man’ looks was to say, beautiful in a slightly masculine way. His eyes showing a warm and gentle green irises. His long hair that looks like a stream of turquoise-colored spring water.

The man, Freidlic, the Ancient of Longing and Lost, looked at the empty lands in front of him. He showed a soft but concerned look and made a gesture on the empty air. After a moment, he was showing a gentle smile as he spoke to no one.

Ye who hath lost thou light shalt be given mine blessing to help you see thy path thou hath lost and shalt be given what hath been longing.

He thought of Selaine’s face and smiled, he again made a gesture in the empty air in front him and continued.

“For Fate hath given thou a second chance although it shalt be difficult, thou shalt not miss it.”

  • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••

The Sleeping Selaine was surrounded by tiny streams of emerald light, unbeknownst to anyone a few of the streams was being absorbed by the phone she was holding. The darkening sky slowly continued to flow along with time.

As the streams began to surround her, Selaine started to see what can only be called visions. This visions made her instinctively know that it was about Veilirk, and that he is here, in this world. After the visions she had seen fade, she woke up and saw the trickling light outside the window. Within her eyes was a shining hope, hope that she would be able to see the one she had been longing, that she can see the man she loved for a second time.

She noticed it was morning so she grabbed her phone and closed it, which made it turn into what looked to be an electronical stick, the size of a cigarrete, and put it in her clothes pocket. She walked of her room and searched for Evarill in the Temple hall. As she expected she saw Evarill praying in front of the temple’s altar.

“Evarill, Can I see your temple’s library? If you have any.”

Evarill stood up after a few breaths and faced Selaine while giving a kind smile. She walked closer to Selaine.

“Of course we have one albeit small compared to the ones in a city.”

“It’s fine…I just want to read some books anyway.”

Evarill then guided Selaine into the Temple’s Library. As they went inside, Selaine can’t help but noticed that it looked like a collection of a starting book lover as the quantity of the books could barely call the room a library. She thought that maybe this place time must be something in between the Medieval and Renaissance age. As she can see that the materials used for the books was paper but not at the level of modern paper. She also remembered the temple’s kitchen and the other rooms of the temple, the kitchen having a primitive automatic stove while the most of the temple’s rooms was furnished with what looked like ball connected to the ceiling, which she thought of as light bulbs.

Still feeling a little uncomfortable about what she has just learned, Evarill spoke.

“This is the Bridshine Temple’s Library. Please take proper care of the books here, with that as the only rule, you can read any of this books.”

Selaine nodded and went to a shelf, pulled out a book and opened it. As she expected she can’t read any of what was written at all. She did noticed that the language written in it looked like Russian, if not for the added strokes and parts that seemed to be based from Eastern and Indian writing language. She looked at Evarill and shyly asked.

“Hey, Evarill…Can you…uh, teach me how to read this book?”

Finding it a little funny, Evarill gave a low chuckle and sat on one of the seats inside the library.

“You can talk fluently in Heimligian, but surprisingly can’t read it, hahaha, fine I shall teach you how to read Heimligian then.”

Selaine felt a little embarrassed but excited as she was about to learn a language of another world. Since then seven months passed by…

A note from Orphellia

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