Ambassadors to another world

Ambassadors to another world

by Heswe

In 2144 an experiment on wormholes that was intented to find a solution for interstellar travel opened up the door to new possibilities, a world that we thought only existed in books and in our imaginations. A world of magic and dragons. 

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Word Count (VII)
Top List #2000
3rd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: First contact ago
Chapter 1: Ambassadors (part 1) ago
Chapter 2: Ambassadors (part 2) ago
Chapter 3: Introductions of qualified yet questionable people (part 1) ago
Chapter 4: Introductions of qualified yet questionable people (part 2) ago
Chapter 5: A different point of view ago
Chapter 6: Burning Rose ago
Chapter 7: Everything we know ago
Chapter 8: Flying menace ago
Chapter 9: A display of strength ago
Chapter 10: Air superiority ago
Chapter 11: Laser weapons vs Particle beams ago
Chapter 12: A taste of the new world ago
Chapter 13: Conflict ago
Chapter 14: Sleepless night ago
Chapter 15: Burden ago
Chapter 16: Great minds think alike ago
Chapter 17: Final preparations ago
Chapter 18: A battle between two men ago
Chapter 19: The love for good food transcends dimensions ago
Chapter 20: Heart of the Goddess ago
Chapter 21: Murphy's law ago
Chapter 22: The night after the banquet ago
Chapter 23: Prelude to the battle ago
Chapter 24: Trading of goods ago
Chapter 25: Mining Satellites. ago
Chapter 26: Humanitarian effort ago
Chapter 27: Intuition ago
Chapter 28: Flame ago
Chapter 29: Different outcome ago
Chapter 30: Historic moment ago
Chapter 31: Doubts ago
Chapter 32: Knock out ago
Chapter 33: Engineer and Scientist ago
Chapter 34: Candy ago
Chapter 35: Professionals ago
Chapter 36: The King's dilemma ago
Chapter 37: Changes ago
Chapter 38: Manticore Biology ago
Chapter 39: Alice ago
Chapter 40: New beginnings ago
Chapter 41: Familiarity ago
Chapter 42: Man of science meets woman of magic ago
Chapter 43: Mutual arrogance ago
Chapter 44: Dungeons and Lab coats? ago
Chapter 45: Seeker ago
Chapter 46: Full potential ago
Chapter 47: Compromise ago
Chapter 48: Whisky and Wagyu ago
Chapter 49: Darkness ago
Chapter 50: Volhorn ago
Chapter 51: Here be Dragons ago
Chapter 52: A teacher's woes. ago
Chapter 53: Second Demon attack ago
Chapter 54: Overwhelming might (part 1) ago

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I have thouroughly loved reading your work from chapter 1 till the most recent addition.

The world building has been absolutely superb!

Though if i must write one small thing that bothers me, it is that i wished the chapters were longer - i find them somewhat short.

But overall i feel it has been eons since i last found a story of this caliber and that this story is a must read on this site.

Keep up the good work!


Using the words of a modern day philosopher : ,,Very nice''


The style of writing is not quite my favorite,dialogues are sometimes clunky but it gets a pass.Kinda slow paced,like before the meeting of the king and Nelson,everything might aswell be the prologue(15 chapter-ish').This has tons of potential and i can't wait to see more,keep up the good work Heswe.



Title: Ambassadors to another world

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi
Protagonist: [none] or [too many to mention here]
Setting: a fantasy world and a sci-fi world that got connected.
Tension Level: Low-Medium

Basic Premise: the earth was connected to another world by a wormhole that they made. now they had to explore the new possibilities. while the fantasy world had to cope with the outsiders that appeared.

Chapter Content: how each world deal with the other world. how the village near the wormhole had became a big town, how ambassadors and scientist negotiates with the nearest kingdom for material, knowledge, and goods.

Chapter Reached: 30
Personal Opinion: feels like nihonkoku shoukan. pretty good. but somewhat slow at the beginning. it's good that the release frequency is high at this time...


Wow a really great story. I love it. Like one of the anime. Hope they don't bulky the local legendary creatures. They are just trying to make babies and live so don't C4 them .

The Feedback Troupe

Many Details but also Oversights (c52)


The story follows a bunch of Scientists that are specialized in various fields and the ambassador Nelson as they establish diplomatic relations and explore “Nelithea” - A fantasy world filled with monsters and magic.


A story so enamoured with detailing everything perfectly that critical elements are sometimes forgotten.


a.Short verdict:

Overall Score: 3

Fans of fantasy or Kingdom Building may enjoy this. Unfortunately the aspect of management is severely underdeveloped despite how often the author goes more into detail than necessary at times and could break ones suspension of disbelief


b.Long Review

Style Score: 3.5

Quite often minor details are explained in narration with more detail than necessary, even extraneous things, which becomes a minor annoyance at times. The rest of the writing is fine - it is rather plain, which does not make the many descriptions any better, but it gets everything across.


Grammar Score: 4

Unfortunately the Writer makes a single consistent mistake: He writes properties extending into the present in present tense - which, while correct in dialogue, is wrong when the narration is set in simple past.


I did not deduct additional points for this, as it is very readable story with relatively few typos aside from this. (But you should keep it in mind)


Story Score: 3

Character Score: 3

The story starts two years in, with an already established outpost in the new world and the troupe we meet presumably consists of the first non-military personnel allowed there.


But despite this there are no decontamination protocols, they get to explore the world without being surveilled or even accompanied by military personnel and a supermarket has already been built in the nearest village.


As you may already be able to tell the story continues to throws up a lot of question marks in terms of administration or operation of the military base.


The situation of the main characters is not much better.

Aside from the actual ambassador and the teacher none of the scientists have special qualifications outside of their respective fields… On top of this they all have weird quirks which should immediately disqualify them from a public position. Something is going wrong when the Physicist tries to calm the concerned Wizard by explaining to him that science knows no bounds and the wormhole they created for FTL travel even could have destroyed their entire planet.

In spite of this the story or characters are not really bad. They just suffer from gigantic oversights and their particular nature. The author does a good job at making them feel alive and human otherwise. It also does not get in their way as scientists and they act professional during their research. It is just that the way the story was set up completely clashes with their personalities.


You all need to stop acclaiming this.

Alright, I'll be clear. The readers need to stop claiming this work here is incredible because it is anything but that.

Everything is wrong. I'll get grammar and style out of the way. Grammar is simply a fucking slaughter. "But- but balblabla english not my first language blablabla." Don't even try that with me. Grammarly, oxford dictionary, suplementary classes in english I don't care: there are plenty of way to get better. I'm not a Grammar Nazi but that is just too much.

As for style, well apart from there being none, it's simply ruined by the quality of the above mentioned point.

Let's shift to the characters. They are out of any world you can imagine. Nobody, and I want to be clear so I'll say it again in bold NOBODY behaves like this. I get enthusiasm. I get it. But the main cast of scientist? They are just absolute nutcases. Is it supposed to be humor? It failed.

I can accept Nelson, the ambassador a little more but he is nothing more than a prick at the end.

As for the story, I don't even know where to begin to show the world it's wrong to give this a five star. I know I will need to spoil though and here it begins.

Spoiler: Spoiler

All in all, for RR's sake, stop rating that more than a three stars, it does not deserve it right now.


I'm very much in love with this story!

Thank you so much for blessing us with such an amazing read!