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She is one of the badass female charachter that I could ever make!

Present you the delinquent and calm and collected at the same time. A very crucial and important character!
I shall warn you before hand! She use a lil too much absurd language.

Btw this chapter gonna contain a long conversation!

The hallway door opened and two figures walked out, from the administrative office. Every soldier posted in the hallway raised their arm and gave their salutes. The one who walked in the front signaled to drop their salutes and they returned to their post.

It was a beautiful female officer who seemed very important person. She had an eye patch on her left eye and had tucked her shirt neatly inside her pants. Dozens of military medals and badge of honor were pinned on her chest and sleeves. Her uniform fit her, way perfectly that not even a wink of a wrinkle was present on her uniform. She had sling her military coat over her shoulder and wore thigh-high leather boots. There was insignia on the hat that glimmered on the reflection of sunlight, proudly which entered through the casement window. Her hat apprehended her uptied hair inside the cavity yet her blonde hair curls escaped and slid behind her ears. She carried a very elegant stainless steel sword. The scabbard seemed dull as it had seen countless battles but the sword hilt was much sturdier.

“So this year, again we got tons of new admissions, then the last, right?”, she asked without turning back.

“Well this year, the entrance exam was tougher than the last. There were much more eligible applicants than the seats itself. There were few exceptional students who got enrolled directly. They were related to major politicians and some were rare case students who are invited by the academy, itself. Also, the special batch of students would be arriving till tomorrow.”, answered confidently a girl in glasses that walked behind.

She had an oval-rimmed glasses and a long tied ponytail hair that almost covered her back. Her uniform consisted of a shirt, female skirt and thigh high boots. She also possessed a couple of medals but a lot lesser than the first one. On her arms were a couple of bulky books that would easily weigh a kilo or two.

“Well, I don’t need some sissy pants kid who just here for the sake of glory! I shall rusticate out such students and monopolize my power as I fit because my word is law and I am the god, here! Hehe!”, chuckled, the women with eye patch proudly

“Madam commander! You cannot misuse your authority as you feel like! Students are here to learn and grow stronger. It’s our duty to educate and train them, so they won’t remain weak. They are the future pillars that would withhold our nation, one day. They shall rise to be great-”

“Hey?! What’s with this philosophical bullshit, this early morning! I am the principal and principal doesn’t get a pep talk, ever. That’s how school work! ”, interrupted the commander, irritatedly.

“Well I know, you are the principal but your also the military commander of the Imperial knight’s army! As your secretary, it’s my duty to guide you in every way possible and follow you until the end of the world.”, said the secretary with pride.

“Secretary?! You sound more like my mom and that's so annoying, you know that?! You'll never get a boyfriend with such old hag like attitude!”, said the commander as she let a huge sigh.

“My apologies, but if you behaved a bit more like a lady than I won't need to pamper you! By the way, getting a boyfriend is too much of a hassle and If I had one then you would have been probably ditched your duties and just charge right inside the enemy lines, head on.”, replied the secretary mockingly.

The commander became a bit frustrated after she heard this mockery.
“You really know how to get on my nerves, Reeves. If it weren’t for your ability to memorize information accurately, you would have been fired long ago.” replied the commander in an angry tone.

Even after the brutal phrase, Reeves didn't lose her diligence and remained unaffected.

They reached to a huge castle door and the main gates opened. The commander and her personal secretary exited the main castle and went to the stairs that led to the pathway from the castle on the hills to the campus down the foothills.

They trailed downhill on the stairs. The view of the bustling campus was a mesmerizing scene to watch as they trailed downstairs.

The commander glanced at the campus which was in an uproar because of the arrival of new students who flooded in. The students looked like tiny ants and looked very lively.
“Indeed, it certainly does look like more students, this year!”, said the commander.

“Of course! This is one of the finest and renowned universities who has the history of nurturing elite soldiers like Bensford Graphite, the two-handed swordsman, Azelinus gunner of the West, Gunther the hammer, and many more! Even you trained here, madam commander, also known as the one-eyed cyclop, the manslaughterer.”, replied Reeves.

The commander burst into laughter after she heard Reeves.
“Wow! That name sounds badass! But it seems racist. I shall not discriminate between gender. All male or female enemies would get treated the same way. Either it is friend or student or enemy!”, exclaimed the commander.

Reeves let a frail sigh as the commander had ignored the actual point of the conversation.

“By the way, Reeves? Is it necessary, my speech?”, asked the commander timidly.

“Of course, it is. You are the principal of this academy! The students look up to you, as their role model. Your words will boost their morale! It's not that confusing. Just tell them what it is meant to be a knight of Abros! How glorious, it is to be a knight. Just say the exact words in the speech, that I gave you. Everything would work fine!”

“Oh about that… I ….uh ...I forgot.”, replied the commander in a frail voice.

She sustained her speed as she trekked downstairs and didn’t turn to face her secretary who was pissed.

“But I just gave you that, last evening! How careless could you be?!”, said the agitated Reeves, “Hold on! Don’t tell me you were drunk last night?! I can’t believe it, madam! I had told you to avoid any booze multiple times yesterday, just so you could utilize the time to read it! Can't you tolerate just for one day?”

“Well, I had just a sip or two! I also had to complete the paperwork related to the recent attacks on the north-west frontier and submit it to the chief minister of defense. I had gone over the speech this morning, and it was a bit more lengthy and I didn’t understand most of the words!”, grumbled the commander.

“Madam commander! The speech was just 456 words, and you don’t need to understand the words! Just pronounce the words, and the students would understand themselves. The minister of finance and his adversaries are personally attending the ceremony, as her daughter has enrolled, this year. So if you mess this up, he might report directly to the king and I am not letting that happen in my presence.”, frowned Reeves.

“Hey! How about you speak the speech, on my behalf? I am not good with this speech and talking crap while playing with words like that. I shall grant you the honor to give a speech on my behalf, and you shall have my permission and utmost blessings. I shall also increase your salary starting next month. How about that? Great deal, right?”, asked the commander as she put her arm around Reeves and acted all friendlier.

Reeve looked sternly which meant that she wasn’t a bit amused by her offer. She declined commander’s friendly approach and shrug the arm off her neck.
“Madam Cecelia! You are the principal and also the Commander of the Imperial Knight army! It’s your sole duty to lead the budding youth of Abros nation, who shall one day withheld the pillars of our nation! I can’t just be your substitute, no one does even know who I am! Don’t forget about the finance minister!”

“Alright! Alright! I was just kidding! Sorry, mom!”, said sarcastically, Cecelia the commander.

“No time for jokes! You remember that today is also Samael’s first day, right?”, asked Reeves.

Cecelia’s mood suddenly changed and she looked sober. She doesn’t respond back and continued marching down her pathway.

“Madam commander? Are you sure, we could just let him join this academy with everyone?”, asked Reeves worriedly.

“It’s alright! He’ll manage, like always. Don’t need to worry about him, he is one courageous brat!”, replied Cecelia casually.

“Mam, I would recommend to transfer him to the special batch! It’s for the best, you won’t know when he could lose his sanity! It’s not safe-”

“REEVES! I said no need to worry!",interrupted Cecelia, "Nothing has happened for seven years! So what the fuck could happen, now. No worries it won’t be the same as before. I enrolled him here because to keep an eye on him up close. Just try to chill or you shall get wrinkles on your face, you already have 2 tho. Ha!”, said laughingly.

“Madam! But with the special batch students, it will be a lot safer for both the students and for Samael.”

“You know the medical test records, right? He is not one of the special students and those are not any normal students, you know that! That particular time, it was different. It was not close to the category of a special student but on another league. I suppressed his sanity and now he is like any normal kid! Seven years and everything is normal.”

“But I think it would be better if you inform him about this, right? He will be alert and cautious in near future!”

Cecelia stopped in the mid stairs and turned back towards Reeves while she looked in her eyes, with a furious look.

“If I do tell Samael, he would willingly surrender and do as said. But what about Abigor and Lilith? How would they live without their brother? Samael would do anything for the sake of his brother and sister, even if he has to abandon them! And what if he tells out his situation to everyone? There would be massive chaos! He would be executed on the spot!”

Cecelia reverted back to her composure,”I would believe that you would keep this confidential between only our former squad comrades, right?”

“Of course! I swear my life, that I would take the secret to the grave and hope Samael to have a good year this time.”, said Reeves with a smile.

“Yeah, hope he won’t get late on his first and make an ass of himself! Otherwise, he would have to face that shit overall once again!”, said Cecelia facetiously and resumed her trail down the stairs.

“You should be thinking in a positive way, my lady! Samael would most definitely be formal and punctual during the gathering. Also, you need to work on your language! A lady mustn't use such obscene words like that!”, scowled Reeves, the personal secretary of the commander.

“Sorry, mom! I also hope that Samael has a good start this year! And my god why we built the castle on top! When the fuck will we reach the bottom of the hills! I am gonna buy a god damn horse!”,nagged Cecelia, the commander of the imperial knight army of Abros.

Both Cecelia and Reeves later reached downhill and went straight to the great assembly hall of Archangels, the Academy of chivalry.

A note from Homeless Dancer


Next update would take a week, and my new software classes gonna begin from tommorow onwards!
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