The Crusade Wars - Book Despair

The Crusade Wars - Book Despair

by Homeless Dancer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

       In the end of the world war in year AD 856, which resulted in eight major countries. They created a  treaty of trost in the name of peace, but the recent invention of gunpowder has upheaved the stockpiling of arms and ammunition. Now, the countries were busy spying and tracking the progress of each other.

    But the recent mysterious attacks at the cities in the outskirts has resulted in brutal massacre of people. The eyewitness has claimed that something supernatural and mythical creatures were the one to blame. The nations declined such news as false and spreading such false and fictitious information would be severe atrocity and also could be punishable by death. The government tried to maintain the people’s anxiety by blaming terrorist and occult cult’s doing. They even used underhanded means to calm the people’s panic.

However, all the nation’s government were aware of the real perpetrator. The guns were still not complete and many experiments were still in progress. Alas! Time is short.

It was time to deploy the secretive specialized troops to take up the battlefront. Not your ordinary soldier, but demi-humans with abnormal powers and strength.

Somehow, all the dots are connected to Samael.

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