Leaving Earth

by Warfox

Original COMPLETED Drama Psychological Romance Sci-fi Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Post Apocalyptic Strong Lead Virtual Reality

After Dr. Hawthorne Crenshaw's university experiences a terrorist attack, he undertakes a titanic effort to colonize a new planet in an effort to rescue some small part of humanity from what he suspects is an unstoppable spiral into a Dark Age on Earth. Subjecting himself to tens of thousands of years of repeated cycles of cryogenic freezing and unfreezing to monitor his passengers, he and his AI T.I.A. shepherd Earth's first, and perhaps only effort into colonizing a new planet.

Cover by Ana Ristovska

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Parting Message ago
Chapter 1: Good Night ago
Chapter 2: Thursday, March 19, 2099, Day One ago
Chapter 3: Friday, March 20, 2099, Day Two ago
Chapter 4: Saturday, March 21, 2099, Day Three ago
Chapter 5: Sunday, March 22, 2099, Day Four ago
Chapter 6: Cycle 2, Wednesday March 23, 2133 ago
Chapter 7: Cycle 2, A Message for Earth ago
Chapter 8: Cycle 2, Silence is a Message All its Own ago
Chapter 9: Cycle 2, Unintended Consequences ago
Chapter 10: Cycle 2, Three Paths ago
Chapter 11: Cycle 3, Tragedy and Comedy ago
Chapter 12: Cycle 3, Planning and Review ago
Chapter 13: Cycle 3, Working it All Out ago
Chapter 14: Cycle 4, Mount Ararat ago
Chapter 15: Cycle 4, Settling in for the Long Haul ago
Chapter 16: Cycle 12, Breakthrough ago
Chapter 17: Cycle 12, Reaching Out ago
Chapter 18: Cycle 12, Ships Passing in the Night ago
Chapter 19: Cycle 12.5, Life Marches On ago
Chapter 20: Cycle 13, Working Against Time ago
Chapter 21: Cycle 13.5, Sacrifices ago
Chapter 22: Cycle 13.5, Crossing Paths ago
Chapter 23: Cycle 14, Coming Together ago
Chapter 24: Cycle 14, What We Can and Can’t Do ago
Chapter 25: Cycle 14.5, Enemy Territory ago
Chapter 26, Cycle 14.5, Escape ago
Chapter 27, Cycle 14.5, War ago
Chapter 28, Cycle 15, Alone Again ago
Chapter 29, Cycle 16, With Millennia Ahead ago
Chapter 30: Cycle 30, Time is Relative ago
Chapter 31: Cycle 42, Terrible Teen ago
Chapter 32: Cycle 61, Men at Work ago
Chapter 33: Cycle 62, Guilt ago
Non-chapter, Discord update! ago
Chapter 34: Cycle 77, Phoenix Rising ago
Chapter 35: Cycle 86, Happy Birthday ago
Chapter 36: Cycle 155, Building a Human ago
Chapter 37: Cycle 200, Steel Skin, Electric Blood ago
Chapter 38: Cycle 250, Read-Only Memories ago
Chapter 39: Cycle 500, Plans and Results ago
Chapter 40: Cycle 500, The Shower ago
Chapter 41: Cycle 500, Drops in the Bucket ago
Chapter 42: Cycle 1043 Priorities ago
Chapter 43: Cycle 1472, Hearts ago
Chapter 44: Cycle 1532, Columbia Trail ago
Chapter 45: Cycle 1572, Illusion of Choice ago
Chapter 46: Cycle 1574, The Past and Future ago
Chapter 47: Cycle 1576, A Lovely Surprise ago
Chapter 48: Cycle 1657, The Buzzsaw ago
Chapter 49: Cycle 2058, Planting Seeds ago
Chapter 50: Cycle 2702: Building a Future ago
Chapter 51: Cycle 2941: A New Home ago
Epilogue ago
Leaving Earth on sale on Amazon!(non-chapter) ago
Feedback Request on Physical Release pricing! ago
The Physical Paperback release of Leaving Earth is live! ago

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This is a hard story to review. From looking at other reviews, it's apparent that there are plenty of people that enjoyed it, and if you did, more power to you. That said, I'm six chapters in and there has been virtually nothing marking this as a sci-fi novel outside of the window dressing. The protagonist and his AI companion watch the Earth degrade as they fly away, and that's... it. The rest is politics. And not the interaction between ideologies, or even grey areas between them, but definitive declarations that everything except Christianity is liable for the collapse of humanity.


The writing itself is well-done and there are few if any errors in the writing, but I had a remarkably difficult time suspending my disbelief at the events written. Part of this is due to the fact that extreme outcomes are listed without any sort of progression from here to there. From the start, the media is written as though they cover the Hunger Games "reveling in the bloodshed" and social media executions of the protagonist's family are apparently a road to social media stardom. Not to mention the absurd amount of aggression the Ark group received just for building a spaceship to leave the planet? Governments unwilling to punish individuals that filmed themselves committing murder for fear of unrest. What unrest? Nothing written indicates anything other than a state of anarchy. In the real world, people making videos of animals being hurt are tracked down and reported to the police, how did society go from this to becoming a star for murdering people on stream?


That's the issue that I have with this story as written. The author portrays a world where everyone has simultaneously become a mob of terrible hateful people for no reason, where the USA collapsed because their military was overseas and corporations straight-up murdered the local government to take over, and most of all, a world where literally no one is attempting to improve or fix things outside of the estate left behind by his billionaire lover. It's one thing to base total societal collapse around planetary events but quite another to blame a host of caricatured social morays for the end of the world.

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RRL is like a thrift shop.


It has it's fair share of articles that are garish, ugly, and potentialy cancerous or infection vectors for AIDS; a realm filled with the deepest, most primal and weebish of trash from the depths of the edgy shared human conciousness.

And yet, amidst this sea of utter and distilled shit clashing with primal forces, the likes of which resmbling those that forged our sun, float precariously beautiful and intricate flowers of inspiration and awe.

These works, too far and few between, are the only thing that keeps this site in my bookmarks, in spite of the anime and dungeon fictions that are rife.

This book is with out a doubt, a SHINING beacon to be held as an example as to how a true piece of sci-fi should be made.

There are PUBLISHED, MULTI-SERIALIZED AUTHORS that cannon COME CLOSE to the quality and love put in to this tale.

I am honored to have had the chance to partake in this.

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I came in for a casual read, and ended up staying up till like 3:00 Am in order to get myself up to date. I always know I am in for a good read once I decide that sleep can wait.

Leaving Earth tells the story of what could be a very possible future one in which, fearing that human society is spiraling towards its destruction a brilliant scientist decides to take action and manages to create a colonization ship before things get too out of hand. 

I always love a good sci-fi and will admit this hit very close to home with the current political landscape.

Hope the author sees it through to completion as so many great Sci-fi on RR have failed to make it through " The Great Filter" :p

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Absolutely love this story. One of the few Solid Sci-fi stories on the site. Highly reccommend!!!

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Constantly tries to show how much more human the AI is becoming in an obnoxious way. It seems that every second sentence it says AI wouldn't have done this before because she is becoming so much more human. It constantly violates the show, don't tell principle.

As much as I like the premise ill have to give up on it.

Zeal Iskander
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A story unlike anything you've seen here.

Some authors like to think big. Some shoot for the moon. 

When's the last time you've seen someone shoot for Alpha Centauri?

This one is about an Exodus. Some scientist leaving Earth, fleeing from Humanity's bane : human themselves. It's not about what they'll do once they find their new home, though. It's about the trip. Every few decades, the MC wakes up for 3 days, to tend to the ship and observe the state of the planet he left, then gets back to his cryogenic-induced sleep. And boy oh boy is the writing good. The characters buildup is excellent. Even better, this is a story where you don't get slapped with a MC and 10k supporting characters. 

I've been looking for something like that for quite a while. Closest thing is probably "We are legion" from the Bobiverse. And if you liked We Are Legion, you're also gonna enjoy this one.

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 Great story. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. 

The story has a great deal of potential. Slice of life style detailing a dark "what if" story with solid grammar and editing. Characters are interesting, yet the nature of constant shifting perspectives may make me lose empathy with the main characters.

Keep up the solid work.

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Great & thought provoking Sci-fi

I've never been huge into sci-fi, here and there a book do catch my attention... this is one of them.

As of chapter 21, I don't have a lot of bads thing to say about it. The world building and storytelling are great. The interaction between the characters is one of the main driving force of the story.

The author seems to take his time to flesh out the world and his characters. It's nice to not be rushed and feel like the world and its people are actually alive. 

The main grip I can have with this would be the beginning of the story and how it is setup. There seems to be many exaggeration and surrealist events. But the author explains them well enough and they are used as foundation to build characters and the world, so it dampens the effect. 
Some people seem to really have a mental block at that part, i'm not too sure why. The author seems to show how fragile all of us and all we built really are. Even how insignificant we are in the face of time and our own nature. Some stretch to the story will be needed to get somes of the points across.

I especially liked how self-fulfilling prophecy seems to be what drives the first few chapters and we get to ask ourselves a lot of questions and think about the how and if.

To conclude, I think the story early on could of been fleshed out better to make it more "real". But let's be honest, to create what the author is, you need to use your imagination and postulate on so many things... I must praise him for how well he's done so far. I have high expectation for this story and I rate it accordingly.

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Truly a gem on rr that I am extemely happy to have read. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat, not because of the immense action (of which there is actually very little) but because of wanting to see what Earth and TIA do next. Its extremely fun to watch the characters grow (Especially TIA). Truly a recommended read.

  • Overall Score

One of my favorite stories!

The story is a bit preachy, but it is well written, the chapters are long, and it is addicting.