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Feedback Request on Physical Release pricing!

What USD equivalent price would you be more interested in?
$19.99 but only on Amazon.com
41.38% 41.38% of votes
$24.99 but you could conceivably find it in a book store.
51.72% 51.72% of votes
++more? Do you seriously think it would be worth more than that?
6.9% 6.9% of votes
Total: 29 vote(s)

Gonna need some feedback on the physical book. Since it's a thicc one (745 pages), the production costs per copy are significant, and since the royalties are based off of the post-production cost(IE, what the sale price is after it's made), Amazon has a pretty high minimum price. I'll be going off of USD(US Dollars) for simplicity.

For instance, the base set version has a minimum price of USD 16.32, which would provide exactly $0 royalties. A modest increase to 19.99 USD results in $2.20 royalties. That's basically exactly 11%. The problem comes with distribution.

There is an option for distribution in book stores, libraries, etc. This comes with a 50% increase in production costs, bringing the minimum BASE sale price to 24.48 USD, and that expanded market would have a 40% royalty(most likely due to extra costs for shipping to stores, etc.) Now, at a sale price of 24.99 USD, this makes the Amazon sales royalties come up to $5.20 per sale, and the expanded sales would have a royalty of $0.21.

The question is, do you think it is worth the extra exposure of being in stores/libraries/etc(we all know print book stores are suffering these days)(and it would basically only be for marketing as the profit would be minimal) or would it be more reasonable to keep it to Amazon online only? I can't deny that the extra royalties from the change in Amazon price are compelling, but I could also easily imagine that extra $5 being a deal breaker for a lot of people(That's more than most indy games on Steam!). Please provide opinions!


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