A note from Warfox

Please forgive the lack of content! I'm working on it, I promise. More than halfway through the next chapter, but wanted to provide a proper update for everyone on what's up. Good communication is important!

((I've made the discord open, after a great deal of thought. I've given patrons special permissions(primarily mod-style), of course. If you're interested, head over here, and maybe we can have some fun, some good discussion, and maybe play some games(I'm partial to Heroes of the Storm). Obviously I won't be able to be on it all the time, but I'll do my best to hang out when I can. Try to play nice. I'm very curious to see what kinds of games you guys are interested in!


As far as my non-writing job, there's a break in the clouds hopefully coming. We have one, possibly two new hires in the works, drug tests passed and whatnot. With any luck I'll be back to my prior schedule and be able to focus back on writing rather than desperately trying to rest at every possible moment to repair my poor body.


I should have a proper chapter done by Tuesday or Wednesday, probably Wednesday.))


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