Leaving Earth

by Warfox

After Dr. Hawthorne Crenshaw's university experiences a terrorist attack, he undertakes a titanic effort to colonize a new planet in an effort to rescue some small part of humanity from what he suspects is an unstoppable spiral into a Dark Age on Earth. Subjecting himself to tens of thousands of years of repeated cycles of cryogenic freezing and unfreezing to monitor his passengers, he and his AI T.I.A. shepherd Earth's first, and perhaps only effort into colonizing a new planet.

Cover by Ana Ristovska

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Parting Message ago
Chapter 1: Good Night ago
Chapter 2: Thursday, March 19, 2099, Day One ago
Chapter 3: Friday, March 20, 2099, Day Two ago
Chapter 4: Saturday, March 21, 2099, Day Three ago
Chapter 5: Sunday, March 22, 2099, Day Four ago
Chapter 6: Cycle 2, Wednesday March 23, 2133 ago
Chapter 7: Cycle 2, A Message for Earth ago
Chapter 8: Cycle 2, Silence is a Message All its Own ago
Chapter 9: Cycle 2, Unintended Consequences ago
Chapter 10: Cycle 2, Three Paths ago
Chapter 11: Cycle 3, Tragedy and Comedy ago
Chapter 12: Cycle 3, Planning and Review ago
Chapter 13: Cycle 3, Working it All Out ago
Chapter 14: Cycle 4, Mount Ararat ago
Chapter 15: Cycle 4, Settling in for the Long Haul ago
Chapter 16: Cycle 12, Breakthrough ago
Chapter 17: Cycle 12, Reaching Out ago
Chapter 18: Cycle 12, Ships Passing in the Night ago
Chapter 19: Cycle 12.5, Life Marches On ago
Chapter 20: Cycle 13, Working Against Time ago
Chapter 21: Cycle 13.5, Sacrifices ago
Chapter 22: Cycle 13.5, Crossing Paths ago
Chapter 23: Cycle 14, Coming Together ago
Chapter 24: Cycle 14, What We Can and Can’t Do ago
Chapter 25: Cycle 14.5, Enemy Territory ago
Chapter 26, Cycle 14.5, Escape ago
Chapter 27, Cycle 14.5, War ago
Chapter 28, Cycle 15, Alone Again ago
Chapter 29, Cycle 16, With Millennia Ahead ago
Chapter 30: Cycle 30, Time is Relative ago
Chapter 31: Cycle 42, Terrible Teen ago
Chapter 32: Cycle 61, Men at Work ago
Chapter 33: Cycle 62, Guilt ago
Non-chapter, Discord update! ago
Chapter 34: Cycle 77, Phoenix Rising ago
Chapter 35: Cycle 86, Happy Birthday ago
Chapter 36: Cycle 155, Building a Human ago
Chapter 37: Cycle 200, Steel Skin, Electric Blood ago
Chapter 38: Cycle 250, Read-Only Memories ago
Chapter 39: Cycle 500, Plans and Results ago
Chapter 40: Cycle 500, The Shower ago
Chapter 41: Cycle 500, Drops in the Bucket ago
Chapter 42: Cycle 1043 Priorities ago
Chapter 43: Cycle 1472, Hearts ago
Chapter 44: Cycle 1532, Columbia Trail ago
Chapter 45: Cycle 1572, Illusion of Choice ago
Chapter 46: Cycle 1574, The Past and Future ago
Chapter 47: Cycle 1576, A Lovely Surprise ago
Chapter 48: Cycle 1657, The Buzzsaw ago
Chapter 49: Cycle 2058, Planting Seeds ago
Chapter 50: Cycle 2702: Building a Future ago
Chapter 51: Cycle 2941: A New Home ago
Epilogue ago
Leaving Earth on sale on Amazon!(non-chapter) ago
Feedback Request on Physical Release pricing! ago
The Physical Paperback release of Leaving Earth is live! ago

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As the title says, this is pretty much The Fountainhead in space. I’m a sucker for hard sci-fi, so I forged through quite a few chapters, hoping to get past the politics and on with the story, but it never happened.


Basically, if you like Ayn Rand, you’ll probably like this. It’s well written, and hews closely to her formulas. If you prefer Alistair Reynolds, you may want to give this one a pass. 


A story about a not so unlikely future.

Leaving Earth is the original story of a man who, after surviving a terrorist attack, begins to see that humanity is on course to be the cause of its own destruction. With this knowledge in hand, the only course of action action is to leave Earth. Leaving Earth is told through the perspective of an emotionally broken man who, despite his disillusion with humanity, realizes that the success of his mission may be the last chance for the survival of the human race. Maybe life itself.


Leaving Earth is not a generic science fiction story, and it is not fantasy disguised as science fiction. It is less Star Wars, or even Star Trek, and more 2001 or the Martian. I would place it in the genera of hard science fiction. But, unlike some works in that genera, the author doesn’t attempt to impress the reader with his knowledge of esoteric mathematical equations or concepts unfamiliar to the layman. The story takes current and plausible near future technologies and uses them in a realistic way. Furthermore, the author leverages the use of these technologies to smoothly introduce a very possible and grim future that the reader may live to witness. The authors reflection on this possible future, the future that spawned the terrorist attack that sent the protagonist on his voyage, are a commentary on many of the social, political, and economic issues of today, and are a sharp warning of the extreme results those problems may produce if left unchecked.


Leaving Earth was a good sci-fi novel

The Style was very sci-fi 

The grammar was very good like any other autentic novel i read

The story was good not too fast not too slow

And the character is developing thought slowly


Politics, politics, and a dash of manipulation

Reviewed at: Chapter 51: Cycle 2941: A New Home

Read only if you like to hear the thoughts of the main character who rambles on and on about what he believes as failiures of the modern world. He leaves the earth doing the bare minimum to save it, yet he continues to expouse his politics beliefs about it. He comes off as very preachy and due to this I struggled to empathize with the character, and in the end started to be annoyed by every sentence he spoke. 

I feel bad for his AI assistant and daughter T.I.A., who later becomes his romantic partner. I feel almost dirty myself by reading it, as they mutually manipulate eachother to get to this point.

If you value your sanity, question reading this.


I thought this was a space opera, but still good

Starts of negativistic and a bit ridiculous but then switches to idealism, kinda weird but acceptable. I gotta say I was disappointed when the focus really came to romance and psychology(I only now see the tags) as I was expecting a space opera. There are still elements of it that were quite interesting and you can always skip the romance, which I did, most of it anyway. As for psychology, not that it's badly done but I've seen enough it in Star Trek and the rest that I'm not longer interested in the rights or emotions of AI.

The quality is well above royalroad standard, so if you're a picky web novel reader like me, as ironic as that is, you shouldn't have complaints unless you're not interested in sci-fi.


Nice Story, interested in the promised sequel

It wasn't too exciting all over, but a nice read. The first developments on earth were kinda rushed but kinda long for just a setup, it wasn't brilliant but not bad. The rest hower was interesting, development of the AI felt partly really good partly so so ~too quick. The group they had contact to on earth was well done. Very well done. The last stretch was building up more anticipation for what comes after which is the sequel...

For me it is not 5 stars, but it was worth the binge read :-) 
Maybe the sequel gets 5 stars. 

Somone related t his to Ayn Rand. As i am interested in that kind of "system philosophy" it sparked my interest since i usually dont read sci fi. especially on royal road. I have some of her in my bookshelf but havn't brought myself to read it yet. Maybe it is time to do so :)


I just finished your book and I have to say I have not experienced happy tears like that in a long time. Thank you for filling me with a new dream. I will aspire to become the Doctor Hawthorne Crenshaw of this world. I Rate Leaving Earth: 6/5


Tbh I don't normally read this type of fiction or leave reviews so bare with me. The story is about a paranoid scientist who convince other scientist that they need to leave the planet it's doomed...turns out he wasn't paranoid and they leave successfully.with some of mankind's brightest and smartest they leave on and adventure in cryo sleep. Idk what else to say without spoilers. I'll just say it's kinda slow if you're into action but it's a very good read... The only complaint I have is about reactions to some things that happened but I mean I have 4stars...(I rarely like reactions in most novels. Other then that character building was great and the few charctcharin the etoryhave a fleshed out character which is nice) 



Amazing antisocial doctor- Check

Learning AI- Check 

World on the verge of chaos- Check


Can't really say much more without giving this beauty away, just read it! Its amazing!!!!


A beautiful read of a bleak but likely future.
nearly every chapter is a time-skip, but when working with (mainly) only 2 characters spanning thousands of years it is kind of necessary.
Character growth is therefore very pronounced, but still feels fluid without distracting from the story.