Experimental Wuxia Novel

Experimental Wuxia Novel

by kgy121

Deep at night, high above the commoners, below a rift in space and time, a group of five work a summoning.

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The Days after Christmas
Easter Event Search Party - Bronze Medal
5th Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Faith in the Internet
Fledgling Reviewer (III)
Royal Writathon October 2020 winner
Tadpoleon's Code
50 Review Upvotes
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
A Powerful Summoning 1 ago
A Powerful Summoning 2 ago
A Powerful Summoning 3 ago
Introduction 1 ago
Introduction 2 ago
Introduction 3 ago
Introduction 4 ago
Introduction 5 ago
Introduction 6 ago
Introduction 7 ago
Introduction 8 ago
Introduction 9 ago
Background Check 1 ago
Background Check 2 ago
Background Check 3 ago
Background Check 4 ago
Background Check 5 ago
Background Check 6 ago
Mountain Scaling 1 ago
Mountain Scaling 2 ago
Mountain Scaling 3 ago
Mountain Scaling 4 ago
Mountain Scaling 5 ago
Mountain Scaling 6 ago
Interlude 1 ago
Top of the Mountain 1 ago
Top of the Mountain 2 ago
Top of the Mountain 3 ago
Top of the Mountain 4 ago
Top of the Mountain 5 ago
MC Interlude ago
Top of the Mountain 6 ago
Road Trip 1 ago
Road Trip 2 ago
Port Town 1 ago
Port Town 2 ago
Port Town 3 ago
Port Town 4 ago
Port Town 5 ago
Port Town 6 ago
Port Town 7 ago
MC Interlude 2 ago
Pointless Interlude ago
Port Town Interlude ago
Back at the Sect ago
Port Town 8 ago
Port Town 9 ago
Docks 1 ago
Docks 2 ago
Docks 3 ago
Docks 4 ago
Dock 5 ago
Not the Docks ago
Docks 6 ago
Docks 7 ago
Docks 8 ago
The Third Perspective ago
Liquor Shop ago
Dock Fight ago
Back in Town, For the Moment ago
Through the Docks ago
Dock Fight Aftermath ago
On a Boat 1 ago
Character Info and Mechanics Dump ago
On a Boat 2 ago
On a Boat 3 ago

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Sage Drunk Kitty

Here’s a story where poking the author actually gets you a response!

Reviewed at: Port Town 1

An interesting story about an alien and a girl with a pokey stick. Quality is good, word flow is nice, the occasional typo every chapter or two. Just poke the author in the comments to get them to fix it. Poking the author for replies and more chapters also works. Tested and proven by me! So come join me in poking the author!

Zenopath (AEV)

A very unique mix of Wuxia, Sci-Fi, and LitRPG

Reviewed at: Dock Fight Aftermath

The story follows several different characters, but broadly speaking, it is about a small alien creature from a very advanced scifi culture that accidently gets sucked into a wuxia cultivation world. As he's pulled into that world, his high tech power armor is stripped off and scattered into various pieces. 

That happens in the intro, so it's not much of a spoiler. I wont go into much detail as to what happens next, but the rest of the story is about the various people the alien meets, some of whom want to help him, others think he's some sort of demon. The alien isn't really the main character so much as he is the unifying thread that holds the story together.

Altogether, I would say the quality of the writing is good. the descriptions of the various scenes are detailed, the dialog is engaging. There is a lot of dry humor in how the absurdity of the whole situation is described, with all the characters having a limited understanding of what they are dealing with that almost brings to mind "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy". 

If you are willing to just sort of accept the strangeness and multiple POV's, the story is very enjoyable in a bizzare sort of way.

A very interesting read, highly original, like nothing I've ever read before. It could definately use some polish, and you need to go in to it with an open mind about what counts as a narrative structure, but overall, I liked it.

Would recommend you check it out just to see the weirdness on display. The quality is good, and I thought the small alien was a really likable character, who does come across as an alien who has been stranded on a place he doesn't quite understand.