Lily Bouquet - A Girls Love Anthology

by RYF

Lily Bouquet is a collection of different short stories with a common theme: they're all stories about love between girls.

The stories might vary in themes and genre, but they're all focused on the romantic relationship between two or more girls. While some stories might be a continuation of previous ones, this will be mentioned at the start, so any story can be read by itself.


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Love My Owner ago
Love Researcher - Part 1 ago
Love Researcher - Part 2 ago
Love Researcher - Final ago
Our Kisses Note - Part 1 ago
Our Kisses Note - Final ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Part 1 ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Part 2 ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Part 3 ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Part 4 ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Final ago
Chilly Tale of a Summer Break - Epilogue ago
Treats or Treats ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Part 1 ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Part 2 ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Part 3 ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Part 4 ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Part 5 ago
Telepathic Girlfriend - Final ago
Lucille's Unforgettable Family Christmas - Part 1 ago
Lucille's Unforgettable Family Christmas - Final ago
New Year's Resolutions - Part 1 ago
New Year's Resolutions - Part 2 ago
New Year's Resolutions - Final ago
The Algorithm Of Love - Part 1 ago
The Algorithm Of Love - Part 2 ago
The Algorithm Of Love - Part 3 ago
The Algorithm Of Love - Final ago
Chocolate Kiss ago
Til Life Do Us Part - Jacqueline Side ago
Til Life Do Us Part - Amanda Side ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Part 1 ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Part 2 ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Part 3 ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Part 4 ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Part 5 ago
The Kidnapped Princess - Final ago
Smile For Me - Part 1 ago
Smile For Me - Part 2 ago
Smile For Me - Part 3 ago
Smile For Me - Final ago
2021 ago

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I'm not going to go into detail as each story is a different set of... well just about everything. But they're well written, plenty of romance and over all enjoyable. I'd firmly reccomend them for any yuri lover.


I'm Biased. Read the Story Instead.

I don't have anything else to do right now, so I might as well give this a review. First thing's first, though, I'm going to be extremely biased as this is one of my favorite yuri stories on this site.

Aside from that, this is an anthology, so the scores would change from each story...normally. Since I'm biased towards yuri and this story, I see no flaws in the characters. Which is why I'm going to try to point out some other ones!

Also I'm bad with reviews because I only ever do this for stories I like, and I usually say it to people instead of writing it out. As such, I have no clue what I'm doing! Please remember that.

Style: (I'll be honest that I'm not even sure how to describe style, so I'm just going to ramble for a bit.) The style is mostly the same throughout the stories. Mostly. The style gets changed up a bit here and there in the form of changing scenes. Other than that, it's a proper way to tell a story. I'm not here to judge how someone structures their sentence, instead on the contents of those sentences.

Story: Each story is, well, a different story. Some are one-shots, and some are a few chapters long. However that doesn't mean they're rushed or anything. Each story gets its point across, which is to have girls love in it. Aside from that they each have their own theme ranging from supernatural mystery and superpowers to normal everyday life. All of these are well written and take into account things that I personally don't think of. The latest story as of this review, Telepathic Girlfriend, is a great example of this as it shows off some of the downsides to telepathy.

Over all, the stories are great.

Grammar: I'm native to English and have a small amount of experience editing, so take my word for it that this story is great with the grammar. It has the occasional hiccup or two, but other than that it's perfect. Maybe it deserves a 4 star instead of 4.5, but honestly I'd give it 5 stars if I didn't already give 5 to everything else....

Character: Well, in my opinion the characters are very well fleshed out with their insecurities and personalities. The only reason I would drop this would be due to the one-shots not having as much. But they're one-shots, they're not meant to have as much. Plus, I don't even know if they didn't have as much because, des[ite me enjoying them, they were less memorable only because there's less content for them. Otherwise I'd probably say that they have good characters too.

And don't forget, these characters do have very real flaws that make sense with the environment the author has placed them in. Not expecting to get in a relationship with your friend because of past or present experiences are one of them.

Overall I'd recommend any lover of yuri to read this story even if they don't trust my review since everyone is their own individual. Maybe you might like it if I didn't, and maybe you might hate it if I liked it. That's part of being human.  If you do hate it, please tell the author why you did since it'll help them get better at writing.

Oh...and I also wrote this because I read somewhere that giving an author five stars without telling them why was bad. So learn from that person and be like me! Review more!