The two young men who entered the store walked straight to Ann, like usual. She gave the same smile she always did as they started to ask for suggestions. She realized they both were smiling way too much and a little too excited for clothing shopping, but she was used to it.

“I want your suggestion, darling,” the first man, who had a piercing on his nose, said. “What do you think would be nice on me?”

“This brand is getting popular with young men lately,” she said putting a shirt on the balcony while suppressing a sigh.

“So, do you think I’ll look hot in it?”

Ann kept her smile but tried to change the subject.

“Now, if you want something even more stylish…”

The other man, a little shorter than his friend, was surprisingly quiet. Ann gave him a curious look and he showed her a faint smile.

“If you were my girlfriend,” the man with the piercing said. “What would you buy to me? Like, for a birthday, for example?”

“Your girlfriend, huh?” Ann clenched her fists hidden behind the balcony. “Sorry, I can’t imagine it.”

“Wow, so cold. Don’t say that,” the man tried to approach, but a voice called behind him.

“Sorry, mister, how about I help you while she attends your friend? That would be faster,” Ann’s co-worker said. She gave Ann a complicit smile.

The man clicked his tongue, but turned to his friend and gave a tap on his back.

“Well, she’s right. Good luck, buddy.”

He walked away following the other girl. Ann didn’t like the way he talked to his friend, but he at least looked like a nicer guy.

“So, how can I help you?”

“I-I, wanna” he stammered. “Looking for a n-new shirt.”

Ann gave out a smile and turned her back to him while looking through the clothes behind her. When she turned again, she gave a startled jump, seeing Marina right in front of her.

“W-What? Marina?”

Marina glanced at the short guy. He seemed nervous and deviated his eyes. She then hugged Ann and approached her lips.

“You’re way too popular,” Marina said and kissed Ann.

The whole store turned to them when they realized what was going on. Customers and employers alike. Ann herself tried to push Marina away. But feeling the soft sensation of her lips, she forgot about everything, gave up and hugged her girlfriend.

When she finished kissing Ann, Marina gave another glance to the guy. He had the face completely red and his mouth open. At least half of the store looked just as stunned.

“Marina, Ann,” one of their co-worker approached them. “Y-You two…”

But she was interrupted by the arrival of their manager. With his grumpy face, he threw a confused look at his two employers. A lot of chatter noise started to rise inside the store. All eyes were on the two women, and Ann felt her embarrassment pilling up.

“You two, in my office,” the manager said and turned to talk to the customers.

Marina pulled an astonished Ann by her hand.


Marina couldn’t stop laughing when they walked home that night. Ann couldn’t understand what was so funny.

“We could’ve been fired, you know!” she said. “I need to pay my college. Would you take responsibility?”

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. We should’ve been fired, actually.”


“No, I mean,” Marina took a time to catch her breath. “Remember how he said so many times that this wasn’t because we’re both women? He would fire us right there if we were a straight couple. He was too afraid of being accused of homophobia.”

“That’s terrible.”

“Yeah, yeah. I know. I’m sorry,” yet, Marina couldn’t stop smiling.

Ann frowned her forehead.

“Why did you do that?”

“Why? I was pissed off. You can’t imagine the kind of perverted thoughts crossed that guy’s head when you turned your ass to him.”

“R-Really?” Ann faced the ground, avoiding to face her girlfriend. “W-Well, I can understand why. He looked like a nice guy, though.”

“Yeah, sure. His friend was an idiot, but at least he said everything that crossed his stupid head. Those are easy to deal with. But those silent guys like him…” Marina stopped smiling and put up an angry face. “His thoughts were so gross that I wanted to punch him.”

“I’m happy you care about me,” Ann said while holding Marina’s hands. “But never do anything like that again.”

“I know, I’m sorry. I’ll control myself. Right now, I have the urge to just do it again, for example,” she looked to her side where three young men were looking at them. “You’re too damn popular. Which I get why, but…”

Before Marina could stop, Ann pulled her by her hands and kissed her lips. She realized the three guys suddenly looked away.

“Here’s fine. I’m not ashamed of being your girlfriend. I just don’t want to love my job.”

“Thanks,” Marina said and glanced to her side. “But they just changed from ‘she’s so hot’ to ‘lesbians are hot’. I feel like you dragged me to their fantasies now.”

Ann laughed and gave another kiss in her girlfriend.

“Let’s put up a show, then?”

“I like shows,” Marina said with an impish smile. “But I want a private one.”

Suddenly Marina looked away. Ann realized she was catching her breath while avoiding her girlfriend’s eyes.

“So, like,” Marina said, still looking to the other side. “I think I’m ready now. So, uh, want to invite me to sleep over again?”


Ann and Marina were sitting side to side in the couch. Ann could feel her heart almost jumping through her mouth. She wondered if her girlfriend was feeling the same.

“Of course I am,” Marina said. “It’s my first time, after all. You’re more experienced, so you should reassure me more.”

“Well, sorry. It has been a time.”

A long silence fell between them. Ann was both trying to find something to talk and trying to control her thoughts. They eat dinner early and now they were looking at the television. Although none of them were paying attention to what was on-screen.

“S-So,” Marina said. “Curious to know how many of our co-workers are homophobes?”

“I am curious, to tell the truth. But not right now.”

Ann kissed Marina. She pulled her girlfriend by her arm and led her to the bedroom.

Ann sat on the bed and Marina stared at her, looking uncomfortable.

She looks so cute now, Ann thought after realizing her girlfriend’s confusion.

“Well, my ex would always take the lead,” Ann said. “But I have more experience, so maybe I should do it now.”

I really wish she would push me down and kiss me.

Hearing Ann’s thoughts, Marina pushed her to the bed and kissed her while holding her arms up.

Not so forceful…

Marina released her grip but continued with the kisses. She passed her hands through Ann’s body, pulling her leg up while caressing it.

My top…

Marina removed her girlfriend’s top and started to remove her own. She exhibited her own black bra while looking at Ann’s breasts inside her pink bra.

I wanna see her body.

Marina removed her own bra and her pants, only her panties remaining on her body.

Her breasts are so beautiful. I wanna…

Marina leaned forward to let her breasts on Ann’s reach. Ann started to play with her girlfriend’s nipples using her mouth and her tongue. Marina moaned in pleasure. When Ann stopped, Marina removed her girlfriend’s bra and did the same to her.

She looked up to see her girlfriend’s face in pleasure as she moaned with Marina’s touch. Marina was feeling embarrassed but realizing Ann was feeling pleasure by having her nipples being played with, she didn’t stop.

I want her to do me right now!

Marina slid her hand through Ann’s body and put her fingers in her panties. She started to move them inside.

She could hear an explosion of thoughts coming from Ann together with her wishes. She could hear all impressions Ann had of her.

Her skin is so smooth, so beautiful…

I love her breasts…

She was sweating a little, it was salty…

I love her smell…

And the smell from her hair…

I want it to remain in my pillow…

I want her smell in my bed…

As well as her worries.

Is she forcing herself...?

Should I tell her to stop...?

I want her to keep going…

Shouldn’t I be the one doing her…?

Are my thoughts making her uncomfortable…?

And more than all.

I love her…

I wanna get closer to her…

I wanna do her…

I wanna see her face in pleasure…

I wanna feel her inside me…

I want her… I want…

But it was nothing like when she kissed that boy in high school. Marina wondered if Ann’s feelings towards her were different. Or maybe it was because she was a woman. Or maybe Ann was just more mature. Or Marina herself was more mature now.

She realized it didn’t matter and let it go. She was just enjoying that moment with her girlfriend.

Her kisses… I want….

Marina moved up to kiss Ann’s neck and soon she was kissing her lips, while still moving her fingers inside her panties. Her rhythm was following Ann’s thoughts. When Ann wanted it faster, she did. At a moment, she felt Ann’s body shake and her mind became a blank.

Marina stopped and threw a confused look at Ann, who was breathing hard with a smile on her lips. When Ann realized her girlfriend’s confusion, she chuckled.

“That was amazing,” she said, hugging Marina’s neck. She then threw her girlfriend on the bed and got on top of her instead. “But now it’s my time to play.”


Ann slept in Marina’s arms. She could feel her girlfriend’s body on her skin. They were both naked lying on the bed.

“Good morning,” Ann said when realized Marina had opened her eyes.

“G-Good morning,” Marina said, giving her girlfriend a serious glance.

“S-So,” nervous, Ann started to play with her girlfriend’s hair. “About last night. I mean. Did you…?”

“You want to know if I felt grossed or something,” Marina smiled. “No, I didn’t. I mean, I felt how much you love me when you,” Marina’s face became red and she hid it on the pillow. “did all that.”

Ann laughed, kissing her girlfriend’s hair.

“You like my body,” Marina said without looking at Ann. “But you also love me. You wanted me to feel as good as you felt and… I did.” She looked at Ann while still having half of her face on the pillow. “I feel like I’m falling for you so hard. To be honest, I’m a little scared.”

Ann smiled and reached her hand to reassure Marina, but her smartphone’s ring stopped her. She turned around and took it to see that she had a new message. When she opened it, she made a surprised face.

“Your ex…” Marina said, without the need to ask.

“Yeah. She, huh, she wants to see me again.”


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