Galataea Crystallim: Chronicles of the Lonely World

by Scottf14

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance Sci-fi Harem Supernatural
In the distant future humanity has spread out to the stars and colonized planets in various parts of the galaxy. On one planet, life is a strange event. Humans live alongside a race of crystalline beings capable of taking on the forms of strange and beautiful monster girls known as Crystallim.

Their one desire.. to get closer to that special someone who they can truly connect with on an emotional and sexual level. Enjoy!

Mature Content Warning: Designed as an alternative, and far more light and fun, concept than stories such as Nocturne and I Hate You Master. This story involves lots of erotic content and goofy humor. Please be advised.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Making the Grade ago
Chapter 2: Girls and Transits ago
Chapter 3: Here, Fishy, Fishy... ago
Chapter 4: Sweet Nectar ago
Information: Notes and a Glossary of Terms ago
Chapter 5: Boyfriend? ago
Chapter 6: Eep! ago
Chapter 7: Why? ago
Chapter 8: I Did Not Bake It For You ago
Chapter 9: The Joys and Pains of Sponsorship ago
Chapter 10: Hardcore Training ago
Chapter 11: So Supportive... ago
Chapter 12: Girlfriend...?! ago
Chapter 13: Disappointed... ago
Chapter 14: Such a Tasty Boy ago
Chapter 15: Hnnnng!!! ago
Chapter 16.1: A Hard Morning ago
Chapter 16.2: A Hard Morning ago
Chapter 16.3: A Hard Morning ago
Chapter 17: You Came For Me My Love ago
Chapter 18: I'm Sorry... ago
Chapter 19: Sweet Peaches ago
Chapter 20: Family Ties ago
Chapter 21: The Choices of a Young Man ago
Chapter 22: Mesa-III ago
Chapter 23: Me-Rrow ago
Chapter 24.1: Dust Storm ago
Chapter 24.2: Dust Storm ago
Chapter 24.3: Dust Storm ago
Chapter 25.1: Charybyssal Worm Pit ago
Chapter 25.2: Charybyssal Worm Pit ago
Chapter 25.3: Charybyssal Worm Pit ago
Chapter 26.1: I Want to Touch It. ago
Chapter 26.2: I Want to Touch It ago
Chapter 26.3: I Want to Touch It ago
Chapter 26.4: I Want to Touch It ago
Chapter 27.1: There's a Killing a Comin ago
Notes on the Restart, and where to find it. ago
The Redux of Galataea is starting on this site. :) ago

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a review from ero-writer

Yuhuu.... Here's another great story by scott... And lot's of ero...


Style 5/5

I always liked scott style where he can casually plays out conversation in his story.. Making you feel intimate with the characters.


Story 4/5

Still no clear plot for now but I believe there will be one.. I'll update it later..


Grammar 5/5

we know scott really put his effort in this part.. Story are well written, typos hardly seen and grammatical issue is out of question..


Character 4.5/5

Only a few character for now but we.can already immersed ourself in each perspective. With light conversation between characters the personality is coming out naturally.


Overall 4.5/5

Cheers... This is going to be another popular hit.. It deserved to be well known..


Dear readers, if you're looking for a pocket monster type of story.. Have passionate ero scene.. And serious business.. You've come to the right place..

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Evening lads, I thought I'd submit some input seeing as new stories are sorely lacking feedback and/or advertisement. I will (try to) keep it rather short and concise to exclude any personal biases and preferences.



 Style is hard to rate, seeing as it is a rather abstract term. Reading through the story I find that there are no issues jumping out. Seeing as I have no issues with the style and cannot find any faults with it; 5/5.



The story is yet another pseudo-Pokémon story. I emphasize yet as this author is the only one currently writing them. (Of any renown and proficiency that is)

Therefore the story is rather unique and it is hard to judge how it will develop.

0,5 subtracted due to similarity to Scott's other stories, prone to change due to it being too early to tell how it will develop; 4,5/5.



The alpha and omega, grammar. I see countless stories and works with thousands of reads, yet I can hardly get through the prologue/first chapter due to spelling and/or grammatical errors. As you have probably figured by now: I value proper grammar more than many, be warned.


I read fast, and am thus prone to miss subtle grammatical errors. That being said, I  notice most. While reading, pretty much everything submitted by Scott, I've found at most a couple of words with faulty spelling.

That is by no mens perfect, and could be used as a means of score subtraction. However, this is not Oxford and being compared to others on this site is an "occupational" hazard. Taking Scott and his Modus Operandi into account this work deserves no less than a full score; 5/5.



Character, singular, specific.

There is not much to say as of yet. The character seems reasonably well adjusted, is an average person, has room for growth while retaining both his strong and weak sides. He is by no means perfect, while still being far from Patrick Bateman incarnate. A balance many fail to achieve.  


Too early to properly evaluate, yet looks promising; 4,5/5.



Great story with a lot of potential, definitely worth a read, follow and subscribe. Much like his (Scott) other works. All score subtractions being due to the infancy of the story. I will therefore be rounding up the overall score as current rating, if MO is retained, is bound to improve.




Overall score; 5/5.

  • Overall Score

One of the best in RRL by far.


Good grammer and great detain, in EVERY way.


Only 1 complaint though. PLEASE MAKE A BETTER COVER. I'm sure you can find a designer who man make a pic with the MC and his harem around him. Would really help out.

  • Overall Score

A very ero and amusing story. Well done and well written. Can say might even use some of the ideas in this for a story of my own eventually. If the owner of the story doesnt mind. heh. 



  • Overall Score

Naughty Innocent Girls what more is there??

great story with beautiful naughty girls :P love this story my only concern is i’m not sure how far it can go 

  • Overall Score

A beautiful world of monster girls

I found the prologue gave critical hints into the world while still being elusive.  The pace is very descriptive yet slow as the first 9 chapters only cover two or three days.  This level of detail focuses on character development of a variety of monster girls and as a result a high levels of ero.


The low level of conflict (in the way or combat) is a mild detriment to the starting chapters but is buffered by the hustle of the start megalopolis and protagonist and monster girl dialogue.  This backgrounder story will allow the story to develop is several way that have been hinted at including travel, exploring the wilds, ~12 girl harem and/or breading monster girls.



  • Overall Score

Giving B*ner Continuously

 Im reading this on Phone outside and it's giving me Continuous awkward B*ner.

Good read i had, but Damn it's so awkward when someone is looking at you.


I had one request can you have Netori here, but no Netorare please? I would like to see our MC

taking a girl of another man, then the man will try to get her back but she dont want to, it will give

a nice plot and comedy ~('; . .;' ~)


P.S. this is my fist review so i  cant really say anything about it, and sorry for bad English, it's not my first language, just my fourth XD


P.P.S.  I really would like to see how your plot goes, if anything is on plan

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So Great! I support this wholeheartedly lol :)

hahaha~ XD! This is fantastoc! Though I admit that the ero brought me here, the story really progresses quite remarkably and it's really enjoyable how should I say it? Good flow? Something like that and even though there's still isn't a clear plot it is developing remarkably :). And the characters are also funny, unique?, interesting that they are easily like able. The setting/background is fantastic! I really admire and wonder from where it sprout from and how lol.. 

------ Thanks for the wonderful read! Hope this continue more and more! Love it~ ^^. 

  • Overall Score

Man, i'm actually reading three of your stories (this one, Blackthorne and Origin) and am a fan of all three. But the other two are one, maybe two, steps under Galataea in my opinion. I simply, absolutely, totally fell in love with the concept of your story, the future (?) of humanity, monster-girls, the actualization of a pseudo game like system (WTH i just worte?)...i love everything.


So I really (really, really, really) hope you keep it up. Maybe with some more frequent updates *innocent child face here*

peep the squek
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what a gem :D combination of ero and good grammar

my ero senses point me to this work of art. stumbling on it is really awesome :D 


the story is quite unique and intriguing. i like the way the it is readable and coherent.

keep the ero  coming! p.s. please no NTR :(