One day while traveling around a small vilage of female warriors with muscles that would make any steroid abuser on earth a jealous schoolgirl whose best friend just won the lottery and decided not to share; Solomon was contacted by Gabrielle who was slightly nervous by a recent development in her war against the level eighty scholar. Apparently the scholar had gotten some information about one of her biggest " guarding missions " yet and had sabotaged her. Guarding missions are a certain type of task that Gabrielle set up in her organization; the missions are where a group of bandits disguised as adventurers will apply for a mission to guard a caravan, the bandits will then kill all those on the caravan, transport the goods to a safe location, and then they will fake their own deaths. Usually by getting some pre-prepared bodies and then burning them beyond recognition, they also burn the caravan to make it look like a mage or multiple mages did it. The missions almost never fail and have become something that scares many merchants going in and out of Gabs country, Bandolin.

The mission that Gabby had personally arranged would have allowed her immense wealth along with many materials and notes for her magic studies. She would have also acquired hundreds of materials that although she couldnt personally use the talents she was raising could of. And to top of the sundae of treasures with a cherry Gabrielle would have obtained dozens of magical weapons that would have upgraded the power of her bandits or mercenaries immensely.

Unfortunately her organization must of had a leak and somehow the scholar got the information, not only did he kill Gabbies moneymakers A.K.A bandits, the scholar also got all the treasure. This meant his force would be able to contend against hers and could break the status quo Gabby had against the scholar.

Gabby contacted Solomon to see if she could either speed up him getting to her location or if she could get a formation to help her regain an advantage. Gabby of course wouldnt expect free benefits and offered to teach Solomon a new boxing technique she had acquired. The boxing technique wasnt anything special or powerful but it was slightly unique as it was suited for someone of Solomons body type. That body type would be a tall muscular man with arms that reached down nearly to his knees. Basically for monkey like humans.

Of course Solomon would have happily helped his cousin who is basically a sister without the benefits of the boxing technique. But who was Solomon to turn down Gabbys good intentions.

So Solomon of couse agreed and told her he would reach her as fast as he possliby could but it would still take a month or two at least. In the mean time he decided to go through his database of formations that would help Gabby. While he was trying to find some decent formations Gabby left Solomon and Lorettas world to grab the technique.

Omnipresent Library -
Formations Folder -

Usuable Formations -

• Suffocation Formation

• Strobe Illusion Formation

• Reverse Formation

• Graphic Formation

He went through all his different self created formations. The Suffocation Formation would litterally deprave the targets of the oxygen eventually killing them. This would only work on beings that didnt have Mana Lungs which would absorb Mana to " breathe " rather than air.

The Strobe Light Formations would make a litteral strobe light that would disorient, blind, and even incapacitate enemies. It flashed so fast that if a mortal were to witness it the light would seem to be a constant rather that multiple flashes. That is before they became blind, or even had their eyes and/ or brains melted along with their bodies.

The Reverse Formation would body control. Left becomes right, blinking means opening eyes, smelling mean blowing the nose. A being with a high mental level could quickly get used to the formation but it could provide precious seconds to kill the enemy.

The Graphic Formation would change the way someone views space. Their normal view would change to be like cartoons, bad camera quality, even text. Such a formation may not be critical in a direct battle but could be of immense use in an ambush.

Though those four arent the only formations Solomon had developed they are the only ones useful towards battle. All the others are either shitty or non battle oriented.

By the time he had gone through and found those four formations Gabby had gotten back along with the boxing technique which Solo learned was called the " Long Arm Boxing Technique ". After being given the technique Solomon imprinted the formations on individual formations plates which are little plates made to make formations portable and re-usuable; though they only work for rune formations and not material formations.

When that buisness was done Solomon and Gabby hung out for a little but before Gabrielle unfortunately informed Solo she had buiness to do.

When she left Solomon also left the world and got back to driving towards Gabbys country, though he set off at a much faster pace than before. As he was once again driving past the Amazoness like village Solomon looked over to appreciate the view before he soon left, leaving the female savages to their rituals and body building.

One month after Solomon and Gabrielles buisness deal Solomon was still driving along while listening to music. Though he didnt have his usual grin on his face. This was because Solomon had tried listening to some of the popular music going around on earth since his absence.

The shitty pop that seemed to have control over the market when Solomon had died had long since faded out of the limelight. Instead the trend set back to a sort of rock genre combining rock'n'roll and electronic. Which Solomon had to admit he kind of dug, unfortunately the genre came and went faster than baked beans on Thanksgiving day. What replaced it about a year after its popularization was classical. Just average ol' classical which though Solomon loves classical music from guitar, to piano, to violin, sitar, even chinese classical which mainly consisted of erhu music, at least what Solo heard of it while he was alive. Sadly for Solomon he didnt get anything could in the way of popular classical, it was all similar sounding and bad. It was basically pop music but fancy sounding.

After the classical catashtrophe ( wanted to think of a good pun but I couldnt ) Rap music seemed to make a comeback after it became sort of underground again.

When rap stopped being an easy money make alot of the " rappers " who were " in it for the rap and not the money " stopped making their garbage music. This lead to many rappers who actually lived a hard life and rapped what they experienced and not what the heard about getting more and more well known. This lead to a golden age for rap with many new and old rappers becoming famous. Alot of the previous famous " rappers " tried to re-jump on the band wagon, but they werent accepted at all except by a small audience. All the fame that came with the rap game led to gang violence reaching a new time high as well with well over half of Americas states becoming infested with gangs. Hundreds of deaths a day were related to gang killings while just as many were people over dosing on drugs which also spread throughout america like a plague. At the worst point of the rap trend had a city where 97% of the residence over the age of fourteen were addicted to one drug or another. 37% of children under the age of fourteen were addicted to drugs. Such a sad time didnt lead to a new age of no more drugs, instead there was an increase in buinessmen taking advantage of loopholes in the law to make money. There would be houses where every single room was filled with beds to make sure as many people could fit into. These recovery houses were made to help people fight addiction, sadly hundreds of people used them to take advantage sick people who needed help.

It took ten years for the US of A to recover from the gang and drug problems, many thought a civil war was going to start but somehow it was avoided. After the gangster rap trend was the trend that Solomon had been complaining about, Death Nature. Death Nature was basically Death Metal mixed with Hippie Music. Hippie Music was a broad genre ranging from Pink Floyd to didferidoo to Psychedelic Electric. If one wanted to make a mental sound of Death Nature one should imagine a didgeridoo beat with a person doing a scream that somehow sounded mellow.

After listening to about three seconds of a song Solo slammed his music streamer into the passenger seat after changing the station to something decent. After that he slammed the gas and started using the fun of speed to occupy his head from bad music.

While Solomon was brooding about how garbage music was from when he was but a young lad, Deam was heading out into battle.

At the bottom of a completely flat and unblemished mountain wall was an army of different races from orcs to humans to elves to dwarves and all manner of different races. The army was unusually lead by a mage regiment something that isnt often seen in the world of Spinoza. This was usually true for Deams army but she had to make a walkway up to the fort at the top of the mountain. She was going to have the mages make a stairway using the wall.

That was until she was given an excavator made by her brother and son. The device worked by having a mage setting out a path that the device would follow. This would let Deams army have a much easier time defending while still working out a path towards the fort.

While the excavator was working its magic Deam started to go over the situation with her important underlings.

She wasnt attacking such a difficult to attack but easy to defend fort for no reason. She was attacking because in order to invade a certain community she had to get through said stronghold. The community was a made of a race closely related to true asura. Despite being only an offset of the true Asura race, the community Deam wanted to attack was still extremely powerful. Her intentions for attacking such a powerful enemy was in an attempt to assimilate them into her military, the community could be a powerful regiment alone let alone with Deams training.

Deam had learned of the community through a book that Gabby came across. Gabby remebered that Deam was near the community so she decided to inform her in hopes that Deam could get such powerful soldiers.

Deams plan was to first capture the soldiers manning the fort at the top of the mountain. Normally she would kill enemies but she wanted to establish friendly relations with the community in hopes of them joining her. And even if they dont join her she hopes they can become partners.

If on the off chance the soldiers wont surrender Deam planned to knock them out using a formation that acted as Dream Magic and would make the soldiers enter dream land.

As she was thinking such things Deam was informed by a young elf that the excavator had finished digging a stair case into the mountain wall. Since the stairs were finished Deam decided to get the attack under way.

" Frontline you shall ascend the stair case two at a time, all of you will wield your tower shields as you walk up. Once you have reached the fort soldiers on the left will switch your shields for your spears. This is how we will attack until we have an idea of out enemies strength. Archers provide cover while frontline ascends the stairs. "

These were the commands Deam gave her generals for the start of the attack. She was originally planning to simply harrass the enemy with her archers but she didnt have unlimited time or amno and she didnt know how long her enemies could stay coupt up. If she had went with that plan and she was lucky she would only have to hold on for a week; if she was unlucky she could fire for years with zero results.

After she gave her direct orders her generals went towards their regiments in order to prepare for future attacks. Except for Frontline soldiers and the archers that is, they instead started attacking according to Deams orders. It took Deams soldiers thirty minutes to climb the six thousand solid gray steps. The sight was actually kind of comical as one would be watching many muscular men and women most of which above seven feet in height squat-climb up a bunch of steps. Deam likened the scene to an ant farm, since armour her soldiers were wearing did seem kind of like black ant carapace.

When Deams soldiers finally reached the top of the stair case they saw an odd sight that made them instantly call for Deam.

They saw and old man with elk antlers, a long white beard, lean muscles, purple skin, four pure black eyes, four arms, and legs that end with talons.

Despite the elders viscious appearence his black eyes seemed to contain a hint of elderly wisdom and magnanimity. He simply smiled showing multiple rows of sharp teeth that could easily chew through bones. After smiling he stroked his beard and spoke.

" Bring me your leader. "

His voice despite sounding friendly also contained a type of hatred against life that made the experienced soldiers want to piss them selves.

Inside of a small hut made of dried grass and branches is Deam who was sitting across from the elder of the Asura side race community who she wanted to invade. Instead however she was invited into the elders house to discuss cooperation.

" So let me get this right, your race branched off from the original Asuras by learning divining. You became a race called Future Fighters who would predict future battles so you could join them. And you predicted that I would lead you to some of the most legendary battles in the future, this lead you to wanting to join my cause as long as we fight at least once every half year. Correct? "

The elder of the Future Fighter race just grinned showing off his pearly bone crunchers. 

" Correct Ms. Deam, we would also like to meet your sisters ( Loretta and Gabby ) and her husband. Hopefully battle them. "

" I can arange a meeting but I can tell you Solomon wont fight but Loretta and Gabby might. "

" Then shall we head out to war my leader? "

When the elder said that many of soldiers outside started to freak out, this was because all of the Future Fighters stood up and started to release an immense battle aura. The battle aura was so strong that the mountain rumbled and a pressure started to surround the soldiers. When Deam felt the pressure she just grinned and said. 

" Waiting for you. "

The elder, Troy, smiled, walked towards a wall adorned with weapons, and grabbed a matte black lance that had a pure red murder aura. The lance stood at an immense twelve feet tall and weighed so much that the floor creaked. 

A note from waterbear06

Decided to add the last part in instead of starting the next chapter with it. 

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raven319 @raven319 ago

thaks for the added part i really hate cliff hangers, but hey they happen oh and can u please right more i love the story so far


    waterbear06 @waterbear06 ago

    Thanks I really appreciate the support. Honestly I have been having writers block recently and despite having the will and want to write I havent been able to get a decent amount of words on paper. I will try to write more but no promises.