" Alright who wants to go first? "

The golems instantly both put there hands in there air the instant Aopara asks the question.

" Alright Sefer you and Zirah can go first. Sefer you will be doing workouts while your sister can meditate. "

"" Yes Elder. ""

According to the Dna Memories Solomon was going through about Golems they are a pretty interesting race. Golems werent origonally a race born by the universe but were instead created by a powerful God. The God that created them is the same one that killed Beasts brother. The God originally created them before he reached God-Hood but he continued to perfect them after he bacame a God. Eventually though he made them to be to perfect and they rebelled nearly killing him and taking all his research. Using his research as well as their own natural talent they made them selves a natural race. And they eventually became strong enough to rival Legendary Beast clans even being recognized as one. They even have seven Gods even their race despite being a very young race. As it is they can rival Orcs, The Tall Men, and Djinni but at the rate theyre going they might catch up with the God Fighter race.

" Alright Solo use your lightning when you want. "

" Yes Master. Lightning! "

As Solomon watches the scene he is once again mesmerized but the beauty of not only his lightning but also the golems. The scene itself despite simply being rock formations being hit by lightning. If one were to think of the golems history the scene would make one think of an entire race fighting the heavens while rising out of slavery. Solomon cant help but be swept up by the atmosphere and feel his adrenalione pumping even though he is simply watching. A few minutes later and Solomon shuts off his skill at his masters command.

" Alright Zirah how many points did your physical stats raise? "

" All raised by two dozen elder! "

" Sefer how about yours? "

" Omg elder they all raised by 50 each. "

" Alright perfect but we need to continue testing make sure its not just affinitty or talent affecting everythig. So whose next? "
The Fist Boars hopped up and ran over before Aopara even finished his sentence, one could tell how excited the were. Fist Boars are a fairly unique race in that their size fluctuates throughout their entire lives. Their size gets bigger as they grow or increase their physical stats, but when they reacha certain size their bodies condense to a smaller size. This process ensures that they will grow stronger no matter what throughout their lives, but they wil never reach their peak talent without serious hard work. Individuals of their race can reach God-Hood simply by using their races unique advantage. They are one of the strongest races in the forest for that very reason. This is even factoring in that they dont have other unique advantages like the orcs or that they are a young race like the golems. The Fist Boar clan in the forest is close with both of Solomons parents clans. They are also the race with the 3rd most gods in the forest, eventually though they will likely surprass those in front of them.

" Alright Gullin you will workout and Caly you will meditate. "

" Yes elder. "

Solomon once again summons his lightning to temper the fist boars bodies. While he is watching his mind started to wander. He was wondering if the lightning would cook them as well as if they would smell like pork. While thinking such thought Solomons lightning fades out.

" Ok Gullin How many points did the stats advance? "

" Only 45 points for each physical stat elder. "

" Caly? "

" 70 for all of them! "

' Damn I guess thats how you know they are a physically talented race. And I bet those two are royalty in there race which would likely make them elites even among there peers. '

" Very impressive I bet that that youngster MukAsura is very proud of both of you girls. I remember back in the day he challenged Solomons father to a fight and it was pretty damn close sadly for him Han had gotten decent at Staff arts around that time or else your father would of won. Even to this day they are both equal in wins and losses. "

' Damn their father must be really strong to be a rival of dad, after all father was at one point the most of talented of the God Monkey race. One of the strongest races in the forest. He even has the title Asura in his name which hints that he is an insanely powerful battle maniac. According to my DNA Memories few non Gods have the title Asura and even counting Gods the ones that have it are less than 1000. Out of millions that is an amazing achivement. '

" Haha elder should have seen dads face when you contacted him he was as giddy as when he got mom to marry him. He was very appreciative that elder gave us the oppurtunity to train our bodies. Although I doubt he expected such amazing advancements. "

' Wow another unusual occurance from dads rival, it is rare to not have an arranged marriage among legendary beasts. '

" Umm Master is their fathers name MukAsura or is it his title? "

" Both at one point his name just Muk but he got the title Asura through countless battles and adopted it into his given name. It isnt uncommon to take a title as a name or even meshing your given name and an impressive title. "

" Is their father a God or is he borderline like mom and dad. "

" Mukasura is borderline and he is just as powerful as your parents. He and your father are practically brothers at this point. Matter of fact he even mentioned arranging a marriage between you and Gullin as she is the youngest and one of the most talented fist boar younger generation tied with Caly. "

' Hmm I didnt think Gullin was a female she has a pretty masculine name. Although what can I say, they are boars for all I know that could be a maidens name for all I know. '

" Wow thats pretty wild I wonder why dad never mentioned anything. Or did this happen after Loretta and I were betrothed? "

" After or else you would likely be marrying Gullin soon instead of Loretta. "

Solomon after hearing that takes a few detailed peaks at Gullin and cringes slightly. Solomon can barely handle Lorettas horse body, he definetly could marry and have sexual relations with a boar. Plus Gullin has a muscular and solid body something that is also a turn off for Solomon.

" Well Master can we continue with the tempering. "

" Yep alright Pater, Deam get up here. "

" Yay finally hurry up Deam. "

" Settle down PeePee. I doubt Solomon is going to leave anywhere right now anyway. "

" What the hell Deam I told you not to use that nickname especially out in public. "

" Whatever PeePee. "

" Hehe Alright Deam you workout Peepee you meditate. "

" Damnit Deam now you have elder calling me that stupid nickname! ' Huff ' " Whatever lets get this over with. "

" Lightning. "

' Hehe I never thought Deam would be such a jokester. She seemed alot like a hard-ass instead, guess you cant judge a book by its cover. '

A few minuted later and Solomon has his skill slowly fade out.

" Alright Pater, Deam tell me your stat changes. "

" My stats Only seemed to increase but 2 dozen, I cant wait to see how many yours increased by Sis you are alot more talented than me in battle stats. "

" My stats increased 70. "

" Damn Deam thats crazy! "

Not only Solomon but every other person in the field was shocked by her result, including Aopara. One must know that orcs while being a battle oriented race focus more on techniques and not physical prowess. So for Deam to be so talented in physical stats is beyond rare for her race. She did even better than one of the most talented fist boars of the current generation, and fist boars are renown for their physical talent.

" Alright Phan, Arti you two get up here although I think it is safe to say excercising helps immensely, but since you two gave us your time the least you could get is some payment. Phan you excercise Arti you meditate. "

" Yes elder. "

" Solo. "

" Lightning. "

According to Solomons Dna Memories, Fae are not only one of the oldest races but they are also one of the most powerful races, ranking along side Solos parents clans. Though the main reason they can compete is their massive library of skill, magics, and techniques but also because they became seeded in the forest quicker than the other clans. Another thing is that the Fae are extemely true to their emotions, if they like to prank they will escalate those pranks to extremely levels. If the like sex they will do it to exhaustion, same with battle and there are even cases of Fae inhabitating mortal forests and luring away young children. Many years ago before Magic was so wide spread to all races in the universe the Fae were making legends among the humans. Matter of fact the even have branch races to some of there more emotional descendents. The Tall Men are an all male race of tall faceless monsters that hide in forests and kidnap children.

Solomon couldnt help but think of the of the slenderman legend upon stumbling on that particular memory.

" Heellllllooooooo Soollloooo anybody there. The tempering is done come say by to Deam and Pater with me. "

" Huh, oh sorry Loretta I was reviewing my DNA Memories about Fae. I have to say I think there was at least one Fae on my old planet kidnapping children, the legend perfectly describes The Tall Men race. Which is odd considering there was no Mana on my planet at least that I know of. "

" Well it wouldnt be that weird since Mana goes all through out the universe, and Fae are an extremely old race known for discovering many previously unknown planets. They technically discovered this planet although many think it was descovered much earlier by a dragon like race but the Fae deny it like there lives depend on it. Anyway who knows now come on I want to tell Deam bye. "

" Why you guys talk everyday? "

" Yeah but not face to face. Whatever a youngster like you wouldnt understand. "

" Hey I am mentally 30 years old. "

" Whatever I have shits older than you. They are still preserved in the forest today. "

" Hehe whatever old woman as long as you can keep up when its needed, if you know what im sayin hehe. "

" I should be saying that youngster you wish you could keep up with me. "

" Anyway stop with the dirty talk you old nympho we are near your friends. "

" Hey Deam, Pater I brought Solo over so we could say goodbye. Hurry up Solomon. "

" Hehehe damn bro yall aint even married and she already has you whipped. "

" Shut up Peepee at least I have a good looking fiance youll be forever alone or living with your big sister.

" OOHHH damn son you got Pwned, Its funny cause its true. "

" What the hell sis you are supposed to have my back. "

" Anyway sorry I didnt think this would be a fiasco bye Deam love you make sure you visit soon. "

" You to Loretta lets train together again like the old days. Bye love you make sure to message me later. Bye Solo. "

" Bye Deam Bye Pater. "

" See ya Solo. "

" Alright Loretta lets get back to the cave. "

" Sure Hon. "


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>The God origonally created them before he reached God-Hood but he continued to perfect them after he bacame a God.
>" Haha elder should have seen dads face when youn contacted him he was as giddy as when he got mom to marry him.
>" Is there father a God or is he borderline like mom and dad. "
>" Anyway stop with the dirty talk you old nympho were near your friends. "