My Hermit Life

by waterbear06

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Romance LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content

My name is Solomon Ars Regis I am a veteran who lost both legs while on duty. One day after I was released from physical therapy early I came home to find my girlfriend cheating on me with my brother, feeling betrayed I scream at them to leave my house. A few hours of brooding later I decide to go to sleep. When I wake up I am in a forest in a different world.


Hi this is my first story so please dont expect much.

Disclaimer - I say hermit in that he lives in a cave in a giant forest with his wife and and master with occasional visits from his parents or other creatures. I do not use hermit in a religious sense or in that he lives entirely alone. 

The first few chapters are worse than some later chapters. If you can get through to chapter 24 you will find that the quality increases.

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And I mean really terrible. It is poorly executed in everyway.


If you consider lack of anything but dialogue and exposition as Style.

The story is told with just dialogue, with a sprinkling of sparse and limited narration here and there.

That is just awful.

What is this? A radio drama? No descriptions. No sensations. There isn't even a single dialogue tag. Did the author ever read a written fiction in his life?


I was just able to read up to chapter 9 (those that have the re-edit label) and I have to ask... where is the story?

I'm honest here. There is no story at all for the entire nine chapters. The characters mainly just talk or walk. There is no conflict. There is no goal to achieve. There is no narrative push. There is just nothing!

There is no story at all!



The chapters I read was supposed to be re-edited but it still has errors everywhere. The only thing I could say is that it is recognizable english.


These are not characters. Period.

A character is supposed to have personality, motivations, goals and other things that makes them feel like real living people. Here... they don't have any.

The protagonist feels like a robot that given a set of intructions by the author and has to pretend to be a living thing.

The other characters, like his parents, are also the same. They try to act the part, but it is quite obvious that the author don't know what people are supposed to be. They all feel like actors who doesn't have a clue about their roles.


I really didn't expect much. The author said not to expect much so I didn't. But I didn't expect it to be like this! It is not just lacking, it is devoid of anything.

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The author doesnt know the meaning of hermit,

 the story in itself, its the tipical reborn op mc, didnt read further then ch 10, because what grates me the most is that the Author doesnt know what hermit means. Hermit means a person wich lives in seclusion,, in the woods , mountains, cave etc.. not born in a family in the midle of a village wich is in the middle of the wods. i was expecting, and kickass mc living alone in some place, and geting disturbed by various miscreants, which he will kick out in a faboulous way ( THIS IS SPARTA WAY), not this. His story and plot defeats the expectations of the readear, wich he gets after reading the title. if you can ignore the blatant error, it can be a good story

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After reading for 50 chapters or so I can confidently say this is one of my favorite novels on this site. While reading one can tell how well the author has advanced in his writing skill, though his grammar isnt amazing. He could use an editor as that would definetly take my hermit life to another stage. I would sincerely recommend this novel to anybody who sees this. Also you can tell the author loves his audience the author is very sincere.