New Australia (A LitRPG)

by monkeys_all_the_way_down

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Secret Identity Strategy Strong Lead

The game-like alternate dimension of New Australia teems with life: humongous beasts, flourishing civilizations, and a bewildering array of lush ecosystems.

The only problem (aside from the constant war that plagues most fantasy lands): humans.  The World Government is sending all its unwanted humans to New Australia.  Murderers. Political Dissidents.  Assorted felons.  It's not technically the death penalty, and it saves a bundle on prison expenditures.

Then there's Jerome, who just happened to be at the wrong place (sneaking into a top-secret government facility) at the wrong time (when it was guarded, aka all the time).

Can he make it in this fantastic new world?  More importantly, will he stay a child, or will he become the hero that New Australia needs?


What should you expect?

* Tactical action scenes (LOADS of them)
* Starts with some light-hearted comedy before getting serious
* A mysterious world with bizarre but consistent internal logic
* MC grows from bumbling idiot to whirlwind of death
* Also some emotional character development, if you're into that kind of thing
* Stat sheets!


I have signed the pledge to finish this story.  All I had to do was give them a drop of blood and my true name "just in case".

The Pledge

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Nothing To See Here ago
Chapter 1: Rescue ago
Chapter 2: What a World ago
Chapter 3: Ock-DIE ago
Chapter 4: Unique Powers ago
Chapter 5: Transformation Rules ago
Chapter 6: Cold Hard Mentoring (Krystyna's POV) ago
Chapter 7: Gnoll and Void ago
Chapter 8: Bring to Heal ago
Chapter 9: Gutsy Moves ago
Chapter 10: Less Lit, More RPG ago
Chapter 11: A Quest-ion of Intention ago
Chapter 12: Wonders ago
Chapter 13: New Life (Nakat's POV) ago
Chapter 14: No Country for Gnolled Men ago
Chapter 15: Forced, Scrolling ago
Chapter 16: Soul ago
Chapter 17: Purpose ago
Chapter 18: Keeping His Head ago
Chapter 19: Humans are Humans ago
Chapter 20: The Flesh is Weak ago
Chapter 21: Kill-igraphy ago
Chapter 22: Tenta-culled ago
Chapter 23: Rayi of Hope ago
Chapter 24: Gate Expectations ago
Chapter 25: Risk It All ago
Chapter 25.1: Risk It All part 2 ago
Chapter 26: Forest Run ago
Chapter 27: Wing and Claw ago
Chapter 28: Do Not Go Gentle ago
Chapter 29: Becoming Something Else ago
Chapter 30: Things Fall Together ago
Chapter 31: Wrestle and Relaxation ago
Chapter 32: Harder, Better ago
Chapter 33: Faster, Stronger ago
Chapter 34: Discovery ago
Chapter 35: Karamir vs Karamir ago
Chapter 36: Killing Machine ago
Chapter 37: Two Become One ago
Chapter 38: De-unification ago
Chapter 39: Identity ago
Chapter 40: Getting Inside ago
Chapter 41: Drink ago
Chapter 42: Lost ago
Chapter 43: Found ago
Chapter 44: Blood Money ago
Chapter 45: Buying Power ago
Chapter 46: Rikan Mortality ago
Chapter 47: Gnolltural Understanding ago
Chapter 48: Crystal Clear ago
Chapter 49: Preparing for War ago
Chapter 50: Grinding ago
Chapter 51: Kill'em All ago
Chapter 52: Immortal Kingdom (King Katani's POV) ago
Chapter 53: Problems of Scale ago
Chapter 54: Walls Only Keep Us Apart ago
Chapter 55: Rooftop Chase ago
Chapter 56: Unexpected Battle ago
Chapter 57: Invasion ago
Chapter 58: Unto the Breach ago
Chapter 59: New Ex-spear-iences ago
Chapter 60: Troubles ago
Chapter 61: Guards ago
Chapter 62: Negotiations ago
Chapter 63: Finality ago
Chapter 64: Cleanup ago
Chapter 65: Peace ago
Afterwards/Postmortem ago
Two New Stories - one a gritty LitRPG, one a funny/hopeful battle shonen, both full of action ago

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  • Overall Score

In a world filled with generic fantasy, game element, hero summoning web novels, I don't expect to see much new.  I do however hope to see something interesting.  This just wasn't it.  I found this story to be overly silly, simplified, and juvenile.   

The MC lacks any depth, intelligence, or realism.  He gains some world breaking super power with no effort.  Totally bypasses the hero's journey unless you consider a page of fake drunken wandering to be a hero's journey. 

If the author's goal was comedy, then I will say good start and keep trying.  Comedy is a pain to write and takes a lot of work.  Just try to focus on some more realism.  Reality is comedic.  If the author's goal wasn't comedy then...oops?

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interesting differences

Very interesting characters and setup for both worlds described in this book. The dynamic between the 2 MCs is fertile grounds for future interactions and character growth. The Mcs op power is accuately described in Universe as potentially game breaking, if its owner could get his ass into gear.

Feuer der Veraenderung
  • Overall Score

What can I say. There seems to be character development going on, mc has a cheat but seems not to be op (just incredible strong for his level) and the background story also seems interesting (not too much is revealed as of chapter 22 since there are no infodumps).


Furthermore I find nice that the stats do something (strength makes the mc more muscular etc.).

  • Overall Score

Follow Fail-hero as he removes his brain and rolls downhill in a Murder-hobo paradise. The author is sick in the head and needs to remove the comedy tag and replace it with grimdark. That kind of bad tagging is just messed up. Otherwise, it's pretty good and well written.

  • Overall Score

Has a good start. The mc is a bit on the annoying side but is already showing development. Has a great power that gives him the posibility to be very strong but only with work. The mc might become very strong but probably not op.