The Salamanders

The Salamanders

by JackWake

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Hadica was built around one of five Towers, an infinite structure filled with floors of monsters, magic, and treasures that the city plunders like clockwork. Most of the city, at least. Growing up in Westhill, Micah's family abstained from all of their Tower's bounties. He became an [Alchemist] at an age younger than most and just wanted to level in peace, but soon ran out of mundane ingredients to brew into potions. Ryan is a budding [Fighter] with the strange ability to mimic beasts, including monsters, but he doesn't understand it or even himself. After a Tower climb goes horribly wrong, their lives and the world around them begin to change as they try to figure out who they want to be.

The Salamanders is a slow-paced story about characters growing up in and exploring a fantasy setting. It updates sporadically. Please mind the tags.

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Faber Write

I won't go too much in depth about the story, but what I will say is this:


The entire plot has been formulated in a slow, even pace, even if some events feel slightly forced, looking back, they make more and more sense.

I appreciate the great realism and logic in use, especially since it isn't used in the form that usually makes fun of the general game tropes ending in OPness, rather, the world has its own strange, yet understandable laws and rules, exploits that exist are hampered by the manual skill and extra time involved, often rendering the process only slightly more efficient than it's equivalent.

Magic mechanics + Skills 9/10

The above rating is simply because that while the magic mechanics themselves are superb, I must say that the skills awarded are strangely only built for some unknown plan or plot in the future, given their abrupt and oddly slight relation to the path or class.


God damn thing makes me feel like I'm living their lives ( though I was confused for a second about [ REDACTED ]'s Point of view and [ REDACTED ]'s. That parent thing though... golden.

Overall, a great story, one that I will continue to support and read.






Blidungsroman. Reminiscing from my school years this is what came to my mind while reading this story. The author depicts his characters growing up, living through adolescence, changing and finding their place in a fantasy word. In the background we percieve glimpses of world scale events that loom over the protagonists, influencing their lives and hinting at their future involvement.

There are amazingly written LitRPG elements that add to the story and characters development, while not being intrusive or incosequetial. 
Almost every single one of the characters has dept and meaning. The world depicted, while still largely unknown, feels complex and coherent. No grammar issues. 
The only thing I can identify as a defect is the development of the story itself: it feels a bit too slow. Maybe it is a byproduct of the serialization of chapters and it would disappear in case of a complete story, but still as of now it felt, as I said, a bit slow.

In conclusion: a must read. This is a great story and JackWake is a successful author in the making. 


I wasn't sure what to expect - it's been a while since I've read anything with a solid cast of young characters, but I keep coming back because somewhere along the way the author created a little home for me and filled it with bread, wine and cheese and I like to just relax and unwind there. 

I feel like the characters are relatable in their power / story arcs, because the perspective of the chapters shifts in a way that feels natural between the main characters (normally, I honestly don't like split perspectives, I just want to binge my favourite character). 

What I might consider the best feature of this work, is its potential for structured growth - its not like events are just happening randomly to advance the plot, it feels like slow slice of life should feel. Like a home, but with a bit of mystery there driving it all. 


This is soo good. The dialogue, the combat, everything is so fluid and feels like real life. The way that the author portrays the character’s interactions and age is frankly awe inspiring.


Alright, I'm really not one to make reviews but I feel like this story deserves it.

It's been a while since a story pulled me in like that and you managed to do it while writing at your own pace. From what I read you really seem like you know where you're taking story.

The magic system in place is not groundbreaking, but differs enough from the billion of others on this website, it still stays really interesting and the fact that a part of the story is exploring that system along with the protagonists is all the more enjoyable.

Your protagonists growth comes slowy, at a natural pace due to their hard work, dilligence and curiosity, which to me is a real breath of fresh air.

Their interactions are really well written and above all the feel real.

You created a really interesting fantasy novel that had my nose stuck  on my screen until I caught up and not many story manage to do that.

Thanks a lot!

Winged Thing

Light Litrpg Fantasy Done Right!

Unique. Multifaceted. Captivating. Those three words describe this novel, it shares a lot of elements with other novels but has quality and charm that allows it to exceed other novels.

It is not a perfect novel and parts of it could do with being edited or snipped, should it ever be released as a paperback. But it makes up for it with characters that act like human beings with all that entails. All in all, if you want to read an interesting story then look no further.

Keep up the good work Authour! You've carved out a spellbinding world and I'm curious as to where the story will lead. Thank you for sharing it with us.





I know it's a shit review but I'm lazy and just wanted to give this awesome story a 5 star.


Second Chapter Throws Away All The Setup In The Most Tedious Way Possible

Reviewed at: 2.01

Frequent sequence breaking.


One of the main characters is an idiot in a very strange way.  Supposedly he is motivated by a desire to learn alchemy. He frequently thinks about how much easier it would be to learn alchemy if he just told his parents, because they're both mega rich and politically powerful. But he doesn't.  His parent's also, somehow, don't notice that their son has been setting fires in his bedroom for over a year.


Supposedly the main character is doing this because he's shy, but he's apparently not too shy to lie his way into a heavily guarded dungeon despite frequent attempts to warn him it is too dangerous without training. Training his parents would be delighted to give him. Being shy is totally reasonable and human. The depth of backwards think and suicidal stupidity displayed by the main character is not.


Then in book 2 the author throws all this setup away and has the parents yell at the main character for several tedious chapters when their son does finally tell them about being an alchemist.  It flows poorly and is absolutely no fun to read.


Also, pretty much every adult is some sort of jerk, which isn't much fun to read either. Even the handful of adults who are introduced as kind, caring or generous, turn out to be jerks.  You need some decent people to act as allies and give the main character someone to interact with in a non-hostile way.



Reviewed at: 8.13

This story might not be for everyone but it is 100% worth trying out. There might be moments in which the slice of life and lit-rpg fusion don't always blend perfectly but what makes this story a 5/5 is the fact that the characterisation of the main cast really deserves a 10/5. 


Top quality writing. I'm only at 2.2 right now, but the story is consistently strong in pacing, intensity, and presentation. The interactions between characters can be pretty humorous and there are subtle feelings that are expressed very naturally. There is also some world building outside of just the mystery/murdering monsters aspect. It feels like it all has a purpose, and fighting is always written well enough to keep things interesting.  I binged most of it. With how long that I've been on this site I'm very surprised that I haven't heard more recommendations for it. 5 stars easily. I'll try to find some constructive criticism for it after I've caught up to the current chapter.