(Back at the office of the mysterious Faceless Hunter)

The mysterious masked man known as the Faceless Hunter, a mercenary who took odd jobs has now accepted a mission to deal with a local gang leader by the name Leon and the rest of his men,he is to
kill them all.No one knew the true identity of the Faceless Hunter, only the fact that he worked for money.His identity, however, is going to soon be revealed...
Faceless Hunter-Alright Gabe, here you go...
After leaving Kevin and Mak, Gabriel traveled to next town in order to clean it up from supernatural creatures, he did everything he could but he was forced to accept jobs that had nothing to do with
paranormal things in order to make a living, using Mind Read, an ability he took over from Warren he was able to read people's minds and get clues of the creatures that inhabited the town, from stories to
hearing the thoughts of these creatures themselves, Gabriel took care of most monster covens in the area, werewolf hideouts, satanists performing demon summoning rituals, vampire covens and many more
things, he never left anyone alive of his targets but people have witnessed the powers that the Faceless Hunter possessed and that is going to lead in a weird situation for himself and others...
Gabriel put out the cigarette he was smoking and immediately lit another one, he got out of his office in the Panty Room, passed by the group of teens that were drinking in the corner of the bar.
High school kids always made Gabriel upset because they reminded him of his days being bullied in school, he, however, had never tried to hurt any of them, his emotions were starting to fade away after
the weird transformation he went through, after he left Kevin's house, Gabriel went to train with his newfound powers, the new vampiric strength and agility he now possessed as well as his own power
that he tried to control, he never figured out how to use this transformation willingly, he managed, however, to unlock a lot of his powers through sheer willpower and a tremendous amount of physical
training, he had almost full control over his powers, he is now going to deal with something that might require him to improve even more than he has already.
As Gabriel passed by the drunk teens one of them felt the need to make a statement...
Drunk male teen-Look at this idiot with the mask.Haha.
Gabriel-What did you just call me?
Drunk male teen-I called you an idiot man, are you also deaf?
Drunk girl-Stop messing with him, he is scary.
Drunk male teen-He is just a weirdo babe, don't be like that.
Gabriel-I am not the one who still pisses his bed though mate.
Drunk girl-You are still pissing your bed?
Drunk male teen-No I don't.(Drunk hicup)
Other male teen-Hey pissy pants.
Drunk male teen-Stop calling me that moron.(How could this ashole know about that?)
Gabriel-Well, try to wear a diaper next time big boy.Before you mess with people you don't want to.(Gabriel looked straight into the eyes of the drunk boy)
Drunk male teen-Ok...sir..(Holy crap, he is scary)
Gabriel left the bar and went outside, he met with the man that he had previously sent to buy him smokes...
Gabriel-There you are.
Man-I have your cigarettes, sir.
Gabriel-Good, hand them over, I'm on my way to deal with your friends.
Gabriel-The sooner the better, right?
Man-Yes mister Faceless.
Gabriel-See you later.
So Gabriel went to the hideout of Leon's gang after he got the information from the man that hired him, he stood outside of the apartment complex and looked at the top floor, he noticed light coming
from one of the windows...
Gabriel-Hmm...(That must be a good place to start)
He squatted for a second and then with one jump he was now at the top floor of the 5-floor building, he opened the glass door that separated the balcony from the inside room and in there he saw a man
smoking weed.
Gang member-Who the hell are you?
Gabriel-Is Leon here?
The man tried to pull out his gun but Gabriel shot him in the head instantly.
Gabriel-(They must have all heard the gunshot, well it will be faster if they come to me)
The outdoor of the apartment opened with a strong kick from outside, Gabriel was now sitting on the sofa that the other man was previously sitting, he lit another cigarette after he put out the previous
one,3 men came inside with their guns already out.
All 3 of them shot Gabriel in the chest with their gun, one of them carried an automatic sub-machine gun, he unloaded the whole magazine on Gabriel, after being shot he casually got up and faced them.
Gang member 1-It can't be possible.
Gang member 2-Demon.
Gabriel-Correct to a certain extent.
Gang member 3-Reload fast!
Gabriel sliced the throats of all 3 men instantly with his short sword that he had mounted on his belt.
Gabriel-Ok then, it must be this way.
After killing the 3 men, Gabriel continued his way downstairs, he didn't encounter any more gang members, after going downwards, even more, he found himself in the garage of the building,there was no
light in the garage, pitch black in an empty room, suddenly the lights came on, opposite of Gabriel stood at least 20 men with assault rifles aiming at him.A black man with a shaved head, wearing an
expensive suit and smoking a cigar came forward...
Gabriel-Hi, you must be Leon.
Leon-Correct.And you are?
Gabriel-Forgive my sir.I am the Faceless Hunter, and I have some business with you.
Leon-You come in my house, kill my men, and you have this sarcastic tone in your voice.Who are you behind this mask?
Gabriel-Behind this mask is revenge, justice.Behind this mask, sir is the hope of this world.
Leon-You are clearly insane.
Gabriel-I might be many things, but it doesn't matter since you are about to die.
Leon-Empty threats will get you nowhere.Fire at him.
Gabriel-Come on, don't make me put an effort in this.
All the men started to shoot at Gabriel, many bullets hit his body, others missed, when all of the guns were empty Gabriel was still standing.Shocked by the result of their attack, the men froze and forgot to even
reload their guns...
Leon-That can't be possible, how are you still standing?
Gabriel-I believe I told you, don't make me put an effort in this, now you die.
Gabriel vanished, one by one Leon's men started falling down with injuries in the chest and their backs, Gabriel was dashing around killing them, each with one swing of his blade as Leon witnessed the death of
all his men right in front of his eyes, the man that was standing in front of him just a moment ago was shredding his men, the confidence that Leon had at the beginning of their conversation now turned to fear, he
clearly intended to leave him for last as he had no injuries while men died right next to him, at some point all the men besides Leon were dead or dying, the Faceless Hunter was now standing in front of Leon...
Leon-You don't have to do this, I can give you money!
Gabriel-Money won't save you now.
Leon-I can give you whatever you want, double the money that was promised you for this...No triple!
Gabriel-You don't understand, do you?
Leon-You can work for me, you can have it all, money, women, men working for you!
Gabriel-Υοu are wasting your time, I'm not interested in material goods.
Leon-You can rule everything, you can be king if you spare me.
Gabriel-The world you live in doesn't interest me.
Leon-What do you mean?
Gabriel channeled energy to his hands, one hand engulfed with flames, the other with bright light, he was showing him what is happening behind the scenes, Leon thought that he could rule with his small business,
drugs, guns, money, but the world isn't as simple as he believed to be, things he could not imagine were happening left and right, he had no clue about it.
Gabriel-Can you even comprehend it?You are insignificant in this world, what you do, what you change makes no difference.
Leon-It can't be true.Fire and light. seems you can.
Leon-Lord!Is that you?
Leon-You have come to punish me, haven't you?
Gabriel-Punish you?
Leon-I know lord, I have sinned, but please spare my foolishness.I will follow your orders from now on.
Gabriel-What lord are you talking about?
Leon-You my lord.You are the savior,i...i can't believe I mocked you!Forgive me.
Gabriel-Enough, tell me exactly what you mean.
Leon-The Rebellion of Light has spoken of your arrival, sir.
Gabriel-What is this Rebellion of Light?
Leon-We are a group that awaits your guidance, my lord.
Gabriel-Your lord has the power of fire and light?
Leon-Yes, it can't be anyone else but you!
Gabriel-Hmmm...(Is there someone else like me?Could there be another angel-demon hybrid?Mak didn't seem to know when I read his thoughts.)
Gabriel-Where is this group?
Leon-You will find yourself there by yourself my lord, they need to witness you with their own eyes.
Gabriel-I am not your lord.
Leon-But...but if you are not our lord then...
Gabriel shot him in the head before he could finish his sentence, he had many questions for him but he figured that Leon wouldn't provide any more information, what is this Rebellion of Light that he spoke off?
Gabriel-(Sounds like a cult, but if it is someone like me, using his powers to rule others, he must be eliminated for the cause, if he is a fraud then I will have to question him, how could he get knowledge about powers
that I have, either way, I can't ignore the existence of this cult, I need more information but it will have to wait until tomorrow, I have to go back to the bar and wait for that guy to pay me before I get out to get
information, without any money I can't do much.)
So Gabriel climbed back upstairs and found himself on the rooftop, he then leaped from building to building and made his way back to the bar, the place was empty except the bartender who was doing the
dishes, he didn't even say hi to him but instead went straight to his office, he sat down the desk and lit a cigarette, Gabriel now had to find more information about this new cult that Leon spoke off before he died,
if there is the slightest chance that someone like him is behind this cult, then Gabriel would have to deal with him if he wishes to actually make a difference in this world, he had no clue what to expect, but this never
stopped him before...

A note from Mads1289

I know I haven't uploaded for a while but work consumed most of my time, I hope that you enjoy this chapter and many more are coming out.

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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
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my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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