As night fell Gabriel and Mak left the village and headed towards Kevin's house,it was really dark outside and Gabriel had put a robe on Mak to conceal him even more from curious eyes when
they eventually reach the village back,they were both silent untill Gabriel asked a very good question...
Gabriel-So why were you in that cage anyway?
Mak-Didn't i tell you already?They wanted to kill me.
Gabriel-I know that but my question is why?
Mak-They are clueless as to what is happening in this world.
Gabriel-And what is happening?
Mak-Besides humans and goblins a lot of weird creatures walk the surface of this planet mate.
Gabriel-I know that.
Mak-You have no idea(Mak then pulled something out of his pouch and showed it to Gabriel).
Gabriel-What's that?
Mak-This is a dragon's scale baby.
Gabriel-Don't call me baby with that ugly face ever again.
Mak-That was kind of harsh,even i feel hurt after that.
Gabriel-More to the point idiot,you said dragon scale?
Mak-Bet you didnt know that right?
Gabriel-Of course not.
Mak-Dragon's existed in this planet long ago,they are now extinct for hundreds of years now.
Gabriel-How the hell you know all this?
Mak-I told you i know a lot of things didn't i?
Gabriel-Tell me more.
Mak-Once we get back to your place i will tell you and your friend everything,i hate to explain things twice.
Mak-Anything else you want to talk about?
Gabriel-There is one thing...
Gabriel-A girl.
Mak-A girl?What about that?
Gabriel-I like her but i can't talk to her.
Mak-You just destroyed a whole village of goblins and killed their leaders and you can't find the courage to talk to damn girl?
Gabriel-It's not that simple you moron.She thinks i'm dead.
Gabriel-It's a long story.
Mak-Is the house far?
Gabriel-Yes it's a bit far from here,we are not even in the village yet.
Mak-Then i'm listening.
Gabriel told Mak all about Helen,his past life and the fight he had with the strange man before he met Kevin.
Mak-Hmm,it seems that you lived a hell of life untill now mate.(Must not make fun of him,he will kill me)
Gabriel-Strange,I'm getting sympathy from someone like you.
Mak-Hey!!Just cause i'm a goblin doesn't mean i'm stupid,i understand you.(It's better to be on his good side for now)
Gabriel-Any advice then on how to aproach her?
Mak-She thinks you are dead right?
Mak-Then just plain talk to her,intoduce yourself as someone else,by what you told me you don't look like you did before.
Gabriel-What if she finds out?
Mak-Find out what?You have been dead for months,even if you resemble your old self she won't think you are the same person.
Gabriel-But i want her to love me,not someone else.
Mak-You want to love her or fuck her?
Gabriel-Shut the hell up you simpleminded ashole,i love her.
Mak-Ok,ok we will figure something later.
Gabriel-Yes,we are close now,the house is near.
They got in the house and immeaditely Kevin aproached them.
Kevin-Why the hell did you take the bullets Gabriel?
Gabriel-Relax doc,i got one back alive.
Kevin-What the hell is that?
Mak-My name is Makgrulthrimang.
Mak-Call me Mak.
Kevin-Ok Mak,I'm Kevin.
Mak-I know,Gabriel told me that you want to do some research on me.
Kevin-And you are ok with that?
Mak-As long as i don't die whatever.
Kevin-I just need some skin tissue,and since you can talk,how about telling me something about yourself.
Mak-Well...I'm a goblin.
Mak-My species have a power called Inherited Memories.
Kevin-I'm listening.
Mak-We inherit memories from other species of this planet and we can call upon them for help,each goblin has it's own memories that he can recall for information,tactics and other usefull things.
Gabriel-He told me he can also help with our plan.
Kevin-And why would he do that?
Mak-It's better to be on the winner's side.
Kevin-And what can you do for us?
Mak-I have inherited memories from the last dragon that lived and he has seen enough of this world since dragons live for thousands of years,i know about every creature that you hunt and how to
find them,i can even tell you streangths and weaknesses that each species has,if that isn't helpfull to your plan then what is?
Kevin-How can we trust anything you say?
Mak-The gun that you gave Gabriel to assault my village was a 1860 lever action Henry rifle,a bit old but pucks a good punch,an automatic rifle would be a lot better if the ammo was sufficient though
Kevin-You are right,and now that you mention it where is that gun Gabriel?
Gabriel-Well...i kind of threw it away when i run out of ammo....and i might have forgoten to pick it up when we....left.
Kevin-You left my gun there?Do you know how much that cost me you fool?
Gabriel-Come on doc,it was just an old rifle.
Kevin-It was antique rifle moron,how could you leave it behind like that?Not to mention you took the bullets without me knowing about it!!
Gabriel-I forgot something in my room,see ya.
Gabriel run to his room and locked the door to avoid any more lecture from Kevin,when things calmed down Mak wanted to talk to Kevin about something.
Mak-Hey Kevin.
Kevin-What is it Mak?
Mak-That kid you have in your house is dangerous.
Kevin-What do you mean?
Mak-He told me about his training but what i witnessed is beyond your imagination.
Kevin-What do you mean?
Mak-Let me tell you...
Mak told Kevin all about Gabriel's loss of control during his fight with Garmock and the two of them seem to understand what could happen if he gets angry enough around them,their minds
filled with fear of what Gabriel was capable of,as Mak said earlier it's better to be on the winners side,if you are not he might consider you an enemy and the results won't be good.
Kevin-You are right but what can i do if anything happens?
Mak-Don't push him beyond his limit,you don't want him to snap.
Kevin-Any other advice?
Mak-Get him a haircut,he looks like he has a mop on his head,a nasty,dirty black mop....
Kevin-We will see about that,it's almost morning and i can't sleep.
Mak-Me neither.
Kevin-Do you...drink coffee?
Mak-If you know how to make a good cup why not?
Kevin-My coffee is the best,anyway in the morning i want to run some tests on you so enjoy your coffee and get ready,we will start when I send Gabriel out to get his haircut.
Mak-Thank god,did i tell you his head looks like a mop?
Kevin-You did Mak,you did....
So Gabriel and Kevin got themselves a new asset or it might prove to be a burden,they won't know for now but they will eventually find out if Mak will prove usefull or not.For now Mak is a new
member for their team,a foulmouthed member.


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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
great ideas and that i should write them down.Since I have to go
to work everyday i don't have much time to write but I am trying
my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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