A huge goblin made his way to the execution point,a goblin like no other with a big muscular body,bigger than any other goblin in the village holding a crude axe with dents made from previous
fights,his armor was almost broken and scars on his body made clear that this goblin had a fierce combat experience,Makgrulthrimang looked terrified at the sight of the mighty chieften,Gabriel
was a little curious about the streangth that he may possesed but something inside him calmed him down like there was no reason to be afraid.
Garmock-You intruder?
Gabriel-What mate?
Makgrulthrimang-I think he is asking you if you are the intruder.
Gabriel-I am.
Garmock-You kill my brother?
Makgrulthrimang-The guy that you stabed with that spear was his brother,the one that was about to execute me.
Gabriel-We are gonna come back to why you had to be executed.
Makgrulthrimang-I will tell you if we manage to get out of here.
Gabriel-That means i have to kill him too?
Makgrulthrimang-Can you?
Gabriel-How hard can it be?
Garmock-No talk more,now fight.
Garmock launched an attack on Gabriel,he managed to dodge the attack that hit a tree behind him splitting it in two,Garmock had enormous streangth but lacked in speed,one of his attacks
could deal huge damage to Gabriel and he knew that after the first swing.A couple of minutes passed while Gabriel was dodging Garmock's attacks,he clearly had the advantage in speed and agillity
Makgrulthrimang-Will you hit him for fuck's sake?
Gabriel-Do you see how strong his attacks are?
Makgrulthrimang-You were dodging arrows up untill now while shooting and killing everything,suddently a stupid gorilla is giving you trouble?
The figth looked like it was never going to end untill Garmock managed to get a hit on Gabriel's arm that dealt close to no damage.
Gabriel-That didn't hurt at all...
Makgrulthrimang-What the fuck dude,are you made of steel?
Garmock-Why man no hurt?Garmock need more strong.
Gabriel-You really make no sense mate.
Garmock then screamed at the sky as if powering up,his attacks became faster and more accurate,the force of the attacks was stronger as well,strong enough to cut Gabriel deeply and blood was
flowing everywhere.
Gabriel-What the hell did he do?
Makgrulthrimang-He must have chanelled his inherited memories from the gorilla.
Gabriel-His what?
Makgrulthrimang-I will explain later.
Garmock grabbed Gabriel's leg and tossed him to the ground,Gabriel fell unconcious and was lying in the ground,Garmock turned to face Makgrulthrimang and said "You next traitor",Mak then
noticed something strange happening,Gabriel stood up,his eyes were glowing red,he seemed angry like a wild beast,with a swift powerfull swing like a flash Gabriel now held Garmock's head in his
hand as if had chopped it clean of his body and growled with a deep voice way different than his own,the already dead goblin fell to the ground where Gabriel continued to brutally
carve on his corpse cutting every limb tearing appart the poor goblin's body,Makgrulthrimang became terrified as well as amazed by Gabriel's sudden lose of control,seconds later Gabriel fell to
the ground unconcious once again.
Gabriel woke up,Makgrulthrimang was still in the cage...
Makgrulthrimang-Are you awake human?
Gabriel-What happened?Did i win?
Makgrulthrimang-You don't remember?
Gabriel-Remember what?
Makgrulthrimang-You destroyed him pal.Can you get up?
Gabriel-Give me a moment.
Makgrulthrimang-Will you get me out of this?
Gabriel-Yeah shortass i will.
Makgrulthrimang-Hey my name is Makgrulthrimang.
Gabriel-That's way to hard,i'll call you Mak.
Mak-That's fine,get me out then.
Gabriel smashed the cage that held Mak and then the two of them got out of the village border.
Gabriel-Hey how come i could enter the village but no one else could?
Mak-A glamour spell was cast to hide the village from humans,but you pal seem to be immune to it.
Gabriel-Well i happen to be something else.
Mak-What do you mean?
Gabriel-I need you to come with me to meet someone.
Mak-I have no place to go to be honest so i guess i will.
Gabriel-Great.(Now he might not get mad since i got something back alive)
Gabriel-He will explain to you but we will have to wait untill it gets dark,I can't walk around with a goblin through the village.
Mak-Yeah,hey why not go to the tavern here and have a drink?
Mak-Don't worry,there is plenty of wine.
Gabriel-Let's go.
Gabriel and Mak went to the tavern,no one else was there and they took the wine from the self.
Gabriel-Shouldn't someone be here to serve?
Mak-There is a waitress but she must have hid somewhere since you killed everyone here,don't worry she won't cause any trouble.
Mak-So why did you even come here in the first place?
Gabriel-Long story short,i am gonna change this rotten world by destroying it.
Mak-I don't get what you mean.
Gabriel-I have a job to do and that job is to recreat a new world,a kind and safe world that i will rule to make sure everything is going smooth.
Mak-So you are going to take over the world?
Gabriel-Pretty much.
Mak-I can help you achieve that mate.
Mak-I have knowledge that will prove very usefull to you.
Gabriel-Like what?
Mak-When we go to your place i will explain everything to you and your friend.
After a couple of drinks Gabriel and Mak left the tavern and started walking out of the village towards Kevin's house.     Mak-You know...Taking over the world is a pretty generic goal.                                                                                         Gabriel-For someone who can achieve that goal,it's not generic at all...


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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
great ideas and that i should write them down.Since I have to go
to work everyday i don't have much time to write but I am trying
my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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