The next morning both men woke up early before the sun came up and got prepared for Gabriel's next mission...
Kevin-Well Gabe this is the gun that i told you about.
Gabriel-This is just an old rifle doc.
Kevin-This "old rifle" is a 1860 Henry rifle boy,it pucks quite a punch when you shoot it.
Gabriel-And what about ammo?
Kevin-You are going to use tranquillizers.
Gabriel-Not bullets?
Kevin-I need you to bring whatever is in that forrest alive so i can do some testing
Gabriel-Ok doc.(Sure....tranqs)
Kevin-You have enough ammo to put to sleep an entire army,if you don't miss.
Gabriel-I am ready doc.
Kevin-Go on then Gabe.
Gabriel-I need to use the bathroom first,give me a couple of minutes.
Kevin-Oh allright.
Meanwhile in a village not far away...
Armak-By the power i have as elder of this village i hereby anounce that Makgrulthrimang shall be executed for the following accusations,
Makgrulthrimang-Cut the bullshit old man,let's get this over with.
Armak-The accusations are,madness that brought danger to this tribe,stealing the sacred plate of the elders...
Makgrulthrimang-That's a dragon scale you moron not a plate for eating!
Armak-And for mocking the ancient power that was bestowed to us goblins.
Makgrulthrimang-My inherited memory came from a bloody dragon!,why is that mockery dickhead?
Armak-In addition having no respect for the elders.
Makgrulthrimang-Whatever you idiots wouldn't understand anyway.
A goblin soldier came running terrified to the place of the execution...
Goblin soldier-Elder Armak!
Armak-What is it?
Goblin soldier-We have an intruder!He is coming this way as we speak and he has one of those boomsticks!
Armak-What! A filthy human managed to get past the Glamour spell?
Goblin S.-We have to call the head warrior!
Makgrulthrimang-That fucker?
Armak-None shall bother the chieftain while eating!
Goblin S.-But elder we don't stand a chance against him.He already killed the guards standing at the gate.
Armak-All of the guards are dead!!?
Goblin S.-Yes,anyone that managed to even get close to him got killed with ease.
Armak-Call the soldiers!
Not far from the execution spot a voice could be heard"BOOM HEADSHOT! BOOM HEADSHOT!"
Goblin S.-He is here already!!!Run for your lives!!
Armak-Calm down fool,stand and face him.
Makgrulthrimang-AHHHH panic AHHHHH the terror!!
Armak-Even at the face of death you have no sanity you idiot.
Makgrulthrimang-Balls to you.
The intruder managed to get past the last lines of defense and appeared at the execution site,he seemed a bit pissed off and yelled"FUCK I'M OUT OF BULLETS".
Makgrulthrimang-The bloody idiot forgot to bring enough ammo.
Makgrulthrimang-He can't use his "boomstick" anymore Oh wise elder.
Armak-That means we have a chance.
In the chieftain's hut...
Garmock-What is going on out there?
Goblin Waitress-Nothing mighty chieftain continue eating.
Garmock-Mmmm bananas...
Makgrulthrimang-Where the fuck is that monkey?
Armak-Watch your tongue when you speak of my brother!He is the mightiest chieftain.
Makgrulthrimang-Mightiest bonobo you mean.
Armak-I shall kill you myself right here then ignorant fool.
Random Goblin-He got one of our spears!!!Run!!
Sounds of brutal murder stopped Armak from killing Makgrulthrimang as he turned around to face the intruder himself.Before he could even move a finger the intruder stabbed Armak and he fell
to the ground severly wounded,with the last of his breath he said"Call my brother".One of the goblins run as fast as he could to Garmock's hut,the intruder came face to face with Makgrulthrimang
still in his cage waiting to die.
Makgrulthrimang-Who the fuck are you?
Gabriel-Why are you in a cage?
Makgrulthrimang-I asked you first.
Gabriel-My name is Gabriel,your turn.
Makgrulthrimang-It's a long story,the short version is that these morons were about to execute me.
Gabriel-Maybe i can finish the job.
Makgrulthrimang-No wait!I can help you.
Makgrulthrimang-I know things you cannot imagine and i also need your help to get out of here.We need each other see?
Gabriel-I don't think i have any need of you.
Makgrulthrimang-That's where you are wrong strong hooman!
Gabriel-Are you making fun of me?
Makgrulthrimang-No of course not dude,please get me out of here,i will do anything.
Gabriel-I'll think about it when i finish here.(Doc will get mad if he finds out i took the bullets instead of the tranqs,i'll take him with me)
Makgrulthrimang-Ok then.
In Gamrock's hut,a goblin rushed in and started yelling"Chieftain we need you!"
Goblin Waitress-Garmock is eating right now,don't bother him.
Goblin-We have an intruder he has already killed most of us.
Garmock-i don't care.
Goblin-He killed elder Armak too.
Garmock grabbed the goblin by the neck and strangled him to death.
Goblin Waitress-Mighty chieftain you have to go out there and save us.
Garmock-Once i finish my bananas i will.
Back at the execution site Gabriel continued to kill one goblin after the other,Makgrulthrimang was still in his cage cheering for him and thinking(What the fuck is going on with this guy?He is too
strong,he killed about 200 goblins and still has no scratch on him).Gabriel was having way too much fun and thinking about Kevin's face when he finds out that the tranqs are still on the table.
At Kevin's house..
Kevin-Holy shit he took the bullets!(No test subjects then)
Loud horns could be heard from the middle of the village...
Gabriel-What the hell?
Makgrulthrimang-The monkey is coming,better prepare hooman.
Gabriel-How bad can it be?
Makgrulthrimang-You have no idea....


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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
great ideas and that i should write them down.Since I have to go
to work everyday i don't have much time to write but I am trying
my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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