The training lasted for a couple of weeks,Gabriel lost track of time while training due to the inspiration that his trainer George filled him with,while training Gabriel's actions became faster and
from time to time the two would spar for an hour,George started to notice that his trainee was advancing incredibly fast and during sparing Gabriel would almost beat his trainer in the very
martial art that took him years to master.George stragled to beat Gabriel in combat but always managed to do so,untill...
George-Ok Gabe,let's have one more round.(He has amazing talent)
Gabriel-Yes teach,i'm gonna give my all this time.
George-That's the spirit,let's go.
After the last fight the result was different,Gabriel threw George with an astonishing move to the ground,George admited his loss with great pride that his student managed to beat him and then
he concluded that Gabriel had nothing else to learn from him.
George-Mr.Kevin sir!
Kevin-What is it mr.George?
Kevin came out of the lab and went towards the yard,he came into a weird scene,George was on the ground and he looked quite tired.
Kevin-What happened here?
George-Mr.Kevin sir,there is nothing else i can teach to this boy,you should be proud of him,he has excellent talent and is learning faster than any soldier i have ever trained.
Kevin-I am glad to hear that mr.George.(Considering the fact he is not a normal human)
George-If this boy is able to beat me then i can assure you that not many people in this world can compete with him.
Kevin-That's a bit optimistic,isn't it?
George-Mr.Kevin sir,i may have kept some information from you.
Kevin-Like what?
George-Not many months ago i participated in an illegal fighting tournament.
Kevin-Go on...
George-That tournament was held in a secret location that not even the millitary knew about,fighters from all over the world came there to establish which matrial art was the best,I myself got
invited there from a letter saying"Mr.George i am informed that you have mastered an interesting fighting art,how about demonstrating that in our tournament,of course i expect you to come alone"
Since i was in the russian millitary at the time i had to skip some duties as i was interested in the tournament resulting in me getting fired from the army later on..
Kevin-That's why you turned to be a trainer...
George-Yes,i went to the address that was on the letter and then i discovered that the one holding the tournament was a rich man passionate about martial arts and he wanted to see who would turn
out to be superior,the art that i have mastered is a mix of martial arts from all around the world available only to the russian elite force and very few have come to the point i am right now.During
the tournament i came across fighters with tremenous skill and combat experience,soldiers,kung fu masters,karate champions,well known fighters of every kind,I managed to defeat all but one.
Kevin-Who in the world was he?
George-I have no idea about his identity but one thing is for sure,that man didn't have any knowledge about martial arts but possesed incredible strength and speed similar to Gabe here,every
move i perfored on him was like i was hitting a brick wall,his punches felt strong enough to split trees in two and though he was mostly walking he dashed like lightning towards me knocking me
down with every hit,only two people have managed to beat me since i mastered this specific martial art and one of them is that man.
Kevin-So the other one is...?
George-That's right mr.Kevin,the other one is your nephew Gabriel.
Kevin-That sounds unbelievable.
George-But its true,i have nothing else to teach to this boy ,my services have reached their limit.
Kevin-Then i presume i will pay you for this week and you can be on your way.
George-No mr.Kevin sir,i will not accept payment,this was a lesson for me too,i learned that i have to train myself all over again to match the level of men like that,the only thing i want is the chance
to spar with Gabe sometime again.
Gabriel-I am so moved right now teach,any time you want we will fight again.
George-Yes Gabe but i won't lose again.
Gabirel-Neither will i.
George stood up,smilled back at the two men and left determined to train even harder,Kevin took Gabriel back in the house and then pulled out a map with marks on a specific location somewhere
between the woods that existed a couple of miles outside the village.
Gabriel-What's over there doc?
Kevin-This marks the location of an interesting village Gabe.
Gabriel-There is another village there?
Kevin-Yes there is a village there but without any human residents.
Gabriel-What do you mean?
Kevin-During your training with George i did some research and asked locals about this forrest,it turns out that anyone who got close to it had lost memory of what is over there.
Gabriel-Maybe they ate weird mushrooms there.
Kevin-I doupt that Gabe,i believe that whatever is in that forrest knows how to hide itself from humans,that means two things.
Gabriel-And these things are?
Kevin-Either it's afraid of humans or it's planning something bad.
Gabriel-You want me to check it out?
Kevin-Yes i want you to go there fully prepared to fight.
Gabriel-What makes you think that the same thing won't happen with me as with the others that went there?
Kevin-I have a feeling that you won't have the same effect since you are not human.
Gabriel-Ok but what do you mean fight?
Kevin-I will give you a very nice firearm.
Gabriel-OH MAN!!!Am i gonna get a gun to go there?
Kevin-Yes i will give you this rifle that i used to hunt that strange man the other day.
Gabriel-Awesome doc,when will i go there?
Kevin-Tommorow morning,and since i am not sure what you will come across i think you should go visit your old friends tonight.
Gabriel-You mean go to the orphanage at night to see them but not talk them right?
Kevin-Since they think you are dead yes you may check how they are doing but not get close enough for them to notice you.
Gabriel-You are right i really want to see her.
So Kevin made coffee for the two of them and they sat untill the sun went down,Gabriel stood up,got dressed appropriately to avoid attention and went out,he walked towards the orphanage,the
road was empty since it was way past midnight,while he was aproaching the orphanage Gabriel saw a light in the window,he figured that someone would be awake but he couldn't talk to anyone so
he quietly climbed to the window to realize that it was Helen,Gabriel froze as he looked at her while she was changing for bed.
Gabriel started thinking(Oh boy,i'm gonna get a peek at her naked)his whole body was shaking as he was looking through the window,Helen was undressing,Gabriel was staring at her and hidding
from sight.Gabriel was admiring her body(I can't believe i am seeing Helen naked,her golden hair shining brighter than the moon,her face brings shame to gods,her blue eyes deeper than the ocean,
her skin so soft and white like snow,her arms gently pulling off clothes,her boobs perfeclty rounded,perfectly shaped,firm and soft like silk,her waiste with perfect curves,her juicy ass and heavenly
legs.)While Gabriel was drown within his thoughts Helen turned around to face the window,Gabriel then in order to not get caught he jumped down and run away as fast as he could.He went back
to Kevin's house where Kevin was waiting for him.
Kevin-So you are back.
Gabriel-You have no idea how lucky i am.
Kevin-Did you see your old friends?
Gabriel-I saw many things tonight.
Kevin-Like what?
Gabriel-Let's just say that i am going to stay in my room for the rest of the night.
Kevin-Ok,don't forget about tommorow's mission.
Gabriel then walked up the stairs and went to his room locking the door.


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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
great ideas and that i should write them down.Since I have to go
to work everyday i don't have much time to write but I am trying
my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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