Three days have passed since the two men met and they have been talking about how to advance their plans while living together small issues occured from time to time but everything was
insignificant for they had a mutual goal to achieve and was enough to calm them both down.Some of these issues were Kevin's cooking and Gabriel's childish behavior.
Gabriel-You expect me to eat this crap doc?
Kevin-I am a sientist boy and a cook!Shut up,i will eat it as well.
Gabriel-You need to take some cooking classes doc this looks like a pile of shit.
Kevin-And you are a jerk.
Gabriel-That is to be expected doc.(A gentle smile apeared on Gabriel's face as he spoke)
Kevin-Anyway,don't lose focus,we were talking about your training.
Gabriel-Why i feel invinsible as it is.
Kevin-It's true that you have incredible streangth for a normal human as you are but you won't be able to beat even one of those bastards like that.
Gabriel-What do you have in mind then?
Kevin-Streangth,reflexes,agillity,hand to hand combat,these are just some of the traits that you will need to enhance in order to achieve our goal.
Gabriel-Ok what's first ?
Kevin:The gym of course...
Kevin and Gabriel went to a local gym close to Kevin's house but far enough from the orphanage that Gabriel used to live in order to avoid known people,Gabriel's face was displayed in the news the
other day as a victim of a terrible car accident and since there was no sign of him local authorities are searching for him as well as the driver.There is no proof that Kevin was driving the car and
Gabriel was still unaware of this,one thing is for certain,Gabriel has to forget his previous life and "play dead" for the time being.This isn't to difficult since his life wasn't the best but one thing kept
his appearing in his mind,Helen,the girl that Gabriel would give his life for her and yet the last thing he spoke to her he acted like a jerk.The two kids were very close when they were young but as they
grew older things turned a bit strange,Helen became kind of popular in school thanks to her beauty and good grades,for someone like Gabriel that created a huge obstacle and he became more and
more distand by the day,he felt ashamed just by being seen with her since that would have a negative inpact in Helen's social life even though that Helen never stopped to be kind to him he tried to
avoid her and look at her from far away thinking this was the end.
As they were walking down the street Gabriel thought(I have to be stronger,i have to start all over again in order for Helen to see me as her equal).
Kevin-We are here Gabe,let's get in.
The moment they opened the door they came across a strange scene,the gym was full of women and no sign of male form could be found except the gym teacher,he was a big muscular guy with
kind of long dark curled hair and a bored look in his face.They came in the center of the gym and tried to get his attention,then out of the blue the gym teacher sparkled with joy and told them:
Mike-Hey there boys,my name is Mike,i'm the gym teacher here,what can i do for you?
Kevin-Hello m.Mike we are here because the boy wants to excersise here.
Mike-OH!Let me take a look at you kid,what a cute boy you are...(Mike's face was full of joy as he spoke)
Gabriel then wispered in Kevin's ear-We have to get out of here now doc,i suspect you know why.
Kevin-Well m.Mike i don't want to offend you but we have to check another gym out since it's....closer to our house?
Gabriel-YES!This one is a bit far uncle Kev,shouldn't we check for another one?
Mike-Oh...that's a same....
The two men left and stood near the entrance looking at each other with an awkward look,they got out of the gym and they started talking about the scene they just experienced.
Gabriel-Run doc i feel like he is going to chase us at any moment.
Kevin-Oh come on he wasn't that bad.
Gabriel-He called me a cute boy,not you.
Kevin-Yeah but this is the only gym close to the house unless you want to go to the town for your training...or we could get you a personal trainer.
Gabriel-As long as he isn't like Mike over there i'm ok with this.
Kevin-Allright,give me a minute and i will make some calls.
After a couple of phonecalls Kevin was able to find someone to give Gabriel personal training as well as martial arts,the trainer Kevin was able to hire was a former marine and had knowledge of
combat and physical training.Some days later the trainer came to their house and met with Kevin and Gabriel.He knocked on the door and Kevin went to answear,he opened the door and a rather
skinny guy showd up with a tank top and shorts,his head was shaved and he was looking really serious...
George-My name is George sir!I am the personal trainer you called.
Kevin-Hello mr.George i am Kevin and that boy over there is my....ahhh...nephew Gabe,he is the one that you are going to train.
George-Good he looks a bit raw but strong,I will make him a lot better though.
Kevin-I am glad to hear that m.George now come in and let's discuss the training program and your payment.
George-Yes sir!
They came in the house and the three men sat on the table,Gabriel look a lot less scared with George than he did with Mike,Kevin noticed that in an instant...
Kevin-So m.George,what i want from you is a complete training program and hand to hand combat training,i want him to improve in every way possible and don't hold back with him at all.
Gabriel-Wait a min...
George-Yes sir!I won't give him any chance to slack off.
Kevin-Excelent,and when are you going to be able to start?
George-Right now sir!
Gabriel-What?Come on you can't be serio........
George-Come with me boy,to the yard,we will start with endurance training.
Gabriel and George went out in the yard and started running laps around the edges of the fence untill the point Gabriel got exausted and sat in the ground.
George-Get up boy we are not done yet!
Gabriel-Come on old man give me a break.
George-Breaks won't do you any good boy!When i was your age i run double the laps i gave you,now stand up and find your courage!
Gabriel-You must have had a shitty childhood right?
George-Shut up boy!You know nothing about me but i know everything i need about you in order to train you.
Gabriel-You know nothing about me and my life.(How could you possibly know anything you musclehead prick?)
George-Boy i know that you may have had some bad experiences in your life and that brought you down,when i went to school everyone mocked me about my body being skinny and called me
"stick figure",i cried almost every evening after school untill one day i made a choice in my life,I would train and become the best in the world to shut down the guys that made fun of me,i would
become a better me in order to change the world!I will transfer that spirit to you even if i have to devote my entire life to achieve it!Are you ready to make this step and overcome everything!!?
Gabriel got so inspired by George's words so much that he saw flame inside his eyes buring like hellfire and his words were so strong that he forgot even the reason he was training at all.He stood up,
took a deep breath and replied with a lot more confidence:
George-Then run boy!(Good grief,he is like a beast ready to fight but his lack of spirit is what keeps him down,this kind of treatment will give him the motivation he needs to improve,i should keep
this stance untill he finds the will to continue without my prep talk)
And so Gabriel kept running with his coach untill dark,for the first time in his life Gabriel felt like he was improving himself and that kept him going untill George gave him permission to stop.
Gabriel then colapsed to the ground and George run to check on him,he thought he might have pushed him over his limit but that wasn't the case,Gabriel was having spasms,George then called for
George-KEVIN Sir,the boy collapsed,come here fast.
Kevin-Don't worry mr.George i have seen this before,he has a health issue,nothing to worry about,i will check on him,you can go home and come back tommorow.
George-Yes sir!If you say so.
George then left the house and Kevin took Gabriel to his lab to examine him.Kevin found out that the device he put in Gabriel stopped working due to the change in his heart beat during the training,
he immediately changed the configuration of the stabilizer and Gabriel came to his senses.
Gabriel-What happened doc?
Kevin-I had to regulate some things in the Continuum Stabilizer since this is the first time you raised your heart beat this much,it shouldn't happen again.
Gabriel-Good thing you were around then.(What is with that lame name?)
Kevin-Yes,good thing that I am around...


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Bio: I am from Greece,I am 23 years old and currently working as a cook,
for the past few months I begun writing a fantasy novel after a
discussion I had with a friend of mine,he told me that i had some
great ideas and that i should write them down.Since I have to go
to work everyday i don't have much time to write but I am trying
my best.I hope to entertain a lot of people and I would love to hear a lot of comments and reviews for my novel.As a new writer I appreciate the fact that someone invests his or her time to write their opinion on my work.
English isn't my mother language so there will definitely be some grammar or vocabulary mistakes,please be patient with me and I will try to improve myself.

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