Gabriel "The Bastard Son"

Gabriel "The Bastard Son"

by Mads1289

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Gabriel is a young boy with very unique appearence and thus he is subjected to a lot of bullying,His only desire is for the days to pass so he can escape to his room.His days are quite normal except the fact that he suffers at the hands of other kids,that was the case untill his encounter with Kevin,a scientist with a dramatic backround and a will for revenge.Gabriel finds out that he is not a normal human and Kevin explains to him that various paranormal creatures roam the world,creatures from tales and myths are responsible for the most evil of crimes and Gabriel will use his powers alongside Kevin to bring justice to this so called "normal world".In his quest Gabriel will come across a lot of historic and mythical characters/beings that will help or oppose him...


Author's Note-

Gabriel's story is a very long one,the novel will go on for a long time,more and more chapters will be released that are going to explain the main plot of the story.The story will unfold slowly and the major parts will come soon enough.If you like the story,please rate and if your main issue is the bad writting,I apologize,I will try to improve as I go along.English isn't my mother language and I am taking lessons at the moment.Please be patient with me.

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Word Count (11)
Group Leader (III)
4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
68 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
"Gabe's Troublesome Life" ago
Dr.Kevin's Strange Encounter ago
Everything Changed ago
Find The Right Trainer ago
The Night Before The Mission ago
The Goblin's Doom ago
A Strange Friend ago
The Goblin's Weird Power ago
A Girl And A Mission ago
Fairies Under The Bridge ago
The Man Called Warren ago
Jason The Daywalker ago
The Blood Legion ago
Origins ago
Unexpected Turn Of Events ago
Rebellion Of Light ago
Faceless Hunter ago
Mysterious Cult ago
Rude Stranger ago
The Trench coat ago
Inside The Cult ago
Odd Reunion ago
Back at Kevin's ago
Succubus On The Loose ago
Grandview High School ago
School Days ago
The Cheerleaders ago
The Mole ago
Days Off ? ago
A Demon's Revenge ago
The Warlock's Cave ago
Journey to Hell ago
Demons Beware ago
Hordes Of Demons ago
Gabriel vs Marbas ago
A Change of Heart ago
The Psychic Group ago
Order of Echos ago
The Ends Justify the Means ago
Unleash ago
An Esper's Demise ago
Justice is Served ago
The Secrets of Infusion ago
Draconic Gauntlet ago
The Stray Death Spirit ago
Koma The Shinigami ago
Journey To The East ago
New Classmates ago
Awkward Encounter ago
Onmyoji in Training? ago
Raiju Threat ago
Enough is Enough ago
Shadow Stone ago
Elemental Summoning ago
Contract with Nefaris ago
Gabriel vs Kevin ago
Paladin of The Vatican ago
A Paladin's Test ago
Distrust Amongst the Team ago
The Search for Ozymandias ago
Something's Off With a Certain Paladin ago
Necromancy ago
The Chapel ago
Imminent Battle ago
Sacrifice ago
Downtime ago
Meeting with the Vatican ago
Haunting Past ago

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Had potential but was written poorly...

I’ve only read up to chapter 5, but I just don’t want to read anymore already. The overall plot I can get with; its just that it’s executed badly. The story doesn’t flow at all and the characters feel like robots. It already seems like the plot is being forced and the characters actions are already very questionable (not common sense). 

The story could have had potential, but it was just written badly.