Yora Chronicles

by Phyantasm

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Secret Identity Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity


[Arc 0 - The Prologue] [~500 Pages]

Airen and Yuelei Casteya - Two twins separated in act of revenge not of their own doing. One is sent to the frozen north, where she is adopted by a frost phoenix and taught to survive in the harshest of conditions, eventually meeting with the forces that govern nature itself. The other is sent to the southern deserts and is saved by a band of slaves-turned-raiders who take him in as one of their own, where he eventually came into contact with a being that calls herself the History Eater.

The two sought power and the forces of the world would soon listen, but not without their own aspirations.

And perhaps if the two were to meet again, they would be so warped by their own hands and would not even recognize the other.

[Arc 1 Side A/B] [Disciple of the History Eater / Knighthood] [~1000 Pages]

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Arc 0 Chapter 1A]- The Wandering City of Tel'naraa ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 1B]- Frostbitten and Frostforged ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 1C]- Extras ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 2A]- Searching Between Dreams ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 2B]- In the Midst of Winter ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 3A] The Library of the History Eater ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 3B]- The Legend Never Ends ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 4A]- Secrets Among Friends ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 4B]- Princess of the Country of Snow ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 4C]- Extras ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 5A]- A Fading World ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 5B]- The Girl in the Casket ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 6A]-New Sights, New Chances ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 6B]- New Journeys, New Beginnings ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 6C]- Extras ago
[Arc 0 Chapter 0] Prologue's Prelude ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 1A]- A History Lesson ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 1B]- Lin's Departure ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 1C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 2A]- An Introduction to Auction Houses ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 2B]- Royal Knight Academy ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 2C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 3A]- First Ventures ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 3B]- The Girls' Past ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 3C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 4A]- Depths of the Dungeon ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 4B]- The Bard's Warning ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 4C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 5A]- Dreams of Haven ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 5B]- Light's Temptation ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 5C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 6A]- The Garden of Words ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 6B]- Secret of the Hall ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 6C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 7A]- Those that Challenge the History Eater ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 7B] To Know One's Place ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 7C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 8A]- Aftermath ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 8B]- Wytfelda ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 8C] Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 9A]- Chanced Encounters ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 9B]- Nenhym ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 9C]- Extras ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 10A] - Childhood's End ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 10B] - Innocence Lost ago
[Arc 1 Chapter 10C] - Extras ago
Poll (Arc 1) ago
[Arc 2 Chapter 1A] A Whisper of A New Legend ago
[Arc 2 Chapter 1B] Parting Once More ago
[Arc 2 Chapter 1C] - Extras ago
[Arc 2 Chapter 2A]- 'Tis a Common Tale ago
[Arc 2 Chapter 2B]- The Ona Chapperal ago

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Let me preface this by saying that I have been following this since it has been first uploaded on a different site, as well had having seen some of the unedited drafts.

Style- I don't think the author mentioned it here, but this originally started as an rpg game script. The Side A and Side B is well done in my opinion. I personally like to read all of one side then the other as I think that's how it is supposed to be read.

Story- Very, very ambitious. Can't say much without spoilers. Looking forward to volume 2.

Grammar- Some typos and grammar mistakes. I'm surprised that there wasn't more since each chapter is around 10k words.

Characters- The strongest point in this work. Each character is developed eventually with their own story, and some of those stories make the main characters feel as if they are only a small part of something greater. 

In conclusion, those lucky enough to find this work will be in for a ride.

If I had any complaints, it is that the author doesnt have more time to devote to this work. This review is my little way of giving encouragement. 



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  I have spent a total of 4 years reading from this website and this is the first novel to compel me to leave a review. Simply put i think this NOVEL DESERVES A REVIEW AND MORE RECOGNITION.

Style- This novel has a unique style. The novel centres around two main characters Airen and Yuelei. Chapter labeled A are about Airen ,chapters labeled B are about Yuelei and chapters labeled C are feature events which neither protaganists is present for. After each A chapter is a B chapter which allows you to easily compare Airen's growth to Yuelei's but this can break emrsion because of the sudden shift between stories, especially when you are anxious to know about one character only for the following chapter to be about a different one.The C chapters come randomly (they dont always follow B). The author does not go into much detail while describing the setting eg we dont know exactly how Airens military uniform looks or certain plces like the training fieild in the village.

Grammar- Overall solid with a few mistakes here and there nothing to complain about.

Characters- This is the strongest part of the story. We are introduced to the main characters at the age of 12 they are 14 as of Arc 1 chater 1 A, and they actually act there age which is very pleasant as alot of novells on this site seem to forget that children dont act like adults. Airen and Yuelei are very likeable yet different, they are their own people eg the author shows through action that Airen is a bit shy, caring and has a sense of humor. Yuelei is  confident, outspokenand caring. The side characters really make this story.Most feel fleshed out and MOST of them feel like stand alone characters who have their own sense of agency completely independant of the MCs, especially in side A  this side character's are interesting and feel like they can be a hero of their own story particularly Eullina, Fieluri and keri. In side B the side characters are slightly weaker with there in my opion only being one standout that feels like he is an independant character ,Lin the others feel like the revolve around Yuelei. The character interactions in the story are smooth, enjoyable and BELIEVABLE with characters harbouring their own secrets and having their own personality. (my fav characters are Airen, Yuelei, Eullina and fieluri know it has nothing to do with the review but whatever.)

Story- So far the story hasn't really gone any where ARC 1 has just begun but the story hold so much promise it has a strong foundation and potentioal to be really good. However the premise so far isn't the most original  but the execution has been very good. Just waiting to see where it will go now.

   So i think this novel has potentiail. Definitely worth the read.

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First advanced review, here we go:


Overall I have to say I enjoyed myself reading this story, I read Airen's part first, then Yuelei's and thought you were telling a compelling story.

In regards to style: You need some work. The spacing is off sometimes and you occasionally forget to make timeskips obvious, which can be a bit confusing. Also while they were few, you may want to avoid infodumps. (For example: in one chapter you explained the value of money. At that point we had only ever come into contact with gold coins and you dumped the info about copper and silver and their respective values in different regions on our heads.)

The story itself was enjoyable and felt compelling. No Masterpiece, but solid.

The grammar itself was pretty good, but you had multiple mistakes with words that just didn't make sense in the context (using impossible, where possible should have been used) and lots of times where you mixed up to and too. If you are not sure about something use a dictionary or google or better yet use a proofreader. (I'd volunteer, though english isn't my first language)

I was positively surprised by your characters. Those you flesh out, have a certain degree of quirkyness (Lumnieve or Loys and Orshan) Though I would love to see some real development for Airen, he still seems kind of lost and thoughtless.

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My onlycomplaint is that this doesn't update enough. author give us more please.

It's unique in the way it tells two stories at once, and BOTH sides are very indepth. The problem is which is is also part of my complaint.

The author usually alternates between A,B,C. So you have to wait for TWO OTHER CHAPTERS before you go back to the story. If you tend to forget things you read because you just read so much like me, it feels like a break in the flow of the story. 

On the bright side, each chapter is so long that it outshines those 300-400 word chapters I see on webnovels. i think the author said each chap was like 10k word or so. 

tbh i rather he/she just split it into 500-1000 word chapters so he/she updates daily.

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Surpassed my expecations by far

This is by far, one of the best fantasy works i have read so far on Royal Road, and also the one that needs more popularity the most.



This story has one of the most well-built worlds i have read so far in Fantasy Webfiction. With every chapter adding more to the overall world and its massive history. Most of the world and its history is interconnected in some way, with more being hinted in some chapters.

The characters, how they interact with eachother, how they are related to eachother, all is written with much care and a high quality standard. Overall it has been very fun to read about the characters.

Overall this story has 2 main characters, who appear in their own Sides, named A and B, with all other viewpoints happening in the C Side chapters. Both of the main plotlines are already worthy to be a story on their own, and could be read as such, but its highly recommend to read all of the story, since the backstory from both sides does intertwine to those who notice.


Sadly even a story as excellent as this has flaws.

First the writing style, while overall being very good, there are some annoying sentences, and sometimes theres a sudden timeskip without even any incidator for it.

Secondly grammar, its mostly flawless, but there are small mistakes throughout the story.

Those two flaws through did not hinder my reading experience at all. Mostly due to how well the story is written.

Third flaw is release rate, and i would want more chapters, right now! (So please increase release rate, even if its by a tiny bit)


I would thank the author for being able to create this amazing story, and the editors for making it readable to us all. Please keep on with your work!

By all means, this story rightfully deserves to come in the spotlight, so more people can read this amazing story.


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Ambitious Story with Interesting Characters

Great story so far as of the end of Arc 1. The author definitely has an ambitious long term plan, with both the story and characters having lots of room to grow. The magic systems dealt with are interesting, the writing style is easy to follow, and chapters are well-edited.

My only minor issue is that since chapters rotate between Airen, Yuelei, and extras, it can sometimes be up to 3 months before a storyline is returned to or a cliffhanger resolved. However, chapters are very long and definitely worth the wait. 

I strongly recommend this one, and think it deserves a lot more attention.


(as of end of Arc 1)

Tomato Tomoo
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Honestly it’s criminally insane how little recommendation this hidden gem gets. The only reason I created an account is just to leave a review on this novel, and get it the publicity it deserves.

TL;DR: Read and appreciate both characters.

The two main characters’ stories are not meant to stand alone; they are written with each other in mind and should be read accordingly. In my opinion, the worse possible mistake you could do while reading is to ignore one side of the story. While Airen and Yuelei’s stories differ intensely, there’s an obscene amount of detail that goes to comparing and contrasting the two MC’s. I honestly don’t think that the Airen or Yuelei’s stories would be greatly enjoyable if read without the other.

now, for less serious scoring.

Overall: 10/10. One of few that I’ve kept open on a tab.

Style: I can’t count how many comparisons can be made between the two MC’s, which sounds strange, but is rather well done. Try to look at each character after a few chapters, and try to see how they differ from each other. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

actually though the dude made consistent POV switching work. and well too.

 Story: extremely ambitious. story is most likely going to last a very, very, long time. that being said there is a lot of foreshadowing that happens, though I miss some parts. Saying too much might ruin it.

Grammar: oh hey he got an editor. funny. Let’s hope she does something.

(Disclaimer: I am not the editor.)

Character: Plenty of characters that actually aren’t forgettable! Characters actually have their own story, and all contribute to the plot in a way that doesn’t make them placeholding bystanders!


Read this, you wont regret it.

also thank god this guy pledged to finish. He’s insane, but that’s good.

haha names haha spelling

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A longtime lurker on this site. In an era of predominating wuxia, lit-rpg, and isekai novels, this is a beacon of hope for something different. Even though a prior claims that this is/was an rpg game script, I will say that this is strong enough to stand on its own.

Author, please don't make it into a lit-rpg just to follow the current meta. You have something unique here, and it was that which compelled me to make a throwaway to leave a review.


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Excellent World Building

I am loving the world of Eiloong. It's well thought out and immersive in the best ways. Even more impressive is keeping tabs on 2 very different story lines at the same time. Phyantasm is basically writing 2 books at once which is impressive and quite enjoyable. As far as characters go, I love the support cast, they get full marks. Our MCs feel a little flat though. I feel they don't convey emotions the same way as the others do. I may just have a bit of perspective overload however. We spend a lot of time in Yuelei's and Airen's perspectives so it is certainly plausible. I still look forward to this story's progression and hope it climbs in the rankings so other people can enjoy this fantastic world that Phyantasm has created for us. It deserves a spot closer to the top of the charts.

  • Overall Score

Yulei is love. Yulei is life.

While I don't care much for for the A-side , Yulei's story is one of the best things on this site. Keep up the good work!