The Dungeon Calls for a Sage

by docemoon145

Original HIATUS Action Fantasy Psychological LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore

Archimedes was the ego behind one of the most powerful dungeons ever created. He grew and developed his halls, filling them with powerful monsters and beasts, over the course of thousands of years. He was a grand structure of ten thousand floors which even heroes had failed to defeat.

However, an Evil God had come from another world, calling himself the Demon King, and a party of heroes were sent to do battle with it. They were victorious in the end and obtained enough strength to breeze through Archimedes' dungeon like it was nothing. Forseeing the end of his life, and realizing how pointless his pursuit of power had been, Archimedes destroyed himself to prevent the heroes from having the satisfaction. As an added bonus, his collapsing dungeon killed the hero party that had even defeated an Evil God.

Still, Archimedes felt despair that he had lived a worthless life as something as pitiful and futile as a dungeon. Sensing his regret and potential, the voice of the world presented Archimedes with the chance to start anew and live a more meaningful life. Thrilled and hopeful for the first time in eons, Archimedes accepted the offer, only to be reborn again as a dungeon core with not a single room or monster to his name.

Just what was the meaning of this?!

Archimedes couldn't figure out what the voice of the world was thinking. Somehow, he would have to draw a sage into his dungeon to figure it out for him.


DCS is now a member of the WriTEr's Pledge, which means I have sworn to see it through to a satisfying end.

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Came over from Orc Lord and not disappointed. Leave a more in-depth score for later, but so far (chapter 1-4) this story is on point, grammar, style, and setup-wise. Looking forward to more of Archimedes! (And the world's voice, there's possibilities there)


You need this high of IQ to enter the dungeon

This dungeon having an existential crisis.





See how he strugle to make people smarter to help him find the answer. Well, still not gone that far to making people smarter yet, but it's an option.

Toby Ziegler

The story builds on a combination of Archimedes' arrogance and desperation to survive. The ancient dungeon's mind knows tricks employable by even a spanking new dungeon can use, and so pulls out all the stops live another day.

The building progression and preparations for avoiding the inevitable doom approaching combine with the dungeon's quest to understand in interesting ways.

When the discovery of how the world really works is made, the story starts to fall apart instead of coming together for a new motivational arc. The story seems to get too caught up in character abilities and needs to get back to character interactions and motivations.


The author could benefit from more advice about how to make interesting traps and logical dungeon floors, but I have enjoyed this story regardless, and if the author can manage to write more, I would love to continue reading more as well.


Well fleshed out characters, thoughtful world building, inspired anatomy to explain the magic, this is surely one of the very best stories, let alone dungeon specific ones, that I have come across on RR. I cannot wait for more!