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I abandoned this series, for a story that's gonna have characters very similar to the leads of this now-one-shot novel. I suggest reading that instead of hoping for more here. Who knows, maybe he'll make a cameo...?

Now, to fill the chapter's length requirement, i'm going to try to finish it off without making you pissed off for even following this...

-Actual Start of Chapter-

-Log 3-

I don't like making logs. They're just boring, and nobody's gonna read them. I think it's not the logs though, but rather what's going in them that make them truly boring, though. I ought to go on an adventure so I can have something to fill in here when I get back to it. After all, there is one person i need to see again... I hated her so much for what she did, killing me and then casting me here to live out my days with the Guair II... it sucked. I really ought to thank her, though. Because she showed me what it's like to lose, albeit in a very brutal manner. But, despite my furor at the time, it still stuck in, and i've achieved true neutrality because of her. I really have to thank her someday, for giving me the chance to experience something I never thought possible until then, for showing me that no matter how stacked the odds are there's still a chance of victory, and that coming out on top is not always a win. But, that day will never come if I stay in these parts. She has her own world to return to as well... I hope I can catch her before then. If not, I guess i'll have to go after her... to the first world. I suppose this will be the end of my logs for now, I have a Cait Sith to catch. Bokuen Sameki Ollineus, heir to the throne of Calcedonia and bearer of the title ChronoPriest, signing out.


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Bio: Just an Otaku who likes breaking walls with his stories... Just finished breaking the second, shooting for 4...

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