The Chronicles of Damia - The first world

The Chronicles of Damia - The first world

by issei_yuuko

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Issei Yuuko, a 14 year old demihuman that has insane magical and physical ability, tries to change a world where power means nothing. This doesn't go well for him, and on his way to the execution platform a truck hits him and is transferred to another world! In this world, he discovers that he was teleported to the wrong timeline, and that he was a side character from an anime! How did he get there? Why is god named truck? Why is the 4th wall so easy to break? He'll have to answer these questions as he sets out on a journey to find meaning to his life.




Disclaimer: TCOD: Skyfall does not have much to offer. If you're interested in a good story, this one's not a good thing to turn to. Also, there's no set release schedule, so if you do read you might wait a long time for updates.

T/N: This is my first web novel, i've only produced manga up to this point, I hope this goes well? Don't expect this to go on long, it's a test run for storywriting techniques, it may end up being discontinued to lack of interest. If someone could take this source material and make it better, it would be appreciated?

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