A Good Man

A Good Man

by verus

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

Book 1: A Good Man

All are to be ordained.

All ordained are to be registered.

Those who stray from the path become obsolete.

These are the tenants the grand Mercian Bureaucracy lives by. None can escape their destined path, lest they become obsolete. The obsolete are hunted down by the ordained assassins, supported by the Mercian government.

Follow ordained assassin 2500116, Eli de Winter, as he performs his duties in the grand city of Victoria. Fifteen years ago Eli suddenly found himself in a world unlike his own. Within the maze of the many layered streets of the industrial city he was forced to make a new home, performing acts that would have seen him convicted on Earth.

Gangsters, revolutionaries, kings and princes, all are playing a game with the highest stakes. The winds of change are blowing and everybody wants to be on the right side of history. While the powers that might be are making moves in the shadow there is only one question that haunts Eli's mind.

Is he a good man, or is he obsolete?

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It is rather rare to see a fiction this unique, this..., for lack of a better term, fresh, here on RRL.

And unique 'A Good Man' certainly is, with its intricate plot lines, well thought out characters, and excellent worldbuilding.

But; I am getting ahead of myself. The style flows well and is comfortable and easy to read, sentences and phrases are kept on the simpler side - which lends to its easy readability.

Sadly, and the one thing that keeps me from looking at this as another of RRLs greats, the grammar and spelling are imperfect. Compared to the atrocities that are posted here daily the errors are very tame, but they are frequent enough to be an annoyance to the reader.

That is not to say that they distract from the story, however, which I have found to be excellent. Frequent, but comparatively short, cuts to past events are interlaced with the main, overarching, plot, to build an intriguing and interesting to read experience. The author manages to place these interludes at very fitting spots and distances from each other, which makes them interesting breaks from the main plot, rather than annoyances to be skipped.

Tightly coupled to the story are always the characters, and therefore it should be only natural that this fiction also shines in this regard. Now, admittedly, we do not know all that much about most characters, and many still very much feel like sketches - but they are distinct from each other. They interact with the world and people around them according to their personas, and based on their knowledge. We learn about them not through descriptions, but through their actions, and what glimpses of their thoughts we get, which is how it should be.

All in all, this has been a very enjoyable read so far and I look forward to reading more.




You don't always have to Died to go to Hell

Reviewed at: Chapter 18: Aftermath

This type of story is call SteamPunk, If you enjoy reading about people who can't stand what they are or will be then this is the story for you. The story does answer most if not all of the questions. What it is lacking is details when you get the answers. So if you like reading about a person who finds themselves in another world and what they do to survide . This is the story for you but too bad the writer didn't flesh it out a bit more.


norwegian man

didn't see alot of reviews. so i thought i would say this; this story is great. the worldbuilding isn't just paragraphs of info dumps but it's shown. which is rare thing in this site. and it's nice that the characters aren't carboard, but actually layered. keep doing ya shit.