Ruins of Majesta - Blood and Cupcakes

by tajel

Original HIATUS Action Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead LitRPG Magic Virtual Reality

There’s no problem a cupcake can’t solve.
M.I.T. calls her a genius, her mother calls her Cupcake, her buddies call her Princess Cuddle Fluff and she’s here to kick butt and blow stuff up. At least until she realizes she’s stuck. Eleven-year old Mayah’s just collateral damage in an investigation by a government that’s intent on keeping control of its finances. Now she’s trapped in the Virtual Reality of Ruins of Majesta waging the war for her life the only way she can, by questing, leveling up and sewing.

She’s attempting to unravel the mystery of who did this to her and why. She’s angry as shaz and out for blood. The same blood the parental filters won’t let her see. So instead she’d be happy smashing them into a hole with her hammer and tossing in a few grenades for good measure. Involving her in their plans was the worst idea the government cronies have ever had. If you’re going to be stupid enough to fight a genius, …DON’T!!!

Follow Mayah through the Ruins of Majesta, as she unlocks its mysteries, and tries to escape its deadly clutches. 
This novel is a combination of big hammers, cats, books, enchanting, snark, necromancy, Government conspiracies, financial revolutions, grandmothers, Evil sentient computer viruses, crafting, duels, getting gear, friendship, happiness and sweet, sweet XP.

Safe for the kids Great for the adults.

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  • Overall Score

Looks like a great start!

This is great writing from the start, I am looking forward to watching this story mature. 

  • Overall Score

Great YA story with unique characters

A very enjoyable romp from the perspective of a child genius.

The characters are all pretty unique, none of the classes of the characters or their foes conform to usual tropes and the system itself was fascinating.

Highly recommended.

  • Overall Score

A very different take on litRPG

 I found the first few pages quite a struggle due to the level exposition, and having to get used to the protaganists "voice", but once I got going I found our MC adorable and fascinating. The supporting cast are all quite interesting too. Recommended for lovers of quirky heroes, and crafting/experimenting.

  • Overall Score

 snagged a full copy from KU, I loved this story so much and I don't say that often. do you have an ETA on a possible continuation?

  • Overall Score

Absolutely delightful read, definitely recommend it. Great style, fun plot, and the main character is cute and funny, I just can't wait to read more about her adventures!

John DeBlanc
  • Overall Score

As good as it gets.  Love this series.

  • Overall Score

Good idea but some problems

First of all, I'm not english so I will make mistake.


okay so I really liked the first chapter but I can't push myself to go further than the end of the first book. This is due to some details that keep me from sticking to the story because I can't belive in it :

- The game admin here are the worst :  SPOILER :

 They don't have any control on the game, when the virus is trap in a player, they can't ban / kill him while the virus is a simple player. So does it mean that they can't ban any player ?

There is also the fact than when Mayah attack the virus she got marked as a PK (ok) but the admin despite knowing that don't seem to think of removing the PK mark (maybe they can't but again worst admin if they can't remove a malus from a player)

 - We tell us that Mayah is a genius but apart from the first chapter, she act as a normal child and don't seems to be really smart. She benefits just from a wrong balanced game mechanics (I will talk about it later). This story really remind me of the story "Bitter", the story is the same in a lot of aspect, but the main character actually feel smart.

- the game is broken : Spoiler:

 So in the game, we get a lot of xp for creating new items. But creating a new item is not very hard, the mechanic is pretty obvious (so it feels weird that no one ever think about it). So Mayah get a lot of xp and is one of the most op player in the game making the engineer class one of the most unbalanced class in the game :/