The Champion is Playing: Hero GO!

by littleme

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy LitRPG Magic Strategy Supernatural Virtual Reality

The world has been saved; life is beautiful and everyone loves and appreciates the hero, even though they put him in some godforsaken place. To keep him safe, or so they say... But it's too boring there! Only at first glance, however, because entertainment can be found anywhere and the street phase of the world tournament, Battle of the Champions, is just the right thing to pass the time, especially if some divine gifts are taken into consideration, which, regardless of his unique strategic and tactical talent, seriously complicate his life. 

This is a new challenge for an ordinary guy from the year 2010 who has found himself in the world of the future... Will he still be the champion?

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Max Teunisse
  • Overall Score

I like it a lot, it is a very interesting story.


  • Overall Score

Fun to read. Then I ran out of chapter

This story runs with 2 POV style. One from MC and his limited understanding of situation around him, coupled with something in his story that just seems missing that give you that lost feeling when reading. Then from others POV that just makes it look like he outsmarted everyone involved. It's good story. But not deep/complex one.

  • Overall Score

The whole story is well done and although I sometimes get confused with the characters pov it's a solid story.

  • Overall Score

Not reading this is a disservice to yourself 

  • Overall Score

Good stuff, you'll enjoy it.

1) Read the first chapter.

2) Read the rest of them.

3) ????

4) Profit!

  • Overall Score

I'm Serious. There's nothing i understand little bit from this stories. From your characters, or worldbuilding, and the stories. Nothing is clear to my head.


Or maybe i'm just being bias.

Your character is literally cardboard. His personality is just literally take and put it. just that, no deep meaning, and make reader curious who is he ? Other characters is just fodder for making your character looks glorious and blink blink.

I even wonder, where the he living ? Locker Room. Since i don't see that in your stories.

In Addition your scale and enviroment character pretty small

Another is background. The system ? Okay, for stories with system "gamer", Again i don't get it. What the purpose of stats, what the effect. What factor to recruit and increase your Armies. I read from the beginning until you last chapter then it's nothing. I don't know and can't follow how much your stats until now. UNLESS, you want to use deus ex machina.


The Stories, i don't have anyword. it's just like ready player one with overlord but