Danica Graverly wasn't like her peers. At a time when video games and VRMMOs dominated the entertainment industry, and people were obsessed with them the world over, she was as close to an outsider as they came. Sure, she enjoyed dabbling. She wasn't a total freak. However, none of the games ever really spoke to her heart enough to consume her life like they had with most others. She had more important things to do, such as painting her nails, going shopping, looking at cat pictures and cute boys on the interwebz, and following the latest celeb-drama. Recently, more and more celebrities were appearing from one particular VRMMORPG.

The latest craze, Powermongerer, was a spacey sci-fi adventure game requiring strategy, athleticism, and dedication to excel at. As was typical of most games of this Age, everyone began with the same STATS and similar initial opportunities, regardless of the race they chose - Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Beastman. However, what set this game apart from the others, was the realism level. HPLS, Inc., had broken the thought impossible to surpass 80% barrier, reaching a staggering 99%. And, not only that, but had gotten it approved through the Cooperatives Standards Board censors.

Of course, all that technobabble meant little to Danica. All she cared about was the grade. Yes, this VR-phenomenon was so out-of-control that signing up and playing Powermongerer was actually a graded assignment for everyone in her sophomore class.

Join Danica, as Barbzilla, throughout her struggles and adventures in the VR-world of Powermongerer. This is the Tale of the One That Didn't Train.
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