Legendary Twilight Farmer

Legendary Twilight Farmer

by acederequiza

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

This is a story I created for fun after reading some LN (Korean/Japanese). The first few chapters might be a familiar to some, but then again, it will evolve after that in a very different way. 

I'll be updating it as frequent as I can depending on my time since I have another story to write.

Since English is my 6th language that I speak, don't expect perfect grammar from me. I'm still improving as I go along.

 [Below is the real sypnosis]



Once a hero, now a zero.

As a soldier, Bryan Walker was both fearless and skilful. However, fate had handed him the cruellest of tests. He suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD and now a paraplegic without a penny under his name.

Trying to escape the fickle and harsh reality, he shut himself in. His only companion and salvation was the online game called Last Illusion XX Online. Starting from scratch, he rose from the bottom rung and became one of its Legendary Demon King. But that too did not last as the game ceased to operate.

However, this time, it was not without its reward. Having a new lease of life given to him, what could Bryan Walker do next as he dived into the new world of VRMMORPG called Noble Path Online? The state of the art game was the best ever created, bridging between reality and fantasy world. A reality he once afraid of, and a fantasy that he cherished and love.

Would he climb the peak of existence, conquering everything the game has to offer, like he did in LIXXO or would he finally find it too tough and to call it quits, yet again. The virtual game world had now become real.



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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 00: Prologue: How Did I Ever Get Into This Mess?! ago
Chapter 01: The Legendary Demon King ago
Chapter 02: The Price of Standing Amongst the Top ago
Chapter 03: First Dive ago
Chapter 04: I Need Nothing But My Fist Alone. ago
Chapter 05: The First Quest ago
Chapter 06: The Ally System ago
Chapter 07: The Time Has Come To See The World! ago
Chapter 08: The Poor Noob. ago
Chapter 09: The Brawling Mage. ago
Chapter 10: Tempting FATE ago
Chapter 11: Being Unreasonable ago
Chapter 12: Getting Some Dirt On My Hands ago
AUTHOR'S NOTE #1: Some related things to the game. ago
Chapter 13: Red Alraune Queen ago
Chapter 14: To Learn is to Grow. ago
Chapter 15: Rose and Thorns ago
Chapter 16: Level and Stats Are Not Everything. ago
Chapter 17: Trial by Fire ago
Chapter 18: The Sign of Things to Come ago
Chapter 19: Fire in the Hole ago
Chapter 20: The Only Way Out Is To Go In ago
Chapter 21: Ancient Tomb of the High King. ago
Chapter 22: Do You Have My Back? ago
Chapter 23: The Rules of Being Together. ago
Chapter 24: The Royal Sword Meister ago
Chapter 25: A Matter Of Trust ago
Chapter 26: Killing Two Birds With One Stone (Part 1) ago
Chapter 26: Killing Two Birds With One Stone (Part 2) ago
Chapter 26: Killing Two Birds With One Stone (Part 3) ago
Chapter 26: Killing Two Birds With One Stone (Part 4) ago
Chapter 26: Killing Two Birds With One Stone (Part 5) ago
Chapter 27: The Masks That We Wear (Part 1) ago
Chapter 27: The Masks That We Wear (Part 2) ago
Chapter 27: The Masks That We Wear (Part 3 & 4) ago
Chapter 27: The Masks That We Wear (Part 5 & 6) ago
Chapter 27: The Masks That We Wear (Part 7 & 8) ago
Chapter 28: You Are Not Alone (Part 1) ago
Chapter 28: You Are Not Alone (Part 2) ago
Chapter 28: You Are Not Alone (Part 3) ago
Chapter 28: You Are Not Alone (Part 4) ago
Chapter 29: The Rise of a Demon (Part 1) ago
Chapter 29: The Rise of a Demon (Part 2 & 3) ago
Chapter 29: The Rise of a Demon (Part 4 & 5) ago
Chapter 30 Epilogue: From Zero to Back to Hero? ago
Chapter 31: What Lies Ahead (Part 1 & 2) ago
Chapter 31: What Lies Ahead (Part 3 & 4) ago
Chapter 31: What Lies Ahead (Part 5) ago
Chapter 32: Where’s the Silver Lining? (Part 1) ago
Chapter 32: Where’s the Silver Lining? (Part 2) ago
Chapter 32: Where’s the Silver Lining? (Part 3) ago
Chapter 32: Where’s the Silver Lining? (Part 4) ago
AUTHOR'S NOTE #2: New Year 2019 Message ago

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i'm not normally one to flame or downgrade stories. it is your work and i get to read it for free so im really thankfull for that. but 12 chapters in and its like to much jumping around.


1. in the first few chapters he's like this dude who had seen the worst of humanity. he like sacrificed his fucking legs for his country and all he gets for his trouble is a load of debts and a bitching landlord with no empathy. then all he needs to forget all the shit he has taken are some millions which he uses manly to pay his debts and donate to the bitch.

dude ptsd doesnt get healed just because his current money problems are solved. in the first place he doesn't have ptsd because of the money.

second, once he starts the game and we see his status screen there is this space called class. two sentences later it is said there are no classes in the game. what is it? either there are classes or there aren't.

then we have the fate event. out of  the blue just because his girl wants to save some noobs. so against his better judgment he goes in and saves them. then they attack him and he threatens them to keep there shit down and they dont. what does he do? logically he promises to help them  in a week to clear the event. i mean wtf?

i mean your story is so well written it just pains me to see this. your mc has like every mental disorder ever invented by humankind. he's a bi-polar shizophreniac with ptsd. 

nevertheless i like this kind of story and i'll continue to read it. i just hope you get a grip of what you want your mc to be in the future and not just let him be every bad japanese lightnovel stereotype at the same effing time.

i really don't want to discourage you writing but damn dude.

yeah nope. after fighting to get to chapter 32 i quit. this is just not working. fuck im missing the hours i spent "reading" this.

Pen: Someone Suspicious

Ignoring the dumbass who put a one-star review because of the 'legendary' in the title- The only detriment I have with this story so far is the lack of where the the part about 'twighlight farmer' comes in. 

Honestly I was going into this expecting something about how some guy starts literally farming (through comedy or whatnot) and becomes OP. 

Though looking at it as it is now I am more of the opinion 'farmer' in the title might refer to experience grinding and mass slaughter of innocent (or not-so innocent) mobs.

Anyway, +1 Like.

(Ps: After the prologue+cp 1 & 2 the mc becomes a much better person and no longer is in a depressed slump. Story gets much better after that.)


As also a fan for LMS rather genres like that the novel have a promising future. What differs a novel with same genre was its uniqueness itself. Good luck and your story have some elements for being on a ranking novels here. Just dont be upset for some negative criticism, most author here gets depressed and stop writing coz of that


Bringing in another level of LitRPG

Hello there Ace! It's been a while since I've logging into RRL and after have been following your first debut novel here - Heroic Chronicles, I saw that you've uploaded another here, which is this. I've read it, and boy, I should say I am impressed.

I rarely gave a detail rating cuz - 1. I'm a lazy a$$ to begin with. 2. It's too technical that I rather just enjoy the book and comment what I felt about the story. :) But then again, it will do no justice to this sublime story if I don't give it a detail rating, do I? 



A great opening of LitRPG genre (or is there any type of category that this story can be put as?). I know RRL is famous of this specific genre, people transported to another world, stuck in the game, summoned by an unknown force and what not. But Twilight Farmer was somehow written in much more realistic way of someone 'transported' to another world. Back in those days before such genre was a huge trend, authors used to compose story like this. Remember .Hack//Series? Sword Art Online? To name a few. LTF respecting its roots, going back to the origins. And that's what make it interesting to read. It's like taking a time travel capsule and back to those times again. How I missed it! 

For a moment, I do wondered what were the meaning behind these 'Twilight' and 'Farmer' that you'd chose as the title of this story. Hope to see more reveal soon!



Opening with an unexpected background main character. The self-narrating this time focused from an almost hopeless man after serving his country, to a new aspired hero. Though some would find it a little resemblance to other Korean/Japanese LN, but nonetheless, LTF still stood on its own ground. (I still felt pity over him getting beat up by those mafia goons).



We've bombarded with too many characters from the same genre, whether LN or in RRL, with mundane and plain personalities. Most suffered with 'Sheeple Syndrome', like accepting everything happened to them as fate and not doing anything to change it, or just plain 'heartless/emo' avenger MC like an insane personal vendetta psycho (Urgh I still can't get over that story, but I won't name it here cuz' that story literally churned my guts). But I don't see this in Bryan Walker. 3 chapters I've read on, I don't find him annoying at all. He is just a lost man finding purpose of life after succumbed to depression and being a disabled does not help it either. His escapism through LIXXO was just a reflection of real life where people did escaped to online games to 'run away' from their life that they deemed 'sucky' or 'FML' in other words. It is pretty relatable. Fortunately till now, I don't see Bryan cussed his life yet and accepting the way it is. He just needed another chance to make things right. Hopefully to see more of his badass ex-soldier (suddenly I have this FFVII vibes coming from EX-SOLDIER woohoo!) personality. He's gonna wrecked everything to smithereens. :)



Ace, you are my man. You truly IMPROVED a lot in terms of grammar from the last time I've read Heroic Chronicles. I knew English was not your first language, so do I. But that does not mean you should stop writing or improve as it goes. LTF has simple dialogue, and grammar that explained situation well-enough. Keep on writing, I am confident that you'd produced even better works from time.



LitRPG, to be frank, is one of my favourite genre. But I can't unsee some that goes on trending that comes with most characters are either underdeveloped, or forgotten by the author. Or the writer just lazy to create an in-depth characters that we can come to like in future? I don't know. But all I know Bryan's of LTF gonna be one of my fave characters. It's like, I'm seeing a transition of the brash, young Claude (Heroic Chronicles) to a 6-packed, badass and mature ex-Soldier Bryan Walker (LTF). Great, marvelous. Please keep update more. I'll be looking forward to new chapters. :)


Those who like LMS, give this a try!

To those who had ever read Legendary Moonlight Sculptor and was looking for anything mildly similar, I would highly recommend this story. The starting did remisnice a little like LMS but set in a different world/country (I think). And by chapter 5, the whole story started to take a new turn.

Is it equal or better than LMS? Way too early to tell. But so far, it's a good read. LMS has its own attraction and hopefully this story would developed its own too.

I would give it a 4 stars but because some dumbass(es) who voted this story low, I'm giving it an extra 1 star. The grammar was near perfect, the flow is good and the pacing is fine. And that earned this story a proper 5/5 in all. I'm not too strict with requirements since I could still enjoy those poorly translated novels, but I hope the author could take time and actually make this story his own.

To the author: Keep it up. I want to see more of this 'Twilight Farmer' thingy. Like others said, I'm looking forward to it. My favourite character from LMS is Seo Yoon. I hoped that the author do not forget to add in some tough girls inside his story. That is my only wish.


I am an old school gamer myself but never had the joy to play d&d but I have played a lot of story based games Dragon Age origins awakening 2 and now inquisition plus the entire mass effect saga and not andramida so from one old gamer to another I’ll look forward to what you’re story shall hold. Atrast nul tunsha


its gooder than bad and greter than worse. LIke it i may say if i did indeed do it but i had not but still problably good though.


Just starting moo and enjoying the build up So far. Only irritation is the grammer. Words out of place, tense wrong, etc. Not the worst on rrl by far but still pulls you out of completely immersing in the story.