Oblivion Online (complete)

by Mighty Moushie

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Thanks for permission to use the cover by WanderingInPixels over on Deviant Art.

As of 12-15-18, the story is finished.  I am planning to edit and will release the books as I finish in one big go, but there isn't a timeline on any of that.


Marty had a fairly easy life as a cook for Arctic Storm Entertainment headquarters when he gets an offer from the company to try out a new playstyle for their biggest VRMMORPG, Oblivion Online.  Follow him as he makes his way through the game as one of the monster races trying to survive against the forces of light.  


Author's note: I will update every Monday and Friday for sure, with the possibilities of bonus chapters through the week if I get extra writing done.  I also did a disservice to several of my characters early on.  I'm slowly working through a re-write, but it will be a while as I want to make sure I get it right this time around.

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Mighty Moushie

Mighty Moushie

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This story is quite different from the usual ones; instead of giving the main character amazing powers/abilities that leaves the side characters in awe (boooooring), it is instead an average man doing absolutely average things (like making a basic trap), that completely amazes those around him (Yeeaah booy). But, maybe I'm just bitter because he didn't pick troll. 

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Dialogue between characters is average but feels flat in some cases.

The author mostly uses 1st person POVs, and occasionally some 3rd person. Some chapter's POVs move to other characters and would last a span of chapters for character building's sake.

Grammar is alright. Few errors. Paragraph structuring is sometimes odd, e.g. it's in 3rd person but in the middle it changes to 1st person. For example: The kobold went down to get his sword. He fastened it on his back but winced when the hilt hit his injured shoulder blade. Thank the gods I brought some health potions or I would be toast. The creature then walked out of the battlefield feeling like a champion.  Some qoutation marks would help.

The story is great, typical LitPRG. The story uses the generic VRMMORPG setting but I applaud the author for not making it more generic by using cliches like: the MC is a fat loser who is also a pervert, a battle sword maniac or some other form of melee combat maniac where MC and problems are dealt with a slugfest. There are some inconsistencies like: kobolds sweating(kobolds are supposed to be scaled humanoid reptiles), or goblins automatically evolving into 7 foot muscled humanoid beasts. Another inconsistency is the application of what the MC learned in previous chapters. In one chapter the MC is using his OP stamina draining poison which he worked hard to obtain but in another chapter he seemed to forget it existed. Now, in earlier chapters another thing that bothered me is the MC  and company getting pissed or depressed on reasons that are work related/game related. Aren't they supposed be experienced players turned beta testers?

The story is good but not at the level of "bookmarked" good for me.

Overall the story is good for a webnovel. Do I recommend reading it? Yes, just because I don't like it doesn't mean I hate it and want to shoo away potential readers. Listen my friends, likeness or attraction to something or someone is subjective so read away and discover the world of OBLIVION ONLINE.

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Love the story for book 1 its funny and gets the premise of what it means to be a monster *insert monster by Imagin drags here* and Marty is an intrestind dude but he is to bland and so far i love the Church of Thanatos missions and Book 2 hope you keep it up

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Nothing is perfect but MM tries hard to make OO get there. The author responds well to suggestions, has reasons for the plot, and the development is not outrageous. This makes the story well thought out and mostly contiguous.

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A Good Young Adult VRMMO

I'll confess I went thru book one like a bowl of popcorn. Don't over think it, don't try to apply real mmo game mechanics to it, just light the fuse and watch it explode like fireworks.

***point up in the air ooohing and ahhhing

Young Adult isn't a bad thing just means it is a little light on the logic in places and bit heavier on the splats and bangs.

Probably the only bit where the story loses momentum is ironically in the major mmo quest the mc recives. Once the MC gets into it individually chapter by chapter the scenes work pretty well, but read as a whole in one go it is a bit of a slog.

Game Mechanics?

Light and fluffy....that's a good thing!  Most of book one can simply be  enjoyed as a fantasy novel with a bit of gamer flair.

Highly recommend it as a read.

and to the author...

Nicely done I don't know that there is anything to change maybe just an editor pass to tighten up the tables.

If you ever do a rewrite? maybe party invites and teleports for one or two friends at the bone citadel? Changing perspectives and personalities would break it up just enough for it to shine as well as lay in for the wider world in book two.

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It's a good story with interesting execution. The storyline isn't very original, but some things, like alchemy guild, the MC being trap specialist and divine quests plotline are interesting touch. 

The MC is likeable, despite bouncing between greatness and stupidity, and some side characters are fairly well fleshed out. 

Main minuses are lack of drama, lack of well-developed monster race's culture and MC. I feel that although his personality is pretty clear, his motivation, his history, his deeper emotions and goals are unknown. It's still a mystery. 

Altogether a goor read, more recreational than emotion inducing. 

  • Overall Score

I've had the urge to play a trap focused kobold in D&D for the last couple weeks.  This got me even more hyped to play one.

  • Overall Score

Really good but bad dialogue

 This is a really good story i love the change up where he is a monster insead of a light sider. the only thing I dont like is how the dialogue seems to force out peoples names even when it makes the speech so a bit wonky but this story is mostly him doing awesome solo things so it doesnt effect the story as much as it would normally.

  • Overall Score

Just read through the first book at time of review.

This is one of the better stories that I have read on RRL, and I'm looking forward to where it will go next. Character development, narrative, world building, this story has it all. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to start something new. 

Spoiler: Spoiler



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So, I just finished Book one of Oblivion Online and I have to say. That it's a great read for anyone who likes litrpgs and monster MCs. Although not a full five star book, beacause in my opinion it could use a little fine tuning. Book 1 has a well thought out plot, semi fleshed out characters, and a bit a tiny bit below average character growth.