Oblivion Online (complete)

by Mighty Moushie

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Thanks for permission to use the cover by WanderingInPixels over on Deviant Art.

As of 12-15-18, the story is finished.  I am planning to edit and will release the books as I finish in one big go, but there isn't a timeline on any of that.


Marty had a fairly easy life as a cook for Arctic Storm Entertainment headquarters when he gets an offer from the company to try out a new playstyle for their biggest VRMMORPG, Oblivion Online.  Follow him as he makes his way through the game as one of the monster races trying to survive against the forces of light.  


Author's note: I will update every Monday and Friday for sure, with the possibilities of bonus chapters through the week if I get extra writing done.  I also did a disservice to several of my characters early on.  I'm slowly working through a re-write, but it will be a while as I want to make sure I get it right this time around.

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Great story, great author, some issues.

So, having read through the story in two days, I feel confident in saying that this is an absorbing and entertaining adventure. However there are several issues with the story, especially at the beginning. However, the author has addressed most of them in book two, and had promised a rewrite at some point. Now, on to the nitty gritty.


The story is written in first person past tense for the most part, with side chapters from other perspectives every so often. I really like this, because very few stories on this site take advantage of multiple viewpoints, and I've always loved a cast of characters, all doing their own thing. Some of the side chapters are in third person, and some are not. Personally I think it's better to be consistent. The prose is not particularly flowery, but it's sufficient. The story is also funny on occasion, not exactly a comedy, but still funny. Overall, 4.5 stars.


I do like this story, a lot, but there are some early issues, and recently I've had some quibbles, but nothing egregious. There premise is that our hero is being recruited as a beta tester for the new monster races in your stereotypical LitRPG MMO. Nuff' said. He starts the story with +100 to all stats plot armor, but that goes away after a while, and the author has talked about a rewrite of the beginning. The armor never entirely goes away, but does get quite literally nerfed. That said our hero is definitely OP, in that he blows through supposedly correctly tiered dungeons alone, which might not be an issue for him, as he is beta testing, but the developers of the game definitely need to get to work on meeting his whole race. I wouldn't even mention that, but the developers are characters that we see fairly regularly after a while. Besides that, the story is well structured, and fairly believable. Though parts of it would make more sense in a story of the "hero transported to another world" genre, as a game like the one portrayed would lose fans rapidly. But whatever, it's entertaining.


Oh boy, here we go, but first allow me to say that I'm writing this on my phone, with Google's sweeping keyboard, so my review will probably have issues as well. Now, on with the review.

While the grammar in this story is leagues above most stories on this site, there are some very consistent issues. For example, I'm confident in saying that every single chapter of this sorry has at least one, and I think usually quite a few, instances of tenses being mixed up. Even miss sentence. There are some points at which I was unsure if the story was still being written in past tense, and had to go back to check. This happens everywhere, but I'd very consistent worse during action scenes. One particular quiet I can pinpoint off of the top of my head is that frequently a character will think something along the lines of, "Let's see what will happen next." This, and other instances, are unfortunately not a job for find and replace, and require rewriting, and unfortunately for the author phrases like this are very common.

This story also needs a proof reader, as the usually perceptive eyes of the RRL community seem to have failed the author. I personally noticed a typo or three in most every chapter. Now you might say that I should stop being a hypocrite and mention them myself, but I read on my phone, and wiring is time consuming, I've spent nearly an hour just writing this much of the review so far. But these problems attend actually deal breakers, as these issues aren't going to be noticed by most people on this site, at least judging by the standard of grammar set by most authors on it. *Sick burn*


The characters are generally likable, though a bit two dimensional at first. The author has made a concerted effort to improve that area in the second book though, and by and large has succeeded. They mostly have unique and interesting goals, and some of the NPC's even act a bit like charicatures of real people, which is fitting, I suppose since we've seen proof that they are not yet sentient AI's, as the company making the game which is not evil, just bad at making games imho, h meaning humble, not honest, I will fight you on this, has deleted, and created them at will.

I would write more, but my thumb is getting cramped, it's two in the morning, and I have to get up at seven today.i also just realized my scores don't quite average out right, and I haven't read through my review at all, but I'm a bit tired, so author, if you're reading this, if this doesn't make sense or sounds unfair, tell me, somehow, I guess... I didn't think this sentence through, run ons are fun...


  • Overall Score

Good premise, Good Story, Bad Protag.

The Good: The premise is solid, the plot is interesting and makes sense, it's funny without trying too hard.

The Bad: The protagonist. Let's map it out:

-Everyone loves him, except his direct competitors, who grudgingly respect him

-He doesn't seem to have any actual character traits

-He lurches back and forth between brilliance and stupidity, from making (simple) traps that "no one has ever seen before" (rocks fall, everyone dies) to trying to stop a charging monster with a tripwire.

-He's smarter than the grandmaster alchemists, who don't understand the most basic of chemical principles, apparently

Overall, falls more into the traditional "Power Fantasy" litrpg than the more recent underdog stuff.

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It's not terrible

Good/decent grammmar though paragraph spacing requires work.  Sometimes you have these huge chunks of 400 words without a break

Good Storyline.  imo an unoriginal backstory, but interesting premise to the "tutorial".  

Style is weak.  The dialogue is robotic and almost completely unnecessary.  should have conversations with people IRL and see how unrealistic this sounds. Character can only do right.  He can't fuck up.  everyone in the world is dumb af, and exists to make the MC appear smarter.  

Character.  what MC? I don't remember anything about the guy because we're never told anything about him.  he's not thought out at all.  When you write a story you need to make your characters as well, not just think of the storyline .  Give your characters motivations and backstories.  This story lacks it

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Style: Writing style is mostly fine, until it's time for dialogue. The dialogue feel like someone put together a montage of an actual conversation, giving the conclusions with none of the details or emotions. There's actually very little dialogue, which is by itself a product of the poor story, but does help to support the style score.

Grammar: Can't say anything about it's grammar, which means I never noticed any issues. If I don't notice, I can't complain.

Story: What story? "Bland character splattering noobs" is the best I can come up with. With broken mechanics. Oh, god, the mechanics. The author clearly has no undersanding of MMOs. There's so much wrong with the "game" mechanics I don't know where to begin. Am I honestly expected to believe nobody has ever thought to use pocket sand, and it's okay for it to be comparaable with an ability others can't use until level 35? A level 0 trash mob is allowed to make an undetectable trap that can literally splatter an entire party? Basic rocks can, with no crafting abilities, can be made in to grenades capable of wiping entire parites?

And the dungeon thing? Hooooooly shit the dungeon thing. The entire fucking idea that new monster players should be trapped for a week as glorified canon fodder, not allowed to explore, progress, or grow? That monsters need to be weaker than light races. NPCs need to be weaker than players, yes, because players are expected to win. But now the monsters are players. The monster players need to have fun, too (without cheating or abusing exploits, like the protagonist does).

The way races and classes are picked, and expected to be stuck with forever works only when all the options are available at the start. Not only are they not, making them unlock based on actions and having various raritys and power levels is such horrible game design I can't fathom how the idea manged to make it in to a chapter. I imagine people will be getting intimately familiar with all the low level aspects of the game as they remake character after character, trying to get one they're happy with.

Character: There's no main character. I mean, there's a... "person" we follow. But he has no character. There's not a single emotion to be felt anywhere from, no development. He's simply a vessel through which he explore just how broken this "game" can be. Between the other monster players and the GM, it seemed like there might have been hope for salvation. That salvation never came.

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Fails to live up to its potential

So much potential, sadly it falls flat.

I found nothing wrong with the writing bar some spelling errors. Where this story fails is the fact it doesnt Use the whole monster angle. The city he lives in feels more like the shire than a kobold city.The innkeeper even calls him sir.. 

Bland fantasy litrpg that does nothing to stand out from the rest even with the monster twist.

  • Overall Score

The story is alright, but it feels too game-like (I know it's a game but still...) The dark races act no different than humans. The dialogue feels really stiff and artificial. The main character has a rather idiotic name. All in all I couldn't feel immersed into this story, and ultimately thats all that really matters to me.

  • Overall Score

Could've been great, but is flawed.

So after reading this story up till book 2 chapter 10 (and most of chp 11), i think i'm capable of writing a review, well as capable as any would be.

The story is written with love and imagination, and i have to give 1 star for effort, but the story is too filled with errors and holes for me to get any enjoyment from it anymore. There's so many brainfarts in the storyline that i have a hard time not making this review too excessively negative. *:WARNING: This review contains spoilers*

TL:DR: This is a huge review, and if you don't like reading this much, then i'm surprised you're even reading stories here on RRL.

First of all, the early chapters were really interesting, i liked the dungeon tutorial, and enjoyed seeing what new traps angus would make. But....

Side Characters and npcs:

Then came the side characters... *sigh* None of the characters in the story besides angus has held any interest for me. The 3 'friends' we keep hearing about in the cafe scenes are uninteresting, and imo completely unneeded. None of those 'scenes' has captured me at all, and i honestly don't see any reason for them having so much 'screen time' in the story. They're all lacking any exciting qualities, and their personalities come off as flat, and uninspired. I've found myself skipping almost all their backstories/cafe scenes (i've skimmed a little, but quickly lost any interest i had).

Khaliss is another character i simply don't like or understand; in the beginning he was a complete scrub npc that basically didn't have any skills or personality to relate to. And now he's suddenly mr. miyagi with spear skills, shadow manipulation, and knows everything and anything the mc needs to learn to be 'better'. He is never satisfied with anything the mc does, because he's the ultimate grandmaster-sensei-know-it-all. The same goes for almost any other 'teacher' npc.

Only the smith actually interests me, and the alchemy guildmaster; since they are the only ones with an realistic personality and could've had an exciting backstory to learn about. (if it wasn't for them being npc's in a game....)


Huge world building problems/plot holes: I'm aware that this story is all happening in an artificially constructed virtual reality world, and the fact that i know this, completely removes any tension the author tries to bring to the story. Simply knowing that no matter how grueling, death defying, traumatic and incredible/fantastical anything we read about is, the fact that none of it has ANY profound consequences in any way, simply removes any excitement i personally would've had for any developments that happen.

A thing that makes no sense to me at all: The mc can completely obliterate, decapitate, maim, liquify and use other types of extreme violence on sapient beings (artificial or not, if it's virtual reality it's supposed to be exactly like reality). WITHOUT having even the slightest bit of remorse, or adverse effect on his mental health?

He just goes to a 'cafe' and eats cake, plays with children and jokes around with his 'friends' after slaughtering and doing things that would leave basically anyone who isn't a complete psychopath/serial killer, mentally scared for life? The things he's done so far, would leave even the most battle hardened real life soldier mentally unstable for the rest of their life. And it literally breaks all conventions of realism or suspension of disbelief.

Also i get that he has skills that give him the ability to do stuff in game, but the way it's happening/written makes it seem like he's a veteran of thousands of wars and skirmishes. Almost like a true blue ultra marine from warhammer 40k. And now he's suddenly getting 'training' out of nowhere to improve his skills, which wasn't a necessity for most of the story untill now?

Also if all these skills get imprinted into his mind, and body, wouldn't that mean that basically any physical feat he learns/trains or masters in the 'game' would transfer over to his human body upon being disconnected from the capsule? or does his memory, muscle memory or otherwise get deleted ? 

And all this poison training is another thing which makes absolutely no sense, and hasn't been explained properly AT ALL. How is he able to 'see' inside himself, and 'zoom' in on specific cells/membranes, and see how they work and all that? Even going so far as being able to mount a 'defense' (?) against an invading poison, as if he can control his own antibodies/white blood cells with the power of his mind? Yeah he uses his mana for it, but that makes even less sense, since that kind of fine manipulation would be impossible without a grossly expanded mental faculty/improvement to his basic mental capacities. Even if he can manipulate mana, how the H**l can he split his focus onto millions, upon billions of cells/bacteria? It's utter nonsense. It's almost like the story has gone over to xian xia with inner ki vision/spiritual sight or did i miss something?

Even the virtual reality capsule he uses to experience these things, seems incredibly unrealistically though of. This level of science would be impossible in the author's own frame of world building, since the mc worked in basically a modern day kitchen with no incredible sci-fi machines or anything you would expect from this type of setting.

What is the point of the story?:

I have still not found out what the point of the story is, it's about a person who does fantasy stuff in an virtual reality mmorpg. And then? There is no end goal, no point(s) of no return, no big mission to complete, no larger than life dream to be fufilled, no nothing. It's basically like playing an rpg without any point to anything that happens, you just play for the sake of playing, without having a goal.

I'm sorry this came off as such a negative review, but i honestly hope the author can use my critisism in a positive way to improve his writing. Some huge twists to progress the world/story as we know it (Something on the scale of the matrix). And i could see this story going places. But as it is now, none of what happens matters much.


  • Overall Score

Great first 10 chapters

So far this is a great start to your story and I'm looking forward to reading more of it

  • Overall Score

Monsters Evolve

Be a player of monsters, begin in the Dungeon zone and level up. Some downsides to playing, but adaptive players can work this to their advantage. Excellent book, really liking how you evolve once you reach a set level and how you can become a variant.

  • Overall Score

Fun VRMMO litrpg adventure

Fun, steady VRMMO/litrpg adventure.

This story seems to do everything that it attempts pretty well but what sets it apart is that it seems to avoid all of the pitfalls that similar stories fall into.

There is no sinister, ridiculous real world conspiracy that dominates the story. There are hints of game balance and even corporate espionage issues but the out of game conent all seems to either be a positive addition to the story or a neutral addition and it never detracts from the story.

The other typical problems with similar stories (an overly angsty character falling into darkness, totally absurd evil guilds that operate more like clans in xianxia stories, etc.) are also avoided.

If you enjoy smooth, well-done VRMMO/litrpg stories then this is for you.