A note from Mighty Moushie

So, I figured this book would be called Progenitor's Wrath.  Hopefully this first chapter ties up any questions you had from the prologue.

“And that, is how you do a monster commercial!” Jon shouted at the screen where we were watching my commercial. “God, the way you told that story just sucked me in. I was trembling in rage about the Pelor stuff.”

“Speaking of Pelor, do we know anything about what happened to the church members?” Phoebe asked.

“Message boards are lighting up.” Derrick chuckled. “Some people are trying to claim it is all lies, but in the traditions of the internet they are getting shouted into oblivion. Good call leaving just enough verifiable information in your speech, you seem to be getting a ton of credit for it.”

“Lemme see!” Jon said, pulling up a browser of his own. “Let’s see, let’s see. Confirmations of no pontiff are gaining traction. Several dwarf characters have pointed out Breaking Dawn being mysteriously exiled from their kingdom. Rumors about breaking hospitality and their connection to Pelor.”

“You guys see the demands for video of Khaliss’ Last Stand? It’s growing incredibly fast.” Phoebe pointed out. “OOOH! Mods posted a sticky comment! Tomorrow at noon the entire last stand will be posted to your streaming account Marty!”

“Want to have a party for it?” Derrick asked. “I only knew the guy for a day, but he was incredible. Didn’t care that I wasn’t a drakeling, just sat me down and started training me.”

“I think I would like that. Wait, email from Emily. One second guys.”


Not sure if you are following the message boards after your commercial, but things are blowing up in a good way. We’ve already seen a spike in new monster characters, and have promised the video of Khaliss’ stand. Since I know from watching your feeds what he meant to you, I managed to get them to make it into a memory crystal in game. Indestructible, it will appear in your inventory in three hours.


“Hey guys, Emily says we get an in game memory crystal of Khaliss’ fight.”

“You’ve got that ‘I have a crazy idea’ look going on.” Derrick noted. “Need any help with it?”

“Yeah. Can you implant memory stones in a sculpture?”

“Yes. Anyone can come up and view the memory though.” Phoebe pointed out. “You thinking of a memorial?”

“Yep. A statue with a spear, facing down the street where the light siders will be coming from. At the base is the crystal, letting everyone watch his final memory.”

“You should have his wife behind him in the statue. Show what he was willing to protect.” Derrick added.

“Uh oh. Getting some push back about the level cap. Probably shouldn’t have mentioned that.” Jon said, still stuck in his message boards.

“That’ll change in an hour when we can log back in.” I said. “I can’t wait to see all the evolutions.”

“You already know them, right?” Derrick asked. “You sure you can’t just tell us?”

“I could, but it’s better to wait.” Settling back into my chair, I started going through the message boards as well. I did make sure to keep a timer displayed counting down to when we could log back in the game. When we did, there were a flurry of new messages awaiting us.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

System announcement!


Due to the events of Darkest Deeds in Darkest Night event, several changes have been added to the game. Four entirely new species of monster have emerged, as well as a monster seat of power in the city of Nemesis. Dismayed by the changes and shift in power, the gods of the light pantheon have pooled their powers to affect the following changes:


The level cap has been raised from 200 to 250

Experience gains in dungeons are doubled for the next month

New characters have a rush option for growth, details in the next prompt


Character Rush!


For those that wish to join in the assault upon the Progenitor Tyrant, but are unhappy with their current character, we are introducing a rush option. When starting a new character, you may have it start at the highest maximum level achieved by any of your previous characters in your account history. Your character will start with a level appropriate, uncommon rarity set that takes up all inventory slots. Be aware, that this is only available for one character, and it must be a light side character.



Oblivion draconian


Witness the birth of a new species. The oblivion draconians are equally comfortable using shadow as well as light magics. When in dire straits, they may mix the two magics to form the formidable oblivion magic. Their scales are second only to true dragonscale in terms of defense.

Species abilities:


Shadow magic resist 75%

Light magic resist 75%

Negate 20% of physical and magical damage




Due to your choice of evolution material, your rank has changed. You are now a divine rank monster, and as such will gain 10 points in each attribute per level in addition to your normal gains.



Simian king


A special evolution of bugbear, Simian kings resemble the ancient Chinese myth of the monkey king. Possessing incredible agility and strong magic, they are fierce opponents.

Species abilities:


Maximum magic resist +10%

Out of combat mana regeneration +20%

Agility bonuses from equipment are 50% stronger




Due to your choice of evolution material, your rank has changed. You are now a demigod rank monster, and as such will gain 5 points in each attribute per level in addition to your normal gains.



Chimera Lord


Chimera lords are terrifying existences. Able to freely mix and match body parts from their shapeshifting animals, these highly adaptable creatures are nearly impossible to predict. In addition to physical abilities, they absorb 10% of magical attacks.

Species abilities:


10% of magic damage received converted to mana

Can gain stat boosts based on creatures formshifted into

Immune to fear effects




Due to your choice of evolution material, your rank has changed. You are now a demigod rank monster, and as such will gain 5 points in each attribute per level in addition to your normal gains.



Son of Ymir


Ymir was the giant whose body was used to create everything. His offspring are some of the most powerful magic wielders in existence. All giants immediately recognize and defer to them. In addition to this, they also obtain the field spell Ginnungagap, which negates all magical effects.

Species abilities:


Spells cost 10% less mana

Spell cast time reduced by 10%

Obtained Ginnungagap spell.




Due to your choice of evolution material, your rank has changed. You are now a demigod rank monster, and as such will gain 5 points in each attribute per level in addition to your normal gains.


Monster player update


An unexpected gap in power has become apparent when allowing monsters to group together. In order to balance the game, we have instituted the following changes:


Evolved monsters may only group with first tier monsters

Evolved monsters are limited to five in their party, and only one other player

First tier monsters may group with up to ten monsters, including up to two other players.

Groups must stay within a one-mile radius of the group leader.


Depending on further game development, these changes may or may not be permanent.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

“See what I mean about the level cap option?” I asked the group as we logged in. I had skimmed through the notifications, having gotten a heads up from Emily about most of them. Instead, I looked at the changes in people.

Derrick hadn’t grown any, but his skin was a deeper color and the swirling pattern on his skin was slightly raised. According to Emily, the amount of mana he was currently channeling into a spell would cause the edges of this pattern to glow slightly.

Phoebe looked almost the same, though her body was slightly bulkier. That was the most terrifying aspect though, unless you were able to identify her you would have no idea she was a tier three monster until she shifted an arm into that of a bear and ripped your head off.

Jon had changed the most. He lost most of the hair on his face, and it went from having a greenish hue to a more golden brown. He had also shrunk a bit, and his bulky muscles had become more toned.

As I was looking over everyone, something slammed into my chest and knocked me on my back. “Oof!” I cried as I landed and felt a weight on me. I was starting to launch a [Dark bolt], but cancelled my spell as Inkler materialized on me. “How the hell did you manage that?” I asked, rubbing along his neck as I identified him.


Mirage stalker (magebane variant)

Level 1


Mirage stalkers are a light evolution of nightligers. Their inherent skill with light magic has combined with the reflective properties of their armor plates to make them nearly invisible when not moving. At higher levels, they may even create a mirage of themselves to distract enemies, allowing them to deal devastating strikes.


“Oh, we are going to have so much fun with you in battle.” I chuckled darkly as I read his description. Looks like he was also going to be jumping aboard the shadow and light magic train. He simply sat back and preened at the attention, until I heard an uncomfortable cough.

“Shrik? What can I do for you?” I asked, turning my head to look at him.

“Ahem. Well, there’s a few people who need to be meeting with you, if you can?”

“Sure, who are we meeting?” I asked as I struggled to get out from under Inkler. Not an easy task.

“Oh, you know. The king, his queen, and the priestess of Lolth.”

“Shrik, are you nervous?”


“Relax. What’s got you so nervous?” I asked as we started walking.

“I don’t do well with people who can order me relieved of my head.”

“Well, that’s a very good point. From what I know these types of people don’t do that willy nilly.”

“Willy nilly?”

“Sorry, it’s an idiom from my homeland. Basically it means for no reason. Rulers who do that tend to have people rise up against them before too long.”

“I suppose.”

“Which means you would have to be incredibly rude to them before they would do such a thing. Are you going to be rude to them?”

“GODS NO!” He said, looking at me like I had lost my mind.

“Then relax. You have nothing to worry about. If it helps, keep everything strictly formal. They are going to be just as nervous with their new guard captain, and it’ll take a while to get their measure of you. Now, where are you leading me?”

“I suppose I can do that. Oh, and we’re headed to the Final Homecoming.”

“Never heard of it.” I said, shaking my head.

“Khaliss’ and Alnoss’ Inn. That’s what the new owner decided to rename it. You’ll see why when we get there.”

We spent a few minutes in companionable silence, and I could tell that he was slowly working through his terror. As we approached the inn, I could see the statue from the commercial we had done. The fleeting view in motion didn’t do it the justice it deserved. Up close, you could see the rough patches in the soldier’s armor, and how he was discarding his spear to catch his wife as she leapt at him. “Final Homecoming indeed.” I said with a smile. We took a few seconds just to admire the work on the statue, before heading inside.

The main dining area had been cleared of most tables. Sitting at one was the priestess of Lolth, flanked behind her by two drow. Opposite her was a male oblivion draconian, but a female shadow drakeling. I had noticed that not everyone had evolved, but didn’t expect the queen of all people to be passed over. Behind them, and in the corner, were several guards. Walking up to the table with Shrik, I bowed slightly lower than he did.

“Your majesties, may I present the adventurer Angus_MacG.”

“Ah, so this is the one then. Have a seat, adventurer. We have some things to discuss.”

“Of course, your majesty.” I said, sitting down. “Priestess.” I nodded in her direction, getting a smile in return.

“Let us start with the most important issue. What do you mean by declaring yourself tyrant? We know the general consensus of the word, but wish to hear your own ideas before making judgement.”

“Thank you, your majesty.” I said. “First, please accept my apologies for using the word tyrant. I needed a word that would incite the light siders, and get them to focus solely upon myself. I wanted to limit their destructive tendencies. In reality, the best comparison to my plan would be akin to adventurer histories in the Roman Dictators. These were men given complete control during a military emergency. After the emergency was dealt with, or six months had passed, they relinquished their power.”

“So, you expect us to put you in control of our military, and hand it back in six months? Seems rather foolish.”

“I expect nothing of the sort. I only ask for the autonomy to do what I need to complete my goals. One of which is protecting all the monster races of this world. To do that, I need to harness a truly massive amount of energy. The easiest source of which would be death energy. As adventurers will return from death, harnessing it from them seemed the best way to go about this. The best way to guarantee their cooperation is to issue them a challenge.”

“Why are you so certain that they will accept your challenge?” The queen asked.

“Because I know adventurers, your majesty. They crave new things. They feel a burning desire to push their limits, to overcome what others say is impossible. And I have given them that. I limited their time, challenged their ego, and told them that I am better than them.”

“We are glad to hear that you feel you have succeeded.” The king spoke. “So what can we expect to change in city life?”

“In city life? Nothing. I will be placing orders with shopkeepers, but that’s all. I intend to turn that palace on the plateau into a dungeon. We will have the city guard escort the adventurers straight to the entrance, so that they do not get lost or threaten the citizens. I do have some plans for the drow to assist, but that will mostly be the enchanting clan.”

“So, you basically just installed yourself as a sacrificial figurehead to save our citizens?” The queen asked.

“I did.” I answered her, trying to put as much honesty into my words as possible. “I recently lost two of my closest friends in this city, and I wish to put an end to that. Permanently. If I manage to do this, then I will succeed. If I am defeated, then it will all be for naught.”

“Very well. We are satisfied with your words.” The king said. “We are willing to overlook it this time, especially in light of our new desert allies. However, you will be explaining your plan to us in the very near future. You will also refrain from making such bold statements that affect the city and its people without consulting us first. Understood?”

“Of course your majesty.” I said with a bow. Satisfied, the royalty and their guard left us.

“Impressive bullshitting. I didn’t detect any outright lies in any of that.” The priestess said as she switched seats so she was across from me.

“It was true. That’s what saved me.”

“Oh dear, and here I thought you could have a future with the drow should things go badly. Alas, the truth will be your death there.”

“I assure you, I have no intention of joining the upper echelons of drow society. I’m well aware that the skills required to successfully navigate those arenas are far beyond my abilities. So, what can I do far you today, priestess?”

“What every girl truly wants. Money. Gems. Loot.”

“I see. I do believe we had agreed to sixty forty split in favor of the drow? The gems and coins are easy to split, the legendary items are going to give us trouble.”

“Indeed. Let’s see just what you managed to loot, shall we?” Nodding, I started pulling the items out of my bag. The sword, Durandal. Ten vials of dragon blood. The Sunfire Topaz. Six books bound in lead. Morgan’s Tiara. Soul Piercer. The Oni’s Essence.

“I can identify the items, though the books and scrolls are beyond me at the moment. Can you tell me what they are?”

“Aren’t you forgetting that twig you got from the wall?”

“That? No. That was found by me, outside of the vault. No drow had a hand in finding or retrieving it. The deal with Lolth was splitting the contents of the vault. This was not in the vault, and not subject to the deal.”

“Will you at least let us know what it is?”

“Sure. Here are the descriptions of the items.”

Sunfire Topaz

Legendary gem


This gem is the largest of it’s kind, and of the highest quality. It can be used to boost light magic within a magical array, add fire and light damage to weapons, or boost the magical defenses of armor.


Morgan’s Tiara

Legendary helm


Once worn by Morgan Le Fay, this tiara has been sought for centuries by those who would travel the planes of existence.


Defense: 150

Durability: 5,000/5,000

Increases Intelligence by 150

Increases mana regen by 125%

Contains a map of portals to different planes of existence.


Soul Piercer

Legendary Bow


Crafted from an elderwood tree that was grown in the spiritual realm, this bow damages not only the body but the soul as well.


Damage: 500-750 piercing

Soulfire arrow: By feeding the bow 100 mana, can fire a soulfire arrow. This will drain the target’s Wis at a rate of 1 per second for 24 seconds. Attribute damage will recover 1 per hour.

Shredded soul: Adventurers killed with this weapon will be affected by shredded soul debuff. For 24 hours, all skills will lose 5 levels and all stats will be lowered by 10.


Oni’s Essence

Set Armor (6 of 6)

Demon only


This armor is possessed by the spirit of a powerful demonic warrior. Equipping it unlocks the Infernal Samurai class, as well as provides boosts to learning class skills. Further information is locked to demonic races only.


Branch of Yggdrasil

Legendary item


A branch from the world tree. It’s uses are myriad.


Durability: Indestructible.


“And what are you wanting to claim?”

“Sunfire topaz, dragon blood, and Morgan’s Tiara.” I immediately replied.

“And just how would the drow use a sword like Durandal?” She asked pointedly. “Very few of us are considered lawful. And none of us are good.”

“Ah, but think of all the slaves that will try and take it from you once they know the location.”


“Oh, pardon me. I meant adventurers that will become slaves. The drow prefer capable fighters for their slaves, yes? Imagine catching adventurers. I know you can’t enslave them with collars, but there is no rule against having them sign a magical contract, is there?”

“A magical contract?”

“Yes, a binding magical contract. The magics of that work on adventurers. So long as you word it right, they will sign their lives away. Surely the drow of all races can weave unintended consequences into a contract.” I said, giving her a look.

“Oh you are adorable! Playing to our vanity and throwing a challenge all in one, just look at you. And just how do you plan on letting these adventurers know where to come looking for the sword?”

“We have communication abilities outside of this world. I will simply leave a list of what we liberated from the vault of Pelor out for everyone to see, letting them know that the drow have these items. They won’t be able to help themselves.”

“I’m still not entirely sure that this is a good idea.”

“Hmmm, well. Since everyone loves a challenge, do you think the drow would be able to corrupt the sword? An indestructible blade, corrupted so that it can only be wielded by chaotic evil would be wonderful in the hands of the drow, wouldn’t it?”

“That’s better.” She said with a smile. “A double challenge. Lure the adventurers in with a promise of a legendary sword, all the while we have corrupted it for our own use. So that’s one. I do admit, we would have several houses vying for that bow as well. Surely you aren’t going to suggest we corrupt a demonic suit of armor though, are you?”

“Not at all. But, there are adventurers that are demons out there. Perhaps you could strike a deal with one. Let him or her use the suit, and have them teach the drow applicable techniques while serving for a set period of time.”

“Hrmph. No, I don’t think we can agree to that. What I want is the tiara.”

“I see. I can let you have that, and I will take the demon armor, on one condition.”

“And that is?”

“You share the planes map with Rocky. He is already a planes traveler, adding more planes only helps him grow. With the map, he will have no need of the tiara itself. Plus, I doubt it would fit him as a giant.”

“No maps, and we only take him to half the planes in the tiara.”

“Half the planes, but the ones you take him to must be ones he has not visited before.”

“Done.” She said with a grin. “Now, we need to take a look at these books. May I?”

“Be my guest.” I said, sliding the books and scrolls in her direction. I watched silently as she ran her fingers around each box, tracing runes as she went. It ended up taking around five minutes per book, but I had the time. When messing around with books that people felt the need to lock up in lead, you want to make sure you get everything right.

“Well. It seems we have found quite the trove of forbidden knowledge. Each of these contains a spell. Once read, the spell will disappear from the pages for a year and a day. You won’t be able to teach this spell, only the book may. The first one is chaos magic. Heizenberg’s Uncertainty Ray. Your target will be formshifted into something different, permanently. It could be a harmless squirrel. It could be a shoggoth. The second is light magic. Whiteness. The third is shadow magic. Deo Noct. It simply gives a translation, Lord in the Night. Fourth we have the ice magic Absolute Zero. Fifth, a summoning magic. Dread Juggernaut. Figures Pelor would hide that, they are creatures of the deep void. And last, we have Amalgamation. It forcefully fuses up to five targets together.” I shuddered at what could be made with that spell.

“I see. And the scrolls?”

“An assorted collection. Several meteors, a few designs for exotic weapons, and some more summoning spells. Though none quite as powerful as the Dread Juggernaut.”

“I see. Would you be ok with my claiming the spells Whiteness, Deo Noct, and Absolute Zero? As payment for the even split of the spells, you may have all the scrolls.”

“Hmm, on one condition.”


“The drow keep the chained books. In a year and a day, we will learn the spells ourselves.”

“If you are keeping the books, then I want my party to look over the summonings and I want a meteor for each of them. That’d be three.” I clarified before she could ask.

“One summoning for the three of them.”

“Two. What is a year and a day compared to the long life of a drow?”

“Very well.” She said with a sigh. Like she was getting put upon with this deal. “Clanless, it’s time.” She spat over her shoulder, kicking a chair out next to me. The bodyguard who was closest to the chair sat down, and I finally recognized him as the Drul’kaath.

“So, have you been cleared by your kin to negotiate?”

“I have.” He said, a lot more subdued this time.

“And what are the penalties for failure?” I asked, just to see him squirm.

“Enslavement.” He said, and I caught the slightest tremor in his hand. Damn, enslavement is bad, but to shake a drow? They must treat their slaves horribly.

“Very well. What does your clan offer?”

“Our services as top notch enchanters. There is a reason we have survived being clanless in Menzoberrazan.”

“I see. How long?”

“A year and a day we will have our top three enchanters available to you. Should you need something outside of their expertise, we will ensure that it is done.”

“Can you enchant certain effects into portions of rooms?”

“You are thinking of your palace dungeon? Yes, we have that ability. It is where we tend to specialize, as it brings in far more money than enchanting pieces of gear.”

“Very well. That is an acceptable offer.” I replied, much to his relief. I wasn’t going to screw this clan, as drow had very good memories. “At the conclusion of our contract, your clan and their allies will not hold any grudges against me or mine, and we have a deal. As soon as the contract is drawn up and signed, you will have your family scimitars.”

“Of course.” He said, pulling out a stack of papers. Flipping through them, he stopped at the fifth page and slid it across the table. I took my time to scan the paper, then read it through line by line. Twice. After he was certain of everything, he signed it and watched as it magically doubled itself.

“Everything seems to be in order. Here are your scimitars.” I said, placing the contract in my inventory and sliding the copy and the scimitars to a very excited drow. “Does this mean you can be referred to as Drul’kaath now?”

“Yes, though I would insist on you using my first name. Call me Andross.”

“Pleasure doing business with your clan, Andross.” I said, shaking his hand. “Now, if everyone will excuse me, I do have to go back to my friends and let them in on the split. Priestess, if you would have someone contact Rocky within three days for his tour with the tiara, I’m sure he would be most grateful.”

“Three days?”

“Ah, yes. It takes a large amount of mana to set an anchor from what I’m told, and I do believe he will be unable to do that for at least 24 hours. This gives your people time to find suitable locations.”

“Hmmm, you’re up to something, that’s as plain as day. I’ll let it go for now.” She said. Standing, I gave her a slight bow and watched as they headed upstairs to rest. Now I just had to figure out how to tell Jon that we didn’t come away with any gear that was fit for a Simian King.

A note from Mighty Moushie

I had forgotten that midway through book 2, Marty and Lolth hashed out a sixty-forty split in favor of the drow when it came down to the vault contents.  I'll have to rework the part with the priestess, as deals with the goddess take priority.  Someone last chapter also asked if Marty was going to get a lot of new spells.  The answer is yes.


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