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Not a chapter, just a summary of some things


A note from Mighty Moushie

Had a request for a general information page since we have things starting to get complicated, so here we go.  I'll add in the final evolutions for everyone after I post book 3 chapter 1.

Characters and their evolutions:

Marty => Angus_G, started as a kobold and evolved into shadow drakeling. evolved class is mystic ambusher.

Jon => JonnyBGood, started as a goblin and evolved into a bugbear. evolved class is witch doctor

Phoebe => Illyora, started as a gnoll and evolved into Loup Garoup, saberlion subspecies. This is basically a monster version of a werewolf. evolved class isn't listed.

Derrick => Rock'mSock'm, started as a troll and evolved into eldritch giant. Evolved class isn't listed.

Guilds so far, only light siders.

Steele Legion: forcibly disbanded in book 1 by the game managers.

Screaming Eagles: Medium to upper range guild. Members include Rycran (dwarf paladin), Corinne (elf healer), Garret (barbarian, can't remember his race), Corrigan (Garret's brother, arcane rogue), Leslie (druid focusing on crowd control, but has options for healer build).

Breaking Dawn: membership in flux. Highly linked to the Church of Pelor. Guild leader is Goliath, unknown rank in the church. Minimum of Priest.

Legendary monsters we have seen:

The Maw. legendary sand shark from the desert.

Plaguedeath. Legendary undead dragon found in the true tombs of Zandkazaar.

Godly Pantheon


Pelor, god of light. Patron of humans. Main church is in Ascencion, a human capital city.

Moradrin, god of crafting. Patron of dwarves.

Gaia. Earth goddess. Patron of elves and druids.


Thanatos, god of death.

Justice, goddess of justice.

Truth, god of truth.

no others are named, but they tend to be concept based, like truth and justice. They refuse to claim a race and be their patron.


Lolth. Goddess of lies and betrayals, patron of the drow. main church is in Mezoberrazan.

Tiamat. Dragon goddess of chaos.

Possibilites that haven't been added yet for the dark pantheon:

Kevin. Source of all evil. Fucking Kevin man.

God of Torture.

Cities of note:

Mezoberrazan. Capital city of the drow.

Ascencion. Human capital city.

Drakeling city will receive a name in the prologue of Book 3.

Magical elements and their boosted versions. Cost more mana, do more damage, higher chance of status effects.

Shadow (darkness) and void.  Greater chance for removing limbs.

lightning and violet lightning. Drains stamina and paralyzes.

fire and azure flame.  Massive boost to burn chance and lowers durability.

earth and metal.  can sense and move unowned metals.

air and aether (hasn't been used yet.)  speed massively boosted.

light and blessed light.  Massive damage to undead, not required to be from a divine source.

ice and clear ice.  Freeze chance and drains mana.

 Water (forgot about this, sorry) and healing essence. Gives a boost to healing spells.

Class differences

Light players have traditional classes, but a lot of options to specialize.  Example:  Rogues can split into hunters, assassins, trappers, or in special cases hybrid to arcane rogue.

Monster players have equivalent classes, but they can also get unique classes based on playstyle.  Marty has mystic ambusher.  Similar to arcane rogue fused with a trapper.  Protracted battles are terrible for him, since he doesn't have a proper rotation of skills, and all of his have at least a three second cooldown.

I'm also going to have the monster classes tend towards high burst damage, while the light will go with sustainability in fights.  As of right now, there are zero monsters that have a healing skill.  There are skills available to cleanse debuffs.

A note from Mighty Moushie

Anything else you feel needs added?  Let me know.

Edited in to add boosted element effects.

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Mighty Moushie

Bio: I'm a chemist that gave writing a try, and loved the results. Everything is mostly for fun right now, though I might try and get some things published eventually. Certain traits of my daughter have made it into bits of my stories, and she sometimes keeps me company when we both have trouble sleeping.

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