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Once Fenrir was done having his fun teasing Azalabulia about her toys and their names, they spent a while just talking about life. They talked about their favorite colors, movies and music, their history and their dreams – everything that he had already talked about with his other girlfriends but never got a chance to repeat around Azalabulia was repeated. She was brought up to date and given every single last bit of information regarding him that his other girlfriends already had. In exchange, he learned more about her than what the others knew, so it was clear that she would have to have such one-on-one dates with their girlfriends, too.

That line of thought led Fenrir to imagine how a date would go between her and Serra.

He would want to watch that date.

Once Fenrir and Azalabulia were out of things to talk about and too tired to do anything else as lewd as what they did earlier, but still wanting to spend more time together, he came up with an idea.

It was time to do the number one thing that he joined the game for while on a one-on-one date with Azalabulia.

“There you go! See? It’s not that hard once you get the hang of it,” Fenrir said, standing behind Azalabulia.

The lure attached to her line flew through the air before landing in the ocean’s gentle waters.

“Slowly reel it in now.”

Azalabulia hesitantly begins to reel in the lure. “Why reel it in?”

“Uhh, because you’re supposed to when using lures.”

“You… don’t know, do you?”

“I know that you’re supposed to reel them in. Look, as much as I love fishing, I’ve never really done that much research into properly doing it. Most of the time in games, it’s either automated or simplified and it doesn’t teach you why you do things. But, I’m over ninety percent sure that it’s because of how lures tend to mimic fish and other things that bigger fish like to eat. Reeling them in makes them seem alive – like they’re swimming. That makes them more appealing to other fish. Now, if you were using live bait, you could just let it sit out there since they’d be moving around all on their own and grabbing attention, but you’d still have to reel them in every now and then since they’d eventually – you know, cease living.”

“Explosions would be faster.”

“You’re not going to explode the water.”


“Explosions ruin all the fun and destroy and sense of sport that there is.”

“I’m disappointed in you. I would have thought that my general would realize the true, awesome power of explosions and how they make everything better! It destroys any sense of sport there is? Wrong! The size of the explosion, its color, how much destruction it causes – now that is sport!”

Azalabulia then felt a tug on her line.

“A-ah! Fen! I – I think something’s hooked! What – what do I do?”

“You’ve fished with us before.”

“B-but not with a lure!”

“It’s the same thing. Once it’s hooked, reel it in like you normally would.”


Supporting her the only way that he could think of, he prepared the net in one hand while his other hand held her side.

She definitely hooked something but, going by the light bend of the rod, it must have been pretty weak.

“I can see it. You’ve got this,” Fenrir said, both hands on the net now. Though, really, it was small enough that she could easily bring it onto the deck without any struggle.

Azalabulia’s shaking hands struggled to keep the rod still. Then, as soon as the fish was close enough, she lifted the rod up and back to pull the fish out of the water! It flew up through the air, hooked by its mouth, and Fenrir swung the net to try and catch it! Only, he ended up knocking it out of the air, sending it flying doward directly toward… Azalabulia.

Azlabulia’s chest to be more specific.

Fenrir knew that this would normally be when a girl turns bright red, screams, and desperately tries to remove the fish. Instead, when he looked at his girlfriend, all he saw were dead eyes as the fish’s tail flopped around above her cleavage. The rest of the fish had been securely trapped between her breasts and, the more it wiggled, the farther down it slid.

“I don’t know whether to appreciate this fanservice or be jealous of the fish,” Fenrir said before reaching out to grab the fish by its tail. “I guess I can’t be too jealous after what we did.”

“Don’t – don’t bring it up so suddenly. And now I’m all slimy,” Azalabulia whined.

As for the fish, it was small in size but had a beautiful, almost-rainbow shine to it when the sun shone onto it.

It didn’t take much for Fenrir’s tail to wag. “I wonder how it tastes.”

“You – you can’t just eat it!”

“Why not?”

“It’s cute!”

“But the whole point of catching fish is to eat them.”

“I don’t want to catch fish to eat! They deserve to be released so that they can—”

“You wanted to explode them.”

“I – gr-granting them a beautiful death with an explosion is something else that they also deserve!”

“Don’t you think it’d be more humane to eat them? So that they’re not being wasted?”

“Explosions aren’t wasteful.”

“Aren’t explosions kind of the definition of overkill and being wasteful?”

“They are not wasteful because they are the most effective method of wide-scale destruction. If the intent is to destroy everything around them, then it is not wasteful.”

“You’re going to find a way to justify explosions no matter what, aren’t you?”

“Absolutely. My dark and awe-inspiring explosions deserve to be witnessed throughout the world!”

“But I’m not allowed to kill and eat the fish you caught?”

“N-no! His name is The Fresh Fish!”

“You – you already gave him a gender and name?”

“I did! T-that’s why you have to release him so that he can go and live a happy life!”

“Unless he dies in an explosion, in which case it’s alright for his life to end?”


“That sounds like a really abusive relationship.”

“Just – just release him already before he drowns!”

“Wouldn’t he – wait, what’s it called when a fish dies from being out of the water? Suffocation?”

“I think so.”

“Good enough. If the teacher says it then it must be true.”

“That – that isn’t always true. I teach my students critical thinking for a reason! There are times when I make mistakes, too, so it’s important to always be on the lookout!”

“You’re such a dependable teacher.”

And with that, Fenrir dropped the fish into the water.

“Is – is it okay to drop him from up here?” Azalabulia asked.

“Yeah, look. He’s swimming away just fine.”

“Good! I hope that you remember your meeting of destiny today, The Fresh Fish. I, Azalabulia, Wielder of the Cursed Flame of Bahamut, have granted you permission to survive! Survive and spread word of the coming apocalypse by my hand – by my awesome powers!”

“But you didn’t give him any words to spread.”

“I’m giving him those words now!”

“But he’s already gone and I don’t think that fish have very good hearing. Actually… I don’t know if they have any hearing.”

“Fish can hear. Their ears are on the inside rather than the outside, essentially.”

“I’m going to start coming to you with all the questions that I can think of, Miss Teacher.”

“I will be your teacher whenever you need it.”

“That’s hot. Does this also apply to teacher and student roleplay where you’re punshing me for misbehaving in class, or when I’m trying to seduce you for better grades?”

“Has – has Nell been rubbing off on you?”

“In more ways than one.”

“I can tell. B-but… if – if that’s what you want, then… I – I just might need to drink a little beforehand…”

“I’m going to get horny again. Wait, I already am horny again.”

“Then – then… i-if you want to, right now?”

“But I already feel so tired, and aren’t you tired?”

“I am, but…”

Azalabulia looked to the left and then the right before looking down at Fenrir’s crotch.

And so, before Fenrir could even catch one fish of his own, he was pulled away from fishing yet again to partake in the pleasure of his girlfriend’s body.

Fishing was the true endgame, but his girlfriends were the highest raid tier of endgame content that offered the most rewards.

But as soon as he finished, again, his mind returned to thoughts of fishing and about how he would need to come out only with Rao, Corwin, and Olly if he ever wanted to get just fishing done.

He just couldn’t focus on only fishing whenever his girlfriends were around.

Not only that, but there was something else in need of his care and attention aside from the fish of the oceans and his girlfriends.

A neglected partner who Fenrir planned on spending much more time with than he has, only to rarely ever need him. Even now, he was stuck on the ship and left to the side while Fenrir and Azalabulia went about being a lovey-dovey couple.

If he had a mouth to grumble with, he would have been grumbling. Loudly.

A note from Ace Arriande

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