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After the young maid escorted the envoy and her bodyguard out and left, the envoy suddenly stopped and gaze toward the mansion once more and let her own thoughts ran wild.

"Your Highness, what should we do about that man's daughter?"
The bodyguard asked the holy saintess casually.

After her bodyguard called out, the saintess who was in dazed snipped out of her own thoughts.

"My beloved Calin, we shall advance as planned, but instead of rescuing her, hand her to those demi-humans and make sure they played with her so that after we 'helped' her, we shall use her unstable emotions to purify her to become the believer."
The saintess thought for a moment, then processed to answer the question.

"Your judgements are akin to our pope's orders."
Calin unquestionably complied without any complaint.

"This is all for humanity."
The saintess muttered softly as she walked to her carriage.


As Calin was chatting with her saintess inside the carriage, a dark shadow suddenly manifested itself in the carriage, it morphed into a dark figure, an assassin from the Pantheon.

The dark figure kneeled down to the floor, it lightly kissed the saintess' foot before withdrew and respectfully kneel before her.

"Your Highness, the organization called the Outsider has made its move, they are coming to rescue Relica, it seems that there are traitors amount us the believers."
Its emotionless voice was distorted, like an animal who didn't have its own voice.

The saintess' mood darkened noticeably as she bit her own lip.

"What could be their purpose?"
She muttered to herself.

The Outsider, a mysterious organization that had strangely appeared since the Ancient Era.
Their power was unmeasurable, their technology was most likely came from the Ancient Era.

"Go tell the pope about this news as soon as possible."
The saintess commanded the assassin.

The assassin bowed once more and processed to back off into the darkness and disappeared.

"This is going to be amusing."
The saintess smiled and giggled as she continued to appreciate the peaceful scenery.

What could she be thinking?

Calin questioned herself; she couldn't comprehend what her childhood friend and the assassin talked about.

It doesn't matter anyway, I only need to listen to her.
She shook her head mentally, she knew that her friend always made the right choices.

"Your Highness, I could tell you about these flowers, if you like."


In the middle of the forest.

"Please escape during the time we distract them, young miss."
A warrior shouted as he pulled out his sword, along with many others that followed closely.

"How could I leave you and escape by myself?"
The young miss responded with a hint of sadness in her trembling voice.

With the survival of their young miss as the goal, the servants set out for a suicidal mission.

"Look at those lowly humans, even though I admire their courage, the courage alone won't change the outcome without strength."
An evil-looking elf laughed.

"You breasts, go capture that beauty for me."
He gestured his hand to signal other demi-humans to go.

She looks amazing, I wonder how she would taste like.
He rubbed his hands together as he fantasized his own fantasy.

"You demi-human!"
A young miss' servant rushed to the elf as he slashed his sword toward the elf.

The elf raised his own dagger to parry the servant's sword before he stabbed rapidly to the man's stomach.

The young man screamed, but the dagger didn't stop.
The elf kept cutting open the man's stomach until the organs inside poured out.
Only until this moment that the man scream died down.

"Stop your useless struggle or continue to die a torturous death, choose wisely."
The demi-humans around the elf said with fear in their eyes as they kept glaring at the elf.

Frighten by the scene, the remaining humans lost all wills to resist and kneeled down on the blood-red ground.
They let go of their weapons as well as their hope for survival.

Only that beauty would be able to satisfy my thirst for blood.
The elf lost his interest when he didn't feel anything, he wanted the feeling of excitement when he elegantly cut through the body of the humans, but it didn't happen.

He sat down on a blood-soaked rock, waiting for his girl to come while killing his time with his little game.

After a few rounds of screams, a female could be seen from afar, being dragged by the remaining demi-human to offer her to their lord.

"What do you want from me?"
The young miss spoke softly, she didn't harbour hope anymore.

The elf point at the girl.
"I just want you, you alone."
The elf replied hurriedly, a flash of unexplainable excitement leaked out from his voice.

"You think that I want to be with you?"
The girl had a strong will, she immediately retorted the elf while her eyes kept looking for the escape routes.

But what she saw next truly shaken her soul.
Behind the handsome elf, lied many dead bodies, their skins had been skinned out, organs spattered, eyes pulled out, leaving only the blood-red muscles and bones.

The elf stunned for a second, then he laughed, a laughing noise that sounded like a devil's cry of a demon from hell.

"I don't need your consent."
He replied happily, like a child who had got his new toy.

"Firstly, you look beautiful, but not enough; you need to change."
The mad elf hummed a song before he took out a mystical ring.

He was trying to do a complete makeup for the terrified female.

The artefacts.
The unique treasures that came from the Ancient Era used to store all kinds of items, with unexplainable functions like time freeze, a pocket-dimension where everything was stored didn't follow the concept of time, but because of that, no living beings could be stored in the artefacts.

Every single one of these treasures couldn't be created in the Morning Star Era since the method to do so had been lost throughout the history, so all of them was every precious, enough to cause a massacre.

The mad elf spent many resources to acquire one, just to satisfy his own desires.

After the sun fled from the soul-shattering screams to hide, the sinister dark moon arose to its thone on the crimson sky.

A shaking female elf who was abandoned alone in the forest was sitting mindlessly on the dirty rocks.
She started to observe her body, touching her long pointy ears and her attractive face.

Suddenly, she started crying, then followed by a long scream and ended with a bitter smile, a face of those who accepted their own downfall.

Due to her elf's body, her sense had been enchanted, she could hear the footsteps of a lot of humanoid beings coming toward her.

She decided to hide for her own safety first and processed to hide in the bush a little bit farther away from where she woke up.

They turned out to be humans.

A man at the front looked around before he sighed.
"We were too late, we lost her."
Everyone expressed dejected emotion.

"Those evil Pantheon must have her."
Another man angrily shouted, but immediately regretted his thoughtless action.

"Quiet down, somebody might still be here."
The man in the front, who was the leader said to another man.

The female elf turned stiff, she was very afraid of getting caught.

"How could the Pantheon do this, this is too much."
The leader shockingly muttered to himself as he saw the dissected corpses lying around.

But there was an addition of female human skin, but no female body was found.

"Anyway, let us go back to report to the head, he might be able to do something against this."
The leader gestured his hand and started moving back from the direction the team came from, everyone else silently followed him.

After the team left, the female elf still didn't move, she waited for half an hour before she collapsed on the ground, crying.

She remembered the mad elf's words as she muttered to herself.

"I changed..."
She changed too much, she became entirely another being.

"Can I still call you my father with this body?"
She missed her father, his heart-warming expression.
He was the most precious person in her life.

"I'm sorry, but I became the same thing as the monster that killed all of you."
The blood started pouring out of her blue eyes, but strangely, her facial expression didn't change, it was incapable of changing.
Her blue eyes slowly changing to red eyes as well as her very soul.

That day, the human daughter of the Grand Noble named Relica was no more, only the elf princess of the Demi-human Kingdom remained.

She stood there, smiling before she started to plot her next move with her new-found body, pleasure, desire, and madness.

That day, she changed.

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