Son of the Night

Son of the Night

by Ser JS

Since the dawn of time, the Demon race and Humans fought each other over land and resources.

Neither side could gain a decisive advantage.

Was history determined to endlessly repeat itself?

Everything changed once the mysterious demigods appeared and took the humans' side.

Clueless of this struggle Akira tries to find his own path in this war-torn society. Why should he care about the fight between the demon race and demigods?

Honor! Survival! Fighting for friends and family! These were the values he believed in. However, soon his heritage would come to haunt this son of the night (Those looking for Romance it is there just in the later chapters.)

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Ser JS

Ser JS

Son of the night

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4th Anniversary
Word Count (15)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Maps and pics ago
Chapter 1: History. ago
Chapter 2: Capital City ago
Chapter 3: Life lessons ago
Chapter 4: Last day at the capital ago
Chapter: 5 Army training ago
Chapter 6: Message ago
Chapter 7: Ambush? ago
Chapter 8: Retaliation ago
Chapter 9: You can't always get what you want ago
Chapter 10: Caravan ago
Chapter 11: Nighttime fun ago
Chapter 12: Why me? ago
Chapter 13: Son of the night ago
Chapter 14: Broken ago
Chapter 15: Relearn ago
Chapter 16: Rats ago
Chapter 17: Nest ago
Chapter 18: Hop along ago
Chapter 19: Paranoia and Exotic Cooking ago
Chapter 20: New Friend? ago
Chapter 21: Hammer and anvil ago
Chapter 22: Mine your manners ago
Chapter 23:  Mine Your Manners II ago
Chapter 24: Aorium Shield ago
Chapter 25: Escort ago
Chapter 26: Fregoldawae capital ago
Chapter 27: Auction house ago
Chapter 28: Discovery ago
Chapter 29: Magic guild quest ago
Chapter 30: Failure ago
Chapter 31: Trespasser ago
Chapter 32: Orcrock ago
Chapter 33: Mining Skill ago
Chapter 34: Your plans and my plans ago
Chapter 35: Trouble ago
Chapter 36: The goblins are coming! ago
Chapter 37: Defend the pass! ago
Chapter 38: Defend the pass! 2 ago
Chapter 39: Defend the pass! 3 ago
Chapter 40: Surprise! ago
Chapter 41: Peace? ago
Chapter 42: Honor ago
Chapter 43: Overrun ago
Chapter 44: Haunted? ago
Chapter 45: Capital city Vania. ago
Chapter 46: Shopping ago
Chapter 47: Meeting? ago
Chapter 48: The Queen ago
Chapter 49: Late into the night ago
Chapter 50: Is someone trying to kill me? ago
Chapter 51: Don't touch my stuff ago
Chapter 52: Important news ago
Chapter 53: Preparing for the Banquet ago
Chapter 54: Banquet ago
Chapter 55: Fire stone ago
Chapter 56: The Dungeon is where? ago
Chapter 57: Second floor ago
Chapter 58: Hidden forge ago
Chapter 59: Unexpected end ago
Chapter 60: On the run! ago
Chapter 61: Lost in a desert ago
Chapter 62: Jabooty ago
Chapter 63: Mileena ago
Chapter 64: Request for help ago
Chapter 65: Weapons, Armor, and flatness oh my! ago
Chapter 66: The greatest battle that was never heard of ago
Chapter 67: Hunting mice with a catgirl ago
Chapter 68: Hunting mice with a cat girl 2 ago
Chapter 69: Storm ago
Chapter 70: Ripples in the sand ago
Chapter 71: Fire, Snakes, and Ants. ago
Chapter 72: Queen Fire Ant ago
Chapter 73:  Let's meet again Okay? ago
Chapter 74: Tournament registration ago
Chapter 75: Fight! ago
Chapter 76: Let the tournament begin! ago
Chapter 77: Win win win ago
Chapter 78: Start the Plan! ago
Chapter 79: Escape! ago
Chapter 80: There's nothing like a dungeon ago
Chapter 81: Who's your mummy? ago
Chapter 82: Seamen ago
Chapter 83: Ocean adventure ago
Chapter 84: Under the sea ago
Chapter 85: Problems under the sea ago
Chapter 86: Ten Tickles ago
Chapter 87: Thanks and preparations for a hunt ago
Chapter 88: Just a bit of spring cleaning ago
Chapter 89: Dungeon investigation ago
Chapter 90: The most beautiful thing under the ocean ago
Chapter 91: Kapoom ago
Chapter 92: Departure ago
Chapter 93: Map reading adventure ago
Chapter 94: Madham ago
Chapter 95: Chack Nai-lie ago
Chapter 96: Hall of heroic trials ago
Chapter 97: What's your name? ago
Chapter 98: Bluemoon clan ago
Chapter 99: Reunion ago
Chapter 100: The past and the future  ago
Chapter 101: The past and the future 2  ago
Chapter 102: Tests ago
Chapter 103: The Ceremony ago
Chapter 104: Day of celebration ago
Chapter 105: Feast under the moon ago
Chapter 106: Heatwave illness ago
Chapter 107: New daily routine ago
Chapter 108: Emergency Tribe meeting ago
Chapter 109: The Elders decision ago
Chapter 110: The Elders decision 2 ago
Chapter 111:  The city Swormp ago
Chapter 112: The chase ago
Chapter 113: Loyalty and Honor ago
Chapter 114: Peace Delegation ago
Chapter 115: Visitor in the Night ago
Chapter 116: Fall Royal Ball ago
Chapter 117: Nighttime Negotiations ago
Chapter 118: Return ago
Chapter 119: Important clan announcement ago
Chapter 120: First orders ago
Chapter 121: Scouting the enemy. What? It's over ****!!! ago
Chapter 122: Patrolling the border ago
Chapter 123: First major engagement ago
Chapter 124: Gifts ago
Chapter 125: Surrender or Else ago
Chapter 126: Fight! ago
Chapter 127: Curse ago
Chapter 128:  S grade information ago
Chapter 129: New orders for the army ago
Chapter 130: Rearguard ago
Chapter 131: Fight to escape ago
Chapter 132: Adventure for two in the south sea  ago
Chapter 133: The eye ago
Chapter 134: The Orc clans decision ago
Chapter 135: Who are you? ago
Chapter 136:  Foradverold ago
Chapter 137: Froit ago
Chapter 138: Darkmoon clan ago
Chapter 139: On the road again ago
Chapter 140: Jerora ago
Chapter 141: Twin Tail Snow Panthers Lair ago
Chapter 142:  Mother Snow Panthers Den ago
Chapter 143: Puman ago
Chapter 144: Listen! ago
Chapter 145: Contract ago
Chapter 146: Unshakable resolve ago
Chapter 147: Wandering in Kaldrbiod ago
Chapter 148: Puffball ago
Chapter 149: Samzu Island ago
Chapter 150: A new captain of the sea ago
Chapter 151: Exploration and city planning ago
Chapter 152: Village building ago
Chapter 153: Village building 2 ago
Chapter 154: Grand elder nomination ago
Chapter 155: Kodria ago
Chapter 156: No more running ago
Chapter 157: Building a village from scratch 1 ago
Chapter 158: Building a village from scratch 2 ago
Chapter 159: Grand-opening ago
Chapter 160: Wheat from the chaff ago
Chapter 161: First day of Training ago
Chapter 162: Equipping the armies ago
Chapter 163: Formations ago
Chapter 164: Double time, March! ago
Chapter 165: Army's first fight ago
Chapter 166: Navy ago
Chapter 167: Crulak ago
Chapter 168: 3rd tier town ago
Chapter 169: Blizzard ago
Chapter 170: The unknown group is... ago
Chapter 171: Cute source of money ago
Chapter 172: Warm months arrive ago
Chapter 173: Zundar Rockpelt ago
Chapter 174: Hell training ago
Chapter 175: Head south! ago
Chapter 176: Dungeon break ago
Chapter 177: A 'Unique' group ago
Chapter 178: Deadly Cute Poiyoing ago
Chapter 179: Rewards ago
Chapter 180: Enemies and allies ago
Chapter 181: Yuki's special ceremony ago
Chapter 182: Grarr ago
Chapter 183: Little sister Big sister ago
Chapter 184: The south Earth tribe clans ago
Chapter 185: Head North ago
Chapter 186: Young companion event ago
Chapter 187: Cavalry ago
Chapter 188: Meeting old acquaintances ago
Chapter 189: The Governor and the start of the Auction ago
Chapter 190: Mega Auction like never before  ago
Chapter 191: Shadows, darkness, and bad feelings ago
Chapter 192: What in the hell is going on here!? ago
Chapter 193: Goodbyes ago
Chapter 194: Infected ago
Chapter 195: Buster ago
Chapter 196: Class upgrade ago
Chapter 197: Rumblings and the start of conflict? ago
Chapter 198: Fight it out ago
Chapter 199: Crowmaw city ago
Chapter 200: Kodria's first test ago
Chapter 201: The problem spreads ago
Chapter 202: Decision ago
Chapter 203: Spreading pain and suffering ago
Chapter 204: Molten Onyx Necrosis Affliction ago
Chapter 205: Clean up ago
Chapter 206: If fail try again... and again ago
Chapter 207: Meet in the middle ago
Chapter 208: Joining the fight ago
Chapter 209: Disappearing treasure ago
Chapter 210:  Three Branches ago
Chapter 211: Rival ago
Chapter 212: Three way ago
Chapter 213: Spear fishing for danger ago
Chapter 214: Explosive discovery ago
Chapter 215: Emergency treatment ago
Chapter 216: Breakthrough and completion ago
Chapter 217: Unlock ago
Chapter 218: Secrets of the underground refuge ago

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OK writing, good world building, the Lit rpg it's too inconsistent, maybe you could drop it? Or flesh it out? 

Anyway, not bad reading just to generic, I think there's plenty for people to like, just that the MC is to stupid (who keeps using their name and looks when you're being chased?!) and I kinda lost interest when memes appeared. 


The story could have been great.

However your characters don't have "souls".

We can't relate to them at all, most of their emotion seemed to be muted.

Someone died, oh let's cry a bit to show I'm sad and be totally normal the next day.

My life is destroyed? Some weird windows appear ? Yeah it's weird. That's all, no inner struggle, no doubt nothing.

Your characters don't show anything, sometime their motive can be understood a bit but the rest of the time I don't understand them and you, the author, do nothing to explain their behaviour (Pov, describe their emotion dilemna etc).


For the story the idea is good however after the tenth chapter every interaction is like in a mmorpg. I thinks it's intentional but honestly it's deshumanise your already poor characters.

I stopped the story at the twentish chapter so I don't really know what happen after that but your intro chapters (1-20) need a serious rewrite.


Sorry if I'm too harsh but your story has some good potential you just need to make the reader relate to your character. 


I've read until chapter 71. I don't know if later on the story improves.

Exp. Grinding, enemy magnet and low IQ MC resume those 71 chapters perfectly.

This story seems to happen in a Low IQ Magitech dimension.

To put it into context and so you can understand, these are the basic different types of dimensions depending on its aspects in my opinion:

Depending on lifeforms intelligence:
High IQ dimensions, Mid IQ Dimensions
Low IQ dimensions, Lifeless dimensions

Depending on abundance of mana and citizen's access to magic:
Magic: Mana is so abundant and everyone can learn magic easily that they don't need technology. You can shoot with your fingers so you don't need a gun, you can create a magic array in a building and not need electric conduits for light etc.

Magitech: In stories where magic is only for a few people and normal citizens don't have access to it, is where they fuse and create of technology using magic, so Magitech. There is mana but if citizens want to use it need technology. 

Technology dimensions: No mana in those dimensions, no magic just technology.


This story is a lot of fun and a good read for people that like litrpgs

but the characters need work everyone is just following the mc and giving in with litlle or no thought he wants to do something oksy lets do that or he spouts knowlage that he shouldnt have and no one questions it at all exept mabye one line that gets deflected and then the convo jumps to somthing else.

that doesnt work in any team trust and undersanding are key hes spent months with these people but theve barly talked you need to work on that


this story starts very slowly.

considere the chapters before ch 14-15 as an introduction.

the mc is sometime dumb for plot reason, but he is kind of ok the rest of the time.

he grew on me little by little.


Great plot twists and turns!

Interesting story line with plenty of action and plot twists to keep the story moving!  Book one starts out innocently enough, but soon the main character's life is thrown into chaos.  There is plenty of room for good storytelling and growth with this idea.


The story starts off with a great premise. Lot of potential in the story. Also, so much room for the characters to grow.

Grammar needs to be improved since some of the sentences are confusing. 


a tad irritating till chp 97-98

Reviewed at: Chapter 199: Crowmaw city

so basically the story is a 2-3* till around then when the second major arc comes to a close due to one really annoying facter 

The main character knows hes being chased, is VERY BLOODY AWARE HES BEING CHASED and still gives his name out to every tom,dick and harry believing he looks slightly different from the wanted poster. I mean come on if you get tracked down for 3 more villages something gotta give that you know they constantly tracking MAYBE IF YOU DIDNT GIVE OUT YOUR NAME ALL THE TIME NO ONE COULD SEND INFO BACK.


that small rant out of my system since i honestly was gonna drop the story if it continued any longer which thank god it didnt became a solid 4* story with him maturing quite rapidly even though he might being overkill giving no demigod a chance but at the same time he understands 90% of them very well