Learn to Evolve

by kleimore

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Summoned Hero Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

There have been many losers from Earth transported to other worlds who achieved greatness or died in the attempt.

In an Earth experiencing a change driven by transcendental forces, where common animals evolve into fantastical creatures and a common office worker can wake up to supernatural powers any day, a young boy appeared in an area affected by the brunt of that change. A loser from another world who went against the basic scheme of fate and came to Earth to achieve greatness or die in the attempt.

That boy will have to adapt to the new world and its foreign rules while having to cope with a crippled core, memory loss and a growing desire for revenge. That boy will have to learn to evolve.


A few notes here and there. This is a slow paced novel. I'm trying to develop (keyword being 'trying') my characters and things realistically and well. This is a story following a plot and not your usual powertrip. I'm but a noobie writer, so I'll make mistakes and hopefully, with your help, I'll improve and deliver a great story for you.

Cover art is not mine. Just using it because it looks cool and a bit how I want to shape my MC. If the creator wishes that I remove it, I will do so immediately.

Nothing else to say, thanks for reading and enjoy!

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  • Overall Score

Hope this story will be complete.

Well, now that I read till chapter seven, I can say, Chapter Zero is unneeded as of now, because I don't have a way to tie two worlds, with different characters 


 Hope author enjoy writing, because I don't want a bad end for this novel.

P.s. This review was nearly deleted because RRL for some reason doesn't have a confirmation, it would have been better like this, would you like to delete this review?

P.s.s I was kinda sad that low level rats could do this, it has to be a hard task...

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There is little consistency, Mc is constantly changing personality traits for little to no reason, he also actively avoids fixing his core for the first 25 chapters for stupid reasons such as *I can't steal from another hunters* and we don't even see normal humans having a use for them until chap 25ish

The story abruptly changes which direction it's going in and the characters don't follow an archetype.  Mcs foster parents go from kind and loving to some weird conspiracy shit about experimenting on him; Mc goes along with the idea for the simple reason he doesn't trust people, yet makes some *bff* on the first day of school.

I hate inconsistencies. You are able to write well but it seems like you planned nothing, have not taken any notes and are actively avoiding logical progression based on your system to further whatever the hell is going on.

None of it makes any sense after the first dozen chapters. 

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For now, I am tentatively rating this as 5 🌟. While there was some initial confusion in the first chapter and a half, it was quickly cleared up.

I hope there are stat tables in later chapters, though the way the stats are presented early on are clear and concise; there is no useless clutter, and it seems like the numerical values aren't going to be absurdly high, even at higher levels.

All in all, this so far is a pleasant twist on the summoned hero/isekai trope, having the MC 'drifting' into Earth instead of Teren.

Good job, author! I'm looking forward to future developments!

Edit: We have tables! They look very straightforward and lovely.

On another note, I can confidently say this is quality writing and storytelling. While a majority of stories on this site fall somewhere between decent and horrendous pacing, Learn to Evolve doesn't; in fact, I would endeavor to say the pacing is near perfect, based on the chapters we've got so far. The author has managed to pull off their goal of slow and steady character development, though I think I might like a little more in depth interaction with the parental units, mostly because parents tend to be very neglected characters after their initial introduction.

  • Overall Score

So far so good. As of chapter 12 it has been a intresting world to read but I agree with everyone else, so far chapter 0 is not needed. (As of chapter 15 my thing about chapter zero is amended, I get it now)

  • Overall Score

Upto chapter 37


A joy to read. MC is reasonably realistic; at least explained well enough to justify actions to and fro. 

The people of the story have genuine personalities that make them unique and do not clash with and sterotype that they may persent.

Plot points are at minimum decent; though personally I found them all to be explained and detailed well.

Few grammar or spelling mistakes, sentence flow for a natural read.

Author is pleasent with comment follow-ups.


**As long as there is a mainting and continued use of the level up system I can see this as being a wonderful long time read.**

  • Overall Score

My bunch of rambling I love this gogo author-san

As of chapter 38

Seems good. Pretty interesting, really want to see which way the author will take this story.

And I would like to say how I disagree with cpassmore's review (sorry about that I am better at making my point when I have someone else's opinion tô think about)

Well, as for the MC's presonality changing. Another world completely unknown makes wonders for changing you as is in most stories. The thing about not stealing comes from his world. It felt to me it was common sense there not to take spoils from enemies others defeated, the honor thing seems it was important for his tribe. As for characters following an archetype (really dude?) and his 'parents'... I can feel the betrayal stories vibe ~^-^~ though this author doesn't seem to be going this way (could go either way really). And have you never seen a character that wasn't one dimensional, or a betrayal? Being obvious ins't really good, it means shallowness most of the time. The friends thing and not trusting people feels like it was a surprise even for the MC, he actually thought about that once (though not emphasized).

Ending my thoughts (text wall), it can be seen as if the author has no idea what he is doing with all the branching. Or he could have planned everything all along and likes giving slight nudges to show character progression. The latter would make him a great writer by the way. We can only continue our ride and see where it takes us and discover if the author is a genius or a moron (really hoping for the first one here, gogo author :3)

Ps: I will read your story no matter what the heck you do with it so good writing :3 ah and I left a comment at chapter 9, there is something there I think you can correct please take a look

Pss: Could have made an advanced review (what with the text wall there) but I really like talking and get lost too fast and that would mean a giant review (idk if there is a word limit)

  • Overall Score

This is a pretty high quality story, and it has an interesting hook with a fresh take on a old genre. Really it has a lot of elements from litrpg, reverse transportation to a familiar yet new world, and cultivation elements.

tl;dr: It's good, and I'm looking forward to more.

  • Overall Score

Poor little boy with no one, plot cliche revenge and the prologue is there for show, does not explain a thing, kid comes to our world after fantasy apocalipse arrives, he gets bullied, strikes back, doctor who saved him wants to adopt him so takes kid's punishment instead, man you put like 2 or 3 cliches together and you have the smallest violin in the world playing in the background, synopsis is good but not really fun nor amazing to read.


EDIT: just skip to chapter 11 after reading chapter 2 or 3.