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Original HIATUS Short Story
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A collection of short, disconnected short stories with the occasional crossover or collab brought to you by the members of WriTE (with the occasional guest writer). A new story for your enjoyment, every six hours with a variety of genres and styles.

Chapters will be posted at 00:00, 06:00, 12:00, and 18:00 respectively in the EST (GMT-5 until DSL).

https://discord.gg/gu6qpgY WriTE discord

No other tags/genres will be used on the fiction page other than "Short Story" and any applying mature tags. Please read the top author note of each chapter to know the respective genres and tags.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
"Witch Doctor, Matchmaker" by L.E Ataire ago
Stormborn ago
Therapy Park [DarkClaymore] ago
The Guild’s Guilt ago
Downpour ago
Time Traveling Void [DarkClaymore] ago
The Tree ago
Desert Charge ago
Being a Goblin ago
Frozen Lands ago
??????????? What does a Zombie know? ago
And The Rain Fell On ago
Dragon Hunters ago
Will Bender (Chapter 1) [DarkClaymore] ago
Underworld: Hunter ago
PenSmith Of The End ago
Will Bender (Chapter 2) [DarkClaymore] ago
The Chase ago
Alone (AstralTempest) ago
Dead Once ago
Assassin (by George Bakerson) ago
Beautiful Murder [DarkClaymore] ago
Virtual Monsters ago
Contractor ago
Dear Diary ago
Will Bender (Chapter 3) [DarkClaymore] ago
Eternal ago
Invasion ago
A job well done. ago
Random Sci-fi Story ago
The Praeteritum ago
Will Bender (Chapter 4) [DarkClaymore] ago
Lord Despicatius Horrend the Sixth ago
Hallucination ago
A.I. no Ai (A.I. ??) ago
Classcraft [DarkClaymore] ago
Rise of the Steedless ago
Collision ago
The Skeleton Which Went "Nope" [DarkClaymore] ago
Crime is Cured ago
Purgatory Wars (Ch.1 - Parting) [DarkClaymore] ago
Josephine the waitress ago
Snowsinger ago
Purgatory Wars (Ch.2 - Imparting) [DarkClaymore] ago
The Merchant ago
How to Make Apple Pie in a Family Friendly and Relaxing Way ago
The Happenings Of Last Night ago
Title: Purgatory Wars (Ch.3 - Departing) [DarkClaymore] ago
Harbingers of Destruction ago
Twisted Love Drive (Ch.1 - Awe Striking) [DarkClaymore] ago
World Jumper 1 ago
Twisted Love Drive (Ch.2 - Butterfly) [DarkClaymore] ago
Of Life and Death ago
Twisted Love Drive (Ch.3 - Fades) [DarkClaymore] ago
The Thing in The Snow ago
Goodbye... ago
Body of Frank ago
World Jumper 2 ago
Imprisoned Oracle [DarkClaymore] ago
World Jumper 3 ago
The Hero's Best Friend [DarkClaymore] ago
Temporary hiatus to rebuild story stock [Announcement] ago

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